The Frogs, who lived a free and easy life (As in the ancient fable) Though not quite clear from internecine strife, Fancied they were well able To do without a King.

King Stork and King Log
King Stork and King Log

Batrachian wisdom Disdains the rule of fogeydom and quizdom, And Frogs as soon would take to bibs and corals, As ask a “King who might inspect their morals” From Jupiter. Then ’twas Juventus Mundi; The true King-maker now is—Mrs. GRUNDY, And she insisted that our modern Frogs Should have a King—the woodenest of King Logs. At first this terrified our Frogs exceedingly, And, sometimes passionately, sometimes pleadingly, They grumbled and protested; But finding soon how placidly Log rested Prone in the pool with mighty little motion, Of danger they abandoned the wild notion, Finding it easy for a Frog to jog On with a kind King Log. But in the fulness of the time, there came A would-be monarch—Legion his fit name;

No king but Jesus!

A Plebs-appointed Autocrat, Stork-throated, Goggle-eyed, Paul-Pry-coated; A poking, peering, pompous, petty creature, A Bumble-King, with beak for its chief feature. This new King Stork, With a fierce, fussy appetite for work; Not satisfied with fixing like a vice Authority on Town and Country Mice, Tried to extend his sway to pools and bogs, And rule the Frogs!

…But modern Frogdom, which had champions able, Had read old-Æsop’s fable, And of King Stork’s appearance far from amorous, Croaked forth a chorus clamorous Of resonant rebellion. These, upreared On angry legs, waved arms that nothing feared; King Log defending. Great CRAUGASIDES, Among batrachian heroes first with ease, With ventriloquial vehemence defied The long-beaked base usurper. At his side

His fond companion, PHYSIGNATHUS swelled Cheeks humorously defiant; The ruddy giant CRAMBOPHAGUS, as tall as is a Tree, Flouted King Stork with gestures fierce and free, Sleek CALAMINTHIUS, aper deft of eld, Against the foe a pungent dart impelled;

HYDROCHARIS too, (Most Terryble to view), Fared to the front, whilst smaller, yet as brave Tiny batrachian brethren, dusk of hue, PRASSOPHAGUS, PRASSOEUS, staunch and true, Webbed hands did wildly wave With the frog-host against the beaky bird—

He be our King?” they loudly cried. “Absurd! Not Mercury, nor Jupiter we beg For a devouring despot, lank of leg, Of prying eye, and frog-transfixing beak; Though singly we seem weak….

United we are strong to smite or scoff.Off, would-be tyrant, off!!!”

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 100, March 21, 1891, by Various, here.

Be sure to read this info. about private prisons. All of the terms we have learned in America to use in courtrooms have been forwarded to us by the Elite, the legal system, the attorneys, in order to enslave us. For example, what is “recognizance?” “A recorded obligation, entered into before a tribunal, in which an individual pledges to perform a specific act or to subscribe to a certain course of conduct.”

Get this book from the AntiTerrorist.

Read about the prison industrial complex. Read about America’s private gulag. Read about incarceration.

For example, an individual who owes money might enter into a recognizance whereby she agrees to satisfy the debt. Did you consent to be the surety for the debt of the U.S. of A? If you don’t want to allow your flesh and blood to be thrown into jail for violating some stupid statute, learn about how to challenge the jurisdiction of the corporation.

Also, check out Get Out and Stay Out of Jail.

How a Prisoner Funds America

In Criminal Law, an individual who has been found guilty of an offense can be mandated to enter into a recognizance whereby she agrees to keep the peace in the future. An individual who has been accused but not yet convicted of a criminal offense may be allowed to go free prior to the trial without being required to post a bail bond. The accused individual provides the court with a formal written statement, which declares that his failure to appear will precipitate payment to the court of a specifically indicated sum of money. This is known as a release on one’s own recognizance, or personal recognizance.

“All the guilty people” he said
They’ve all seen the stain
On their daily bread
On their christian names
I cleared myself
I sacrificed my blues
And you could complete me
I’d complete you…

Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark

Treatise on the Use of Prison Bonds


Democrat Equals Socialist What a strange combination of words for a title huh?  But stay with me folks, they all share a history and I will try to bring it out here.

In the Saginaw & Tittabawasse Rivers, downstream from a Dow chemical plant, large amounts of dioxin have been found settled on the bottom.  Dioxins are toxic byproducts of the manufacture of chlorine-based products with links to cancer and other health problems.

Apparently they are in levels appx. 20 times higher than have ever been found before in our lakes or rivers and a warning has been issued not to eat fish from the rivers.  All information comes from the EPA so by the very fact of who they are, I take this information with a grain of salt.  But lets say its the gospel for the intent of our conversation.  Now friends I’m no tree hugging hippy.  The exact opposite I like to think, but I’m not so jaded as to think we should dump stuff in our water supply that makes fish dangerous to eat.  I like to eat fish, so my reasons for concern are purely selfish.

I am not going to say this incident would have never happened, however, it may have been avoided, along with many other nasty little “chemically” things along the way.  How you ask?  Hemp.  But why was hemp/marijuana really made illegal?

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world; hemp fibres can be used for paper and textiles, the seeds are a good source of unsaturated oil, which can be used for cooking and as fuel. Hemp can even be used to make plastics. Hemp requires few pesticides and leaves the soil clean for other plants after cultivation. With all these applications one would think it would be hyped as the ‘Emperor of crops’. Yet it has been buried in the annals of history for reasons marijuana-murders that would not look out of place in a Le Carrier novel.

A little History about Hemp

Since the latter half of 1998 the awareness of hemp has been rising. Interest in hemp first came to light in the west in the 1930′s when hemp was actually described as a ‘billion dollar crop’ and a bright future was predicted. However it was not to pass. What follows is a story that is fascinating, full of skull-fu*#ing, conspiracy, and media manipulation any spin-doctor would be proud of. The ultimate triumph of self-interest. The biggest reason for this burial was that in the 1930′s Dupont obtained patents for making nylon from coal, paper from trees and plastic from oil, and didn’t want to see hemp as a potential competitor. Remarkably but not surprisingly, the companies chief financial backer at the time, Andre Mellon, owned large swathes of timber land and oil. Mellon appointed his nephew-in-law Harry Anslinger to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics while other Dupont backers such as the Hearst newspaper group began to influence public opinion towards the perceived evils of marijuana. This also saw the rise of the pulp fiction novels with wonderfully lurid covers and titles such as ‘I was a slave to marijuana’ and films such as Reefer Madness.

Basically this propaganda strategy worked and in 1937 Congress outlawed hemp. The actual science was buried.

The fact is that industrial hemp has such a low THC content that you would be better off smoking cow patty’s was quietly hushed in order to confuse the public. Not only did the prohibition of hemp protect Du Pont, but also many other corporations such as Dow and Monsanto – all of whom had vested interests in ensuring hemp industries didn’t see the light of day. Another twist in the tale and a “would you believe it” factoid: car manufacturer Henry Ford grew hemp on his estate to experiment with methanol production and both he and Rudolph Diesel (diesel inventor) predicted by the end of the millennium cars would be running on hemp. Hemp production briefly re-emerged in 1942 when the federal government encouraged American farmers to grow it for the war effort.

Basically marijuana being made illegal had nothing to do with smoking it! It had everything to do with big business, DUPONT and MONSANTO and DOW, wanting to make billions of dollars on clothing made of crappy plastic fibers = POLYESTER as well as other products that hemp would have kept them from making as much money on!

loveweed Now ‘ole TRM is feeling a little dirty after having said all of that and believe it or not I completely support the decriminalization of hemp/marijuana.  This day and age it is a complete and utter disgrace that we are not looking into this further and pursuing it.  Just think, no more American dollars pouring overseas to fund our enemy’s.  When’s the last time the police were called to a night spot to break up a fight between two people who had smoked too much pot?  Just doesn’t happen my friends.

So in closing, the next time you see a dirty hippy smoking a joint and trying to explain to you the beauty’s of marijuana, listen, smoke some, then tell him to get a job and some soap!  Am I the only conservative that feels this way?  Probably not.  But I may be the only one willing to say it in a public forum. So there, I said it.

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