Vengeancia (Updated November 9, 2015) Part 1. This article is inspired by Kurt Kallenbach; here’s Kurt’s site; Kurt’s documents. Check out History of the Illinois Attorney General PDF. Definition of usufruct. Check out Richard McDonald. “If not self-ownership then [either]: one or more people own you, an entire “class” owns the class you are in, or everybody owns everybody; If self ownership then nobody owns you….” Read more. Check out USA vs. US. Public Notices. Here’s some interesting info.

Riff Raff, Rocky Horror: "I remember doing the Time Warp! Let's do the Time Warp again!
Riff Raff, Rocky Horror: “I remember doing the Time Warp! Let’s do the Time Warp again!

“It’s so dreamy Oh, fantasy free me So you can’t see me No not at all. In another dimension With voyeuristic intention. Well secluded I see all…let’s do the Time Warp again!” Rocky Horror Picture Show, Richard O’Brien

“You should be greatly concerned about who owns the work you specially commission. For example, unless there is a special kind of agreement in place before any work begins, someone who contributes material to your new book or web site can, in theory, sell that same material elsewhere without your permission.” Read more.

“Except as otherwise provided in this title, as used in this title, the following terms and their variant forms mean the following: An ‘anonymous work’ is a work on the copies or phonorecords of which no natural person is identified as author.” 17 U.S. Code § 101

Room 101: Keanu Reeves in the Wachowski's Classic Film, The Matrix
Room 101: The Place of Your Deepest Fear, Keanu Reeves in the Wachowski’s Classic Film, The Matrix

In Kurt’s case, the character’s name is KURTIS RICHARD KALLENBACH. According to Kurt, this character is subject to the Anno Domini timeline. When we step into this role, this “vestiture,” we, too, become subjects of the Pope and the “Territory of Rome.” Kind of like, if you were a member of Jethro Tull, you’d be subject to Ian Anderson! Check out Homo Erraticus.

VESTITURE: “The manufacture or preparation of cloth….In zoology, the hairs, scales, etc., covering a surface: as, the vestiture of the thorax of an insect.” Read more. What is Vestment? Check out my article, Ben Bernanke and the Wisdom of Parasites, here. Also, check out Leadership: Autocracy of Custodianship, here. What is Indicia? What is Cause of Action?

POMERIUM: “In Roman antiquity, an open space prescribed to be left free from buildings within and without the walls of a town, marked off by stone pillars, and consecrated by a religious ceremony.” Read more. What is the “Territory of Rome?” Read Encyclopedic Dictionary of Roman Law Vol. 43 Part 2 (1953) by Adolf Berger, PDF.

Within You Without You, The Beatles, here. “In there we were all in one place, a generation lost in space.” American Pie, Don McClean; check out my article, Never Forget 9/11 – Countries Around the World Admit to False Flag Terror, here. Read more about Royalties. The Light Workers Media, videos.

TESTAMENT: “A usually formal, written directive providing for the disposition of one’s property after death; a will...Either of the two main divisions of the Bible...A covenant between humans and God…a covenant instituted between God and man, esp the covenant of Moses or that instituted by Christ…a legal document disposing of one’s personal property after death.” Read more.

“It’s a dirty story ’bout a dirty man and his clinging wife doesn’t understand….” Paperback Writer, video, The Beatles.

Paperback Writer, The Beatles
Paperback Writer, The Beatles

“Book and music publishers sometimes give an advance against royalties to an author or musician when the contract is signed. For example, the novelist might receive $5,000 as an advance against her royalties. In this case the publisher will keep the first $5,000 of the royalties to cover the cash advance....”

“Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone (2001), IDMB.

“The Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See to the United States is the diplomatic mission of the Holy See to the United States. It is located at 3339 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C., in the Embassy Row neighborhood.The current Apostolic Nuncio is Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who was named to the position by Pope Benedict XVI on 19 October 2011…”

J.K. Rowling's character, Harry Potter. He seems so real, doesn't he?
J.K. Rowling’s character, Harry Potter. He seems so real, doesn’t he?

“The Apostolic Nunciature to the United States of America is an ecclesiastical office of the Catholic Church in the United States, with the rank of an embassy. The nuncio serves both as the ambassador of the Holy See to the President of the United States, and as delegate and point-of-contact between the Catholic hierarchy in America and the Pope….” Read more.

Hmmm…the Holy “see.” Well, I suppose if you pledge your whole body, including your eyes….you won’t be able to “see.” You’ll need to “see” through the Pope’s eyes! Have you seen the film, Jeepers Creepers (2001)? IMDB

The Permanent Observer Position of the Holy See to the United Nations
The Permanent Observer Position of the Holy See to the United Nations

“If you were living in England or one of the American colonies 260 years ago, this date—September 13, 1752—didn’t exist. Neither did the 10 days preceding it. Instead, you would have gone to bed on the evening of September 2 and woken up on the morning of September 14. Eleven days had been effectively skipped over as part of the parliamentary measure that implemented the Gregorian calendar, aligning Britain and its overseas possessions with the rest of Western Europe. In most of the world today, people continue to track their days, months and years using the centuries-old system, so chances are you’re intimately familiar with its workings. Still, there are a few things about the Gregorian calendar that might come as a surprise.” Read more.

“When you die—it’s over, it’s not a fictional or a civil death. It’s a biological, bury you in the ground death.” Kurt Kallenbach

“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” Matthew 23. “Let no man deceive you by any means….”  2 Thess. 2:3.

“Meanwhile back in the year One, when you belonged to no-one. You didn’t stand a chance, son, if your pants were undone. Because you were bred for humanity and sold to society. One day you’ll wake up in the Present Day a million generations removed from expectations of being who you really want to be….” Skating Away, Jethro Tull.

“The start of the Christian era, like the founding of Rome, is not agreed until many centuries after the event. Such post facto chronologies are of little use for previous history. But once they are in place, a firm framework exists for recording subsequent events. Christian chronology takes the birth of Jesus Christ as its first year – AD 1 (Anno Domini, in the year of the Lord)…..

Jethro Tull Band Members Timeline
Jethro Tull Band Members Timeline Courtesy of Wikipedia

“This system will eventually provide a worldwide frame of reference. But when first formulated, in the 6th century AD, even its starting point is inaccurate. An Italian monk, Dionysius Exiguus, is commissioned by the pope in AD 525 to work out a Christian chronology.” Read more.

CESTUI QUE TRUST: “…1) an old fashioned expression for the beneficiary of a trust. 2)the one who trusts’ or the person who will benefit from the trust and will receive payments or a future distribution from the trust’s assets; A barbarous phrase…

“He for whose benefit another person is enfeoffed or seised of land… entitled to receive the rents and profits of the land; he may direct such conveyances, consistent with the trust, deed or will, as he shall choose, and the trustee…is bound to execute them: he may defend his title in the name of the trustee.” Read more.

Collecting Jethro Tull Website Logo
Collecting Jethro Tull Website Logo

“People – what have you done locked Him in His golden cage. Made Him bend to your religion Him resurrected from the grave. He is the god of nothing if that’s all that you can see. You are the god of everything He’s inside you and me. So lean upon Him gently and don’t call on Him to save you from your social graces and the sins you used to waive….

WAIVE: “To abandon or throw away…when a thief, in his flight, throws aside the stolen goods, in order to facilitate his escape, he is technically said to waive them… A person is said to waive a benefit when he renounces or disclaims it, and he is said to waive a tort or Injury when he abandons the remedy which the law gives him for it.” Black’s Law, 2nd Ed.

NotaCitizen “The following is a transcript from the Liberty and Freedom Radio show aired on September 13, 2011, hosted by Kurt Kallenbach.  The audio recording can be downloaded…for those interested in listening to the show…..

“I’m posting this here as it is in line with our thinking regarding our right to use the resources of this earth as provided to us from the creator and our effort to help folks free themselves from the grasp of the commercial banking system and corporate government.  A PDF of this transcript can be downloaded here.”

Kurt Kallenbach's "Cube Graphic" circa April 2014 explaining the "Man in the Box", 3D vs. 2D
Kurt Kallenbach’s “Cube Graphic” circa April 2014 explaining the “Man in the Box”, 3D vs. 2D

Kurt: the 14th amendment is irrelevant. Why? It is a private corporate act and has nothing to do with government. It has nothing to do with the constitution. The corporation charter that the 1871 company put in place (includes) the 14th amendment, which is a private corporate act and has nothing to do with government and nothing to do with the constitution.

“To say it’s ‘not my government’ or the 14th amendment is an issue is not true. The 14th amendment is for a private company and is private company policy no different that McDonald’s or Walmart. There is nothing about Walmart that has anything to do with our lives. [There] is nothing about McDonald’s in their private corporate policy that has anything to do with our lives. Nothing about the 14th amendment has anything to do with our lives. The fact that there is a presumption that it does, does not make it so. It doesn’t make it true….

“When I have to listen to all this garbage out there and see my name negatively put forward through Republic Broadcasting, and I can’t believe that John Stadmiller would even allow LB Bork to speak….he is not telling the truth. I think John Stadmiller should be held accountable for everything that comes out of Bork’s mouth when Bork speaks for RBN. Here’s something: this is something that bothers me more than anything.

“I know the UNITED STATES is a UCC Corporation and is completely commerce driven company. Every contract, registration, every single thing that happens in America goes through this private company called the UNITED STATES. So, they laid claim to, or jurisdiction over every single aspect of business that occurs on American soil. That being said, here is my point. Tell me, someone, how a contract that is enforced at the point or the barrel of a gun is a valid contract. Here’s what I am getting at: if you don’t agree to the UNITED STATES terms, if you don’t agree to have a license to travel along the highways or roads of America, if you don’t agree, and by agree I mean if you don’t do what you are told, they can put a bullet in your head….

“Tell me why the soldiers who are wearing the gold-fringed American flag on their shoulder on their sleeve, why are we killing people, murdering families, tearing up entire countries? Somebody remind me of what it is the American people are doing overseas. We need to differentiate America from the UNITED STATES. I know why the UNITED STATES is over there; it’s for profit, to kill, maim, murder because that is what the UNITED STATES has always been about. But why are the America people going along with it? Why are the American people agreeing to what the UNITED STATES is doing overseas?

Raiders of the Lost Ark: "We have top men working on it."
Raiders of the Lost Ark: “We have top men working on it.”

Ralph: they voted for the representatives that are letting it happen.

Kurt: all the UNITED STATES needs is the thumbs up approval of the majority of the American people that at this point registers at 170 million strong. When somebody says we don’t need to revoke, to turn in paper work. A caller told me that telling people to revoke their voter registration is actually recognizing the FICTION. Actually, I agree with that. but the bullet that goes into my brain because I disagree with it is not a fictional bullet. The men walking across the backyards wearing UN uniforms with fully automatic weapons that are going to murder everyone in their path are not fictional men. The UNITED STATES even though it is a fictional situation, a corporation, a document, the bullets they administer to the masses are not fictional bullets. They are real….

Big Al: when I helped a man in NC win against the IRS I used admiralty law. Nobody would help me because nobody knew what it was. They knew admiralty law but they didn’t know how to go about it so I had to do it on my own. it took 35 hours to write the caption page to be correct…” Read this entire article Original source: NotaCitizen

“The bloody Church of England in chains of history requests your earthly presence at the vicarage for tea. And the graven image you-know-who with His plastic crucifix he’s got him fixed confuses me as to who and where and why as to how he gets his kicks. Confessing to the endless sin the endless whining sounds. You’ll be praying till next Thursday to all the gods that you can count.” My God, Jethro Tull.

The Foundling, a flim starring Mary Pickford
The Foundling, a flim starring Mary Pickford

The Foundling is a 1916 silent film directed by John B. O’Brien. The film is a remake and serves as its replacement. The 1915 Allan Dwan-directed version was destroyed in the nitrate fire at Famous Players, September 11, 1915. Speaking of 9/11, check out Find a Grave.

“Molly O (Mary Pickford) is a poor little girl whose mother died in childbirth and whose father David King (Edward Martindel) rejects her.

“When David departs to Italy to paint his late wife as the Madonna, Molly O is left behind in a cruel orphanage. She is beloved by the other pupils, but becomes enemies with the matron’s niece Jennie (Mildred Morris). As a result, she is shipped off to live with a boardinghouse proprietress (Maggie Weston). She is treated more like a slave than as an adopted daughter and decides to run away.” Read more.

Season of Treason by Kurt, video. Hmmm….Famous Players, September 11, 1915? Check here. Check out this, this, this, this. Speaking of nitrate fires…..”In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a plan to assassinate Nazi leaders by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers coincides with a theater owner’s vengeful plans for the same.” Check out Inglorious Basterds. Speaking of Madonna…. “After a simple jewelry heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.” “Tell that bullshit to the tourists….” Check out Reservoir Dogs.

Learn more from Kurt and Peter on In the Spirit of Things, May 21, 2014. Here’s Kurt’s May 19th Walking the Talk with Just Us Radio Network, video. Embedded below are both recent and older videos. I apologize if the order and/or dates seems random – I’m doing my best! Here’s Kurt’s site, Trust and Contract. Here’s Self Awakening Training, Cynthia’s site.

Check out Hymns for the Rebel Soul from musician Rocky Dawuni. Also, the Not a Citizen website, the original source for this article, is up and down lately. Should you claim your STRAWMAN as a tradename? Check out these tradename FAQs. Watch this video. “An insurance investigator begins discovering that the impact a horror writer’s books have on his fans is more than inspirational.” Have you seen, In the Mouth of Madness from John Carpenter?

Sam Neill enjoying the show in John Carpenter's film, In the Mouth of Madness
Sam Neill enjoying the show in John Carpenter’s film, In the Mouth of Madness.

What’s the significance of “mother’s maiden name?” Search here.

Here’s audio from Kurt, 04/04/2014 also, 04-26-2011 episode  I Am the People with Kurt Kallenbach. Here’s Kurt’s work at Just Us. Here’s recent audio at Privatis.Me. Check out all of these shows at My Private Audio. Kurt’s interview with Dave Kopacz here. Check out Driving is a Profession here; Also, Part 1 and Part 2. ABA timeline here. Have you seen Robocop (2014)? Also, check out these thoughts.