Can water prevent dehydration?


What a strange combination of words for a title huh?  But stay with me folks, they all share a history and I will try to bring it out here.

In the Saginaw & Tittabawasse Rivers, downstream from a Dow chemical plant, large amounts of dioxin have been found settled on the bottom.  Dioxins are toxic byproducts of the manufacture of chlorine-based products with links to cancer and other health problems.

Apparently they are in levels appx. 20 times higher than have ever been found before in our lakes or rivers and a warning has been issued not to eat fish from the rivers.  All information comes from the EPA so by the very fact of who they are, I take this information with a grain of salt.  But lets say its the gospel for the intent of our conversation.  Now friends I’m no tree hugging hippy.  The exact opposite I like to think, but I’m not so jaded as to think we should dump stuff in our water supply that makes fish dangerous to eat.  I like to eat fish, so my reasons for concern are purely selfish.

I am not going to say this incident would have never happened, however, it may have been avoided, along with many other nasty little “chemically” things along the way.  How you ask?  Hemp.  But why was hemp/marijuana really made illegal?

Want to order Fluoride products from China?

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