Franchises & the Corporation Nation

“Our goal is gradually to absorb the wealth of the world.”

Cecil Rhodes, “The secret banking cabal”

"All governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion." Barack Obama, January 2011

“All governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion.” Barack Obama

Some scholars believe the freedom ended before the ink was dry on the contract written between the people and their new government, “The Constitution.”

There is some question as to exactly where and when the new nation faltered. Some say it was in 1789, with the Judiciary Act. Others say it was after the Civil War. Still others claim it was in 1913 or 1921 or perhaps in 1933 ……. History tells us the Supreme Court of the United States government claims it was when the Union itself was formed.

In the case New Hampshire v. Louisiana and others.; New York v. Louisiana and others, it states that: “all the rights of the States as independent nations were surrendered to the United States. The States are not nations, either as between themselves or towards foreign nations. New Hampshire v. Louisiana and others.; New York v. Louisiana and others, 108 U.S. 76, 27 L. Ed. 656, 2 S. Ct. 176, March 5, 1883. Read more.

Contrast the above decision in 1883 with this earlier decision from 1839. What happened in between?

The States between each other are sovereign and independent. They are distinct and separate sovereignties, except so far as they have parted with some of the attributes of sovereignty by the Constitution. They continue to be nations, with all their rights, and under all their national obligations, and with all the rights of nations in every particular; except in the surrender by each to the common purposes and objects of the Union, under the Constitution. The rights of each State, when not so yielded up, remain absolute.” Bank of Augusta v. Earle, 38 U.S. (13 Pet.) 519, 10 L.Ed. 274 (1839)

How a Prisoner Funds America

Your right to property? Have you read the Enabling Act of Colorado? Most states have something similar…

Editor’s note: The following act of March 3, 1875, is found at 18 Stat. 474.  § 4.

“…that the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States; and that the lands belonging to citizens of the United States residing without said state shall never be taxed higher than the lands belonging to residents thereof, and that no taxes shall be imposed by the state on lands or property therein belonging to, or which may hereafter be purchased by the United States.”

Federal Franchises in the States

A “franchise” is an arrangement usually between you and the government, the voluntary acceptance of which puts you into a “privileged” state and causes a surrender of rights of one kind or another. The courts call “franchises” by various pseudonames such as “public right” or “privilege” to disguise the nature of the inferior relation to the government of “franchisees.”

“It [is] inconsistent with the principles of civil liberty, and contrary to the natural rights of the other members of the society, that any body of men therein [INCLUDING judges] should have authority to enlarge their own powers… without restraint.” Thomas Jefferson: Virginia Allowance Bill, 1778

Did you know that every baby’s birth certificate is bonded and monetized? Did you know that the United States is a federal corporation? Here’s a link to the U.S. Code with the definition. Further, did you know that Title 2: Congress and Title 26: Internal Revenue Code, are not positive law.

Read about the Money Monopolists

House of Representatives Website Illustrates Distinction Between "The Law," which applies to We, the People; and "The Legal," which applies to We, the Citizens

House of Representatives Website Illustrates Distinction Between “The Law,” which applies to We, the People; and “The Legal,” which applies to We, the Citizens

Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

The Corporation Nation

Clint Richardson’s Corporation Nation part 2

Where do the States get their “rights?” Well, they are supposed to get them from the men and women who delegate their rights to the State. If this is true, then no one is in prison without their consent.

Check out Do Not Consent: The Path to American Freedom.

However, the private prison population has grown 353.7 percent in the past 15 years, according to a study by the Justice Policy Institute. Major private prison companies have an incentive to encourage policies which keep that number on the rise.

Treatise on the Use of Prison Bonds

Men and Women Have All Rights & Form the States, which form the Union of the Several States, Bottom to Top!

 Winston Shrout on Accepted 4 Value

The Corporation Pockets the Profits and Turns People Into Citizens=Debt Slaves

“You have the right,” by Tim Turner

If it costs money, it's charged to the public via taxes.

If it costs money, it’s charged to the public via taxes.

It seems that, for the last 50 years at least, a corporation dba the United States, centered in D.C., has been masquerading as a legitimate government of the people, and cloning itself as states, counties, cities, and even citizens. The owners of this corporation are privatizing profit and socializing risk.  These “governmental” entities are really just franchises, like McDonalds, Walmart and Starbucks. If you are a U.S. Citizen, you work for this corporation. Moreover, these entities  own over 70% of the stock market!

“Power Factions Vying for Your Cerebral Cortex
As We All are Sucked Down Propaganda Vortex,
Some are Aware but Most are Oblivious,
Under Hypnosis of Predators Carnivorous
Who Prowl Not for Meat but Appetite Stalks
For Power and Dominion Over All that Walks,
Talks, Slithers, Creeps and Those that Fly,
On Prowl for Thinkers Like You and I,
Eugenics and Family Trees of V.I.P.s
Govern the World, They Do as They Please,
With Technology and Scientific Technique,
They Bring into View the Future They Seek”
© Alan Watt Nov. 23, 2011

To take advantage of the profit from these investments, and to eliminate taxation, Walter Burien has advised We, the People, to implement his strategy known as The Tax Retirement Fund. Or, you might investigate renouncing your U.S. citizenship, thereby returning to yourself and your family all of the rights that the govt. asked you to surrender when your parents registered your birth certificate, when you registered your childrens’ birth certificates, when you got a social security number, a driver’s license, etc. Oh, you say, they didn’t ask you? Hmmmm….then read on! Be sure to check out this info. re: courts, bonds, liens, etc.

Brasscheck TV explains it this way:

If it costs money, it’s charged to the public via taxes. This is being done at all levels of government – including state, county, city, and school districts. The total “off budget” funds held by the various governments amount to trillions of dollars. The real accounting is contained in what’s called Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), which are not only not made available to the public, their very existence is never mentioned by the news media. Why? Because trillions of dollars pays for a lot of corruption!

Check out this video in which Walter Burien discusses corporate America. In the following video, Walter Burien, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) of 15 years, explains how the government, at all levels, is running a very simple financial con game. If something produces revenue – like bridges, highways, ports, or successful investments etc – that revenue goes into off budget slush funds. Walter Burien has a website explaining more about the CAFR. Also, take a look at this website:  Joe Banister, former IRS Special Agent exposing how the IRS is a collection agency for the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve.

Every time an elected official stands before you and tells you the government is out of money and they have to raise taxes, he or she is lying through their teeth.

Who is Gerald R. Klatt?

From Walter Burien’s site: Please visit the site of Gerald R. Klatt, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret.). Mr. Klatt died 07/11/04.

Mr. Klatt died on his birthday, July 11th 2004. I found out about his death when Gerald’s son from a previous marrage in 2006 could not find his father. I then searched the SS death records and discovered he died on 07/11/04 and then informned his son of his fathers death. The circumstances of Gerald Klatt’s death are UNKNOWN. The son he was living with Skip (Troy) Klatt who was an attorney, what happened to him is also UNKNOWN. No other party from government, organized education, or any political party has openly made this information available to you out of self interest or fear of reprisal and DUE TO THE MONEY / CONTROL INVOLVED! How did Gerald Klatt die? UNKNOWN.

Here’s some basic information from Lieutenant Klatt’s site:

First Problem

You have heard of the budget. You think this is the financial condition of the government. This is false. The budget is only a part of the total financial activities of the government.

Budgets are planning and monitoring documents. Companies prepare a budget. Governments prepare a budget. Companies prepare an annual financial statement of the total financial condition of the company based on what actually happened. Governments also prepare an annual financial statement of all of their financial activities of what actually happened. It is called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). It is prepared annually.

The CAFR is prepared under the accounting and reporting standards outlined by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB). It is an audited report. The CAFR has four parts:

1. Governmental Funds
2. Propriety Funds
3. Fiduciary Funds
4. Component Units

The budget you hear about involves primarily the Governmental Funds. The other three major categories are not included in the budget and this is in most cases where most of the surpluses are located.

Second Problem

Even in the items that are part of the budget (Governmental Funds) there are surpluses they are not telling you about. Here is how it works. A proper budget is made up of three parts: 1) Balance brought forward from previous year’s revenues not spent; 2) Current projected revenues; and 3) Current projected expenditures. The budget is Items 1 and 2 minus Item 3. It is just that simple.

Sprawling on the fringes of the city
In geometric order
An insulated border
In between the bright lights
And the far unlit unknown

Rush, Subdivisions

However, in the governments’ budget process, they forget about Item 1. Money available and not spent in previous years is not included in the budget. There is a reason they purposely and conveniently left Item 1 out of the budget process. In accounting, during the fiscal year, revenues are called revenue in the income and expense statements. However, at the end of the year, everything goes to a balance sheet. When this happens any unspent revenue is converted to cash and investments, no longer called revenue. The budgets of almost all governments now state that current projected revenues will be matched against current projected expenses. They conveniently left out prior years revenues not spent (Item 1) in the process.

Third Problem

The next budget flaw is that the budget process does not take the process to zero. The proper method is called Zero-based budgeting. Here is how it works: If you have projected expenses of $100 you find projected revenue of $100 to cover the projected expenses. However, governments may have $150 in revenues for $100 in expenses. This causes a projected balance of $50 of money that is probably not going to be spent. They do not reduce the projected revenues by $50 to match the budgeted expenses to have a zero balance.

The State of Oklahoma in its FY 2003 CAFR stated that it is going to start using Zero-based budgeting in the budget process. This is the only State I know that is starting to use part of proper budgeting. I may have had a hand in their decision because I have been advocating this for two years. All governors and State legislatures have read my reports. Their voters are continually asking them questions about the reports. Hats off to Oklahoma.