Steampunk mask by artist Isaiah Sherman
Steampunk mask by artist Isaiah Sherman


I went to GDC this year and it was recommended to me by a few studios to record my painting process, so I did! Sketched with micron pen on brown paper, scanned in and painted entirely in Photoshop CS4 in approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes. Song “Operation Ground and Pound” by Dragonforce was removed by Youtube. You can play that song on your own while you watch it and it will time out almost perfectly. My portfolio:


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Cinderella by Isaiah Sherman
Cinderella by Isaiah Sherman

Isaiah Sherman
Tel: 360.430.9137

Click to go to the sketch book online....
Click to go to the sketch book online….


Sucker Punch Productions
Concept & Environment Texture Artist | July 2010 to Present
::Working directly with leads and art director to establish art direction
::Concepting environments, characters, props, and other miscellaneous subjects
::Consistently meeting lead’s schedule creating diverse environments
::Optimizing memory usage to deliver the key balance between visuals and performance
::UV unwrapping, managing next-gen shaders, and rendering textures for multiple assets
Liquid Development
Concept & 3D Artist | March 2010 to May 2010
::Maintained a pre-decided cartoony visual style set by the art director & client
::Created characters from concept to finished digital paintings and modeling references
::Revamped other artists’ texture maps to cohere to changing art direction styles
::Modeled low and high poly next-gen assets and baked normal and AO maps
::Created diffuse and spec maps for a stylized, realistic art style

From the Portfolio of Concept and Environment artist, Isaiah Sherman
From the Portfolio of Concept and Environment artist, Isaiah Sherman

Environment Artist | November 2009 to December 2009
::Created a variety of environment assets and textures under a very strict deadline
::Worked side-by-side with the art lead to actively meet client’s needs

Infamous 2 and its Festival of Blood DLC
Outsourced assets: Rock Band 3, Shoot Many Robots, Kinect Adventures
Maya 3DS Max Photoshop
Headus UV Layout Unreal Engine Zbrush
Marmoset Engine Toolbag CrazyBump Perforce
The Art Institute of Portland
Graduated BFA in Game Art & Design June 2010

03-29-2005, 11:35 PM Judgement
Name: Isaiah Sherman
Country: United States
Software: PhotoshopI’m hoping that people won’t look at the Bible and click the “Back” button, and actually hear me out… I’ll make it short.Whether you believe in God or not, I think everyone can agree that they don’t like to be stereotyped or judged by other people, and that’s what this is about.How could someone so bizarre ever be considered normal (let alone sane)? It’s not our place to judge others.Anyways… much thanks to those that even view this :).It’s a guy, by the way :p.>> Hi resolution image << (

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