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Vengeancia (Updated April 2017) Musicians 4 Freedom is the premiere project bringing together musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, comedians, poets, and other entertainers and freedom-loving folks with causes and activists to spread the message of freedom throughout the world! Thanks to all who have helped. Thanks to DWN for many lovely photos!

Activist and Musician Sharlene Holt with friend at "Luke Stock" just outside Dallas, Texas, circa 2000
Activist and Musician Sharlene Holt with friend at “Luke Stock” just outside Dallas, Texas, circa 2000

We want to encourage you to express your views as long as you are peaceful and love freedom. Send “money.” If there were any, you could send it, right? In the meantime, a little love in my direction is appreciated!

Sharlene with Jordan Page
Sharlene with Jordan Page

We’re not anti-anything except violence, hate, warmongering, theft, etc. You get the idea! “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today…” Please note that everything on this site is always for nonprofit educational & entertainment purposes only. Please check out our Notice to Copyright Holders.

Here’s an article from the Phoenix New Times that mentions me and my activism. Check out Activist Song Writer. More info. about my music over here. Link to Facebook Music  here.

In addition to other projects, I started featured sections for Musicians, Visual Artists, Filmmakers, and Activists. Here’s a playlist with songs and UWS shows. Here’s me singing Jordan Page’s song, Listen. Oops! CANCEL THAT! You Tube deleted all of my videos….read more here. I think I uploaded a copy to my Vimeo account. Here’s info. on some Projects. Please click the Paypal button at the left to donate or call me at 720.298.1524 to get my physical address and/or make other arrangements. Thank you and God bless you!

HostGator Report for April 24, 2014, Musicians 4 Freedom Stats.
HostGator Report for April 24, 2014, Musicians 4 Freedom Stats.

M4F is a private operation. We’re not in the process of applying for tax exemption from any state or federal tax; consequently, the project has not been granted any exemption whatsoever. M4F does not endorse any specific changes to government or strategies to achieve them.

I’m pretty busy just keeping a roof over my own head and food on the table, frankly! I’ll do my thing, and you do yours, how about that?

The project does not take positions on issues, candidates, legislation, tactics or methods of action. The one stipulation M4F does make is that people who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome.

My site averages about 1500 hits per day. Check out the screen capture, left, courtesy of HostGator,  showing 2010 hits for April 24, 2014. That’s 42, 200 visits for last month! Thanks for the support!

I do it all by myself. I do not have any help with this site. But I’d love to have help! Call me if you are good with websites and internet marketing, etc. My phone number is at the left, near the donate button.

Around 2000, I wrote a bunch of songs and made an album What You’re Headed For, which you can find at CDBaby, iTunes, and other digital distribution networks. I also did a 30-min. live radio show in Salida around 2002 entitled Live at Front Street Music. I maintain (barely) a couple of old My Space pages here and here, and here. Remember, old My Space pages never die – you just forget the password!

At this site, I try to feature activists, artists, filmmakers, and musicians who are speaking out about controversial topics to include the New World Order, the Federal Reserve, preserving individual, state and national sovereignty, and how to restore and defend the Republic.

Musician Sharlene Holt with Guitar and Flag, circa 2010, original photo courtesy of Dick W. Nosbich
Musician Sharlene Holt circa 2010, original photo courtesy of Dick W. Nosbich

This site is now being archived; I’m still posting articles and news on occasion, but I’m not adding the monthly featured people like I used to. I may resume that activity later on…..I need more help, frankly. I’m working on it… I’m a fan of renewable energy. I’m not a fan of nuclear power. We need a new term to represent LOVE, LOCALISM, and ORGANIC rather than “sustainability,” because this term has been co-opted by the globalists to justify their program of murder, genocide, sterilization, and land confiscation.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln.

Cool music: Have you seen This? This? Here’s a playlist. Here’s another playlist. I’ve been an infrequent contributor to Freedoms Phoenix, United We Strike, Radio Amerika Now, The Power Hour and similar alternative sites and shows.

Sharlene Holt with Camera, Red Coat and Hat circa 1985
Sharlene Holt with Camera, Red Coat and Hat circa 1985

Biography for Sharlene Holt

A former senior technical training and documentation specialist in reconnaissance for the defense, Sharlene digs deeply into the lamestream news to expose the lies of our so-called elected representatives.She supports a new investigation into the events of 9/11/01 and is a Signatory at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, here.

Musician and Activist Sharlene Holt
Musician and Activist Sharlene Holt

After completing her undergraduate degree with an emphasis in mathematics, physics, and art education, Sharlene earned a Masters degree in Instructional Technology (technically, it’s called Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum) in 1992 at the University of Colorado, Denver. After that, she was awarded an internship in the Instructional Technology doctoral program at the University of Georgia and completed a year of coursework.

Sharlene has been employed in the private sector as a training & documentation specialist working mainly for software companies. Her experience includes storyboarding computer-based training, and writing help systems and manuals. Sharlene is also available to perform musically and provide narration for movies, audio books, and radio ads.

Sharlene was employed in the 90’s with various defense contractors and companies such as Northrup Grummon, Logicon Syscon, and Raytheon. She worked as a Senior Technical Training and Documentation Specialist and was on assignment in Alice Springs, Australia with the Joint Initiative.

Here’s a picture of me with my fellow engineers. That was a lot of fun. Nice people. Spying on everyone, unfortunately…..but good-hearted.

Sharlene Holt at Alice Springs, Outback Australia
Sharlene Holt at Alice Springs, Outback Australia

In addition to her vocational endeavors, Sharlene is engaged as a musician, political activist, and innovator. At present, she maintains the Musicians for Freedom project to encourage bold and creative expression outside the socio-political lamestream. Her site visitors include musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, comedians, speakers, activists, entertainers and sundry malcontents as well as political candidates, legislators, journalists, researchers, and the general pubic.

Sharlene At the Mercury Cafe in Denver, CO
Sharlene At the Mercury Cafe in Denver, CO

Sharlene takes an alternative view relative to local, state, federal, and world events to feature bold and creative people and movements that are making headlines, not only for their unique political perspectives, but also for their impact on the system.

She draws from sources to include Jeff Rense, Ernest Hancock, Jack Blood, George Noory, Jordan Maxwell, Meria Heller, Michael Tsarion, Alex Jones, Dean Clifford, Kurt Kallenbach, and many, many others.

She discusses candidates, parties, and legislation related to what is known as the “freedom movement,” to include Ron Paul, Adam Kokesh, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and many, many others. She features innovative personalities in the New Age and Spirituality sectors including Project Camelot, David Icke, Eckhart Tolle, and many, many others.

Saturn Cult Symbolism, circa 1983
Saturn Cult Symbolism, circa 1983

Musicians she’s featured recently include Muse, Megadeth, KRS One, The Flobots, and Jordan Page. Visual artists she’s featured on the site include David Dees, Neal Fox, Neil Hague, Sonny Kay, and Ben Dover from Conspiracy Cards. Sharlene is working on various projects to connect freedom-oriented media and production such as music, art, movies, etc., with freedom-oriented agencies, organizations, and movements. Sharlene has two daughters, both in their twenties. She says:

“I like Ron Paul and Alex Jones. I like Zeitgeist. I like Occupy. I like all approaches that value people over profit. I’m intrigued by the ideas of Mike Montagne and the mathematically perfected economy.

I agree with Noam Chomsky and others that the so-called monopolistic capitalistic system in place on this planet, aka the New World Order, is not working on behalf of real PEOPLE. It’s the beast, Mystery Babylon, the Mother of all Whores, mentioned in the bible.

I’m a fan of Christianity. I’m a believer. As the Doobie Brothers once sang, ‘Jesus is just alright with me…’ ”

Musicians for Freedom is founded in order to:

  • Encourage a world where globalization is not about homogeneity and exploitation, but rather, about diversity and cooperation among & between sovereign people, and nation-states they authorize VOLUNTARILY.
  • Seek out and provide coverage of local, national, and international music, art, film, and political events, underscoring the global nature of people’s struggles for freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency.
  • Provide edited audio, video, and print stories on the internet and in print magazines for independent media outlets and the general public; distribute pamphlets and DVDs at public events.
  • Facilitate networking and coordination for the holding and covering of local, national, and international events to further the free expression and interests of the people.

when we say rEVOLution, we say it with LOVE!

“Everybody I talk to is ready to leave with the light of the morning. They’ve seen the end comin’ down long enough to believe they’ve heard their last warning. Standing alone, each has his own ticket in his hand. But as the evening descends I sit thinkin’ about everyman.” For Everyman, Jackson Browne

Sharlene with Johnny (L) and Turtle from We Are Change Colorado
Sharlene with Johnny (L) and Turtle from We Are Change Colorado

Some more thoughts from Sharlene:

This project moves BEYOND the false left/right paradigm! We must be the change we want to see in the world… “One man with courage is a majority.” Thomas Jefferson

When I use the word, “we” around the site and in communication, I’m referring to anyone who agrees with my philosophy of freedom, not to any particular musicians or activists that I feature or discuss on the site. Read about some solutions and a perspective on the world. Check out documents at Scribd. Check out my music and activism videos.


Ron Paul’s a Mason…..yeah yeah. Nobody’s perfect! Check out Why I Refuse to Pay Income Taxes by Robert Barnwell Clarkson, RIP. More about Robert hereGo Down the Rabbit Hole ….

Sharlene with Thomas Woods
Sharlene with Thomas Woods

I’ve been working on the M4F project since 2008. Like most activists, I operate on a basic budget, which is taken from my own personal funds, presently. To borrow a phrase from another activist musician friend of mine, it’s a “labor of love.”

Musicians 4 Freedom solicits funding from flesh and blood individual men and women, primarily.  Every now and then, someone throws me a $20 bill! Thank you! These personal and unaffiliated donations allow M4F to maintain full independence from any and all governments, political ideologies, economic interests or religions.

Truth is, no one ever gives me any moola just out of the blue, hardly, and I’m a terrible fundraiser for my own cause! But I’m workin’ on ideas to get an income stream. Soon.

“Among those focused on the principles of liberty, those passionate about changing the world, there is always debate. One topic that gets less attention is welfare. Most of us, if not all, tend to agree that charity is best given voluntarily, and we usually agree that the funding method the state uses–taxation–is immoral, if not outright violent. Usually the discussion ends there, and we sit back, self-satisfied.

“Taxation is theft, end of story. Now the world will get better, right? What commonly happens next is we are called cruel, Darwinist, unloving, uncharitable. We are accused of not caring about the needy, of wanting the poor/disabled/drug-addicted to die so we will finally have time to roll around in our giant piles of money, laughing maniacally…..” Read more about the Free State Project. Here’s Tarrin Lupo interviewing Varrin Swearingen, video. Is Ron Paul the “gateway drug for liberty?” Check out this video from Tarrin.
Sharlene Holt with Varrin Swearingen of the New Hampshire Free State Project
Sharlene Holt with Varrin Swearingen of the New Hampshire Free State Project

Fred’s first compilation includes my original song, Falling in Love Again, from my singer/songwriter CD, What You’re Headed For at CD Baby. Please complete this form and mail it to Fred if you would like to be included in his upcoming compilations. Here’s Fred’s new bio page. Send him your bio and songs.

Songs of Freedom
Songs of Freedom

Here are some of the other great bands on the CD: Scream Cry Out Tell Truth, Tom Mullen, Truth Now, Rich Angell, The King’s Magic, Trillion, John Defour, Neal Fox, Post Freedom, Rebel Inc. Garko, Rollie Fingers, Smiling Politely, The Cooters, Voodoo Stingray, and more! He also made a compilation called Rock, which has one of my songs on it, too.

I’m workin’ on a personal site….it’s very unfinished. I’ll finish it someday. Sorry, been too busy researchin’ and dealing with fallout (radioactive, literally) courtesy of the NWO! I have a bunch of groups (85?) waiting for me to sponsor them on I apologize! I would love to sponsor ALL of these groups!! Unfortunately, I do not have the income stream, currently, to support all of these groups. Please donate or advertise today! Just call me and give me some $$$$. One of these days I’ll get the act together and take the show on the road.

What can I say? I’m doin’ my best!

While we encourage groups like Ron Paul, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, etc., the M4F project does not accept funds from political parties, and we accept support only from small businesses that have been carefully reviewed. I don’t contribute to political parties.

Green Party Logo
Green Party Logo

By way of ethical fundraising, we are able to stand firm (and broke) in our defense of universal, indivisible, and unalienable human Rights. I don’t care if you’re on the left or the right. I don’t care if you are white, black, yellow, green, or red! If you are alive, you are welcome here! To elevate the Rights of flesh and blood men and women over corporate, governmental, and banksters’ profit – that’s the goal! Read more here.

M4F publishes interesting information and holds newsworthy events. If you agree and feel that your readers and listeners would agree, we need your help both getting the stories out to potential artists and organizations prior to events, and publishing media and reviews after events. We would love for you to submit articles on freedom-loving musicians, artists, and film makers, and activists!

Sharlene, left, with Jennifer Jones and Tracy Harmon in New Mexico
Sharlene, left, with Jennifer Jones and Tracy Harmon in New Mexico

I used to make a lot of videos. Here’s one of my latest compiled from footage and pix taken at the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at the Civic Center in Denver…..oops, deleted by Youtube. Cancel that.

© Sharlene F. Holt, S. Holt, VenGeancia, Sharlene Faye of the family Holt, Sharlene Faye Holt; SHARLENE FAYE HOLT, All the variations….blah blah. Geez. All unalienable Rights reserved withiut prejudice; UCC 1-308 and all of that, too! For the Masons and Luciferians – upside down and backwards! SHARLENE F HOLT is a tradename. I am the holder on an Assumed Name Certificate (ANC). Our success in spreading the ideas of freedom to the world via activism, music, art, and movies depends on your active participation. We are looking to you to contribute. You can read a lot more about me and my ideas here.

Vengeancia with Masks, Signs, and Petitions
Vengeancia with Masks, Signs, and Petitions

M4F does not endorse any specific changes to government or strategies to achieve them. The project does not take positions on issues, candidates, legislation, tactics or methods of action. The one stipulation M4F does make is that people who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome.

We welcome Voluntaryists, Anarchists, Constitutionalists, Restorationists, Revolutionaries and others. We are big fans of Counter-Economics, Secession, Civil Disobedience, Non-Compliance, and most educational efforts….

Our causes include Non-GMO Food, Localism, Organic Farming, Urban Homesteading, Decentralization, Prison Reform, Environment, etc. – there’s a lot to do! If you want to exhibit your work over the internet and share your passion with our freedom-loving community, we want to provide you with a venue. M4F is open to any type of artistic medium – music, comedy, visual arts, poetry, performance, drama, readings – anything representing a peaceful revolutionary voice.

  1. Adopt Musicians 4 Freedom as your venue for getting out your work and ideas!
  2. Submit artwork, music, movies, projects and/or articles about your freedom-oriented favorites!
  3. Start your own city, state, or country chapter of Musicians for Freedom! Check out Facebook.
  4. Become a financial sponsor by donating one time or monthly.

You can reach M4F by calling yours truly, Sharlene, aka Vengeancia, at 720.298.1524. Donations to M4F are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. If you want to donate, you can find more information about my background and a DONATE button over here. You may want to check out our show we used to do every Sunday, 11 AM until 1 PM, Colorado time. Here’s one of the episodes.

If you are a restaurant, bar, street vendor, printer, author, speaker, hero, political or activist group – anyone providing a service and/or product, who believes in freedom, we would like your help both during our events as well as in the months leading up to and following our events.

If you like the libertarian-leaning, anarcho-capitalist feel of this website, and you think your work would fit in with our content and message, I have sections for Featured Musicians, Featured Activists, Visual Artists and Filmakers. Our orientation is free people & free markets. This is a “no spin” zone – no VOTING for bureaucrats is advocated. Check out Strike the Root. Some day I’d like to create a database where freedom musicians upload their songs, i.e., lyrics and chords along with artwork and credits so that other musicians and bands know where to find the quality talent they need to put their own creative projects together.  I guess we could also input movies, artwork, and activism down the line.  I need a lot of help with this project on all fronts. I started this project a few years back, called “Uppity Slaves.”

Musicians 4 Freedom Logo
Musicians 4 Freedom Logo

Once a year, I’d like to hold an awards event in which members nominate the “Best Of” from each category.  I held a concert in 2009 in Denver, The 1st Annual Musicians for Freedom Voice of Freedom Summit, which was a romping good time and a great success among the activists in Denver. I have not held another as of yet.

Each year, at our annual event, we’ll present an award to the musician, visual artist, activist, and filmmaker who made the biggest impact on M4F’s goal of demonstrating and encouraging “bold and creative expression.”

If you’re not the artsy or activist type, I’m always lookin’ for help with the website, too.  You can submit articles about musicians, artists, activists and moviemakers; you can help with layout, programming, marketing, and outreach. I’d love to have help from someone who can plan a strategy for our presence on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Needless to say, raising funds is on the agenda….it’s not my strong area! They make a lot of “V” masks around Arizona’s Freedom’s Pheonix crowd.  Masks are useful for general activism & education. They always turn heads and gain the attention of cameras and media.

Freedom’s Phoenix activists distribute DVDs (Obama Deception, Camp Fema, Generation Rx, etc.) collect signatures to oppose Camera Fraud in Arizona, and protest various local & state tax hikes, among other activities.  Activists wander the street fairs, gun shows, farmer’s markets, neighborhood open houses -anywhere there are people gathering! You can contact your local We Are Change chapter and get active today!  Or start your own group!

Pinal county sheriff (R), is an Oathkeeper
Pinal county sheriff (R), is an Oathkeeper

Step up, find your own cause, and wear your mask with pride knowing that you’re doin’ everything you can to tell the new world order and the government cronies just what you think of their hijacking humanity for fun and profit.  By the way, “V” masks are also useful for deflecting Photo Radar cameras from identifying you! In combination with license plate spray for your car, you’re nearly invisible!

Yet another area in which I could use some help, is the graphics and visual art for the website as well as designs for t-shirts, bandannas, hats, etc. we are producing in order to become self-supporting and to spread the message of freedom far and wide! I like to videotape musicians, activists, and public figures and upload these to You Tube, etc. Unfortunately, movie making is not my strong area. If you have movie making skills, and you’d like to help out, please contact me! The same is true for the music production around this project. I’m a singer/songwriter, and I have done my share of multi-tracking, but compared to most of the folks out there makin’ soundtracks and electronic music, I’m a hack. I’m just spread too thin these days to focus in closely on all of these areas, so please don’t hesitate to step up and help out!

Sharlene Holt with Activist Lisa B.(L) at a Richard Gage Event in Denver, 2011
Sharlene Holt with Activist Lisa B.(L) at a Richard Gage Event in Denver, 2011

If you have an interest in starting your own Musicians for Freedom group, please do so!  I’d like the Musicians for Freedom idea to “wrap around” the We Are Change groups that are gaining momentum both here in the United States and in Europe.  If you have suggestions regarding what the M4F concept could be in order to better franchise the idea, I’m all ears! Like our friend, Luke, I’m just “being the change I want to see in the world.” If others are inspired by my effort, that would be incredibly ideal.

Thank you so much for investigating our site and projects.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Colorado at 720.298.1524.


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