Neal Adams “I just did 2 interviews today about us going to the Austin Comic Con. The interviewers told me about things to do in Austin. There’s a theater there where they removed alternate seats, and replaced them with tables, with food, refreshments and beer. Do that happen in other places? Here’s one that doesn’t happen everywhere.

Bats under a bridge. Apparently folks in Austin get to see massive flocks of bats, flying out in the evening right in the middle of the city. There’s 750,000 to a million bats. All launching into the night to feed, to the terrified delight of villages and tourists alike. Anyway, we’ll be there October 26-28. If you want to pre-order your commissions, do it now.”

Neal Adams “It may not seem so, but science has fallen into a new dark age. Newer and newer technology makes us think science is advancing by leaps and bounds this is just not true. Technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds not science. We are seeing farther into space but we have no idea of what we are looking at.

Comic legend Neal Adams is a proponent of the growing earth theory.
Comic legend Neal Adams is a proponent of the growing earth theory.

Theories abound, none are proofed and theories are stacked on top of other theories it’s a scientific Tower of Babel. When I was a young man I realized that a professor of Geology Samuel Warren Carey had observed and discovered a massively important clue to how the Universe works. Since Sam was a geologist he related it specifically and only to the Earth and the fact that it seems to be expanding and the Earth seems to be expanding. As a physics geek it slowly dawned on me that expanding is not a physical process but growing is.

How could Sam Carey discover and present the mechanism of this growth as a Geologist, he could not so his theory was defeated replaced by the Pangea Theory? A theory that said all the continents collected on one side of the Earth in a big giant island. As I visualized this as an artist , it made me laugh it was like Water World with one big giant island. Then I started playing with models and I discovered that all the continents fitted perfectly together but on a smaller planet. Model after model showed this to be the case.

The only way I could help Sam Carey’s theory I thought was to continue my study of Physics and in fact all the other Sciences and discover the mechanism of Earth’s growth. I gave it three years , it took me thirty years. Then I discovered the worst thing of all …. Finding the mechanism was only the smallest tip of the iceberg. Here I was, a comic book writer drawer publisher and I had found a new model of the Universe. Boy oh boy was I in trouble.”

Neal Adams – Growing Earth interview

Mike Philbin Blog The recent spurt of geological activity (earthquakes and volcanoes) in Chile, California and Iceland and the electromagnetic link between the Galactic Dust Cloud, the Sun and its planets brings me back to Neal Adams’ ‘continuous creation’ or Growing Earth theory. The major consequence of the ‘fitting together of the continents across BOTH the Atlantic AND the Pacific oceans’ is the earth needed to be ONE QUARTER the size it is today. This also means that the gravity of the earth in the time of the dinosaurs was 1/4 what it is today – allowing for the massive dinosaurs to exist. If you track this back through history, you quickly find that the Earth is expanding by AN AMAZING 6.5 to 8 INCHES per year. Neal Adams’ theory equally applies to every planet in the solar system, and potentially even the Sun itself. Here’s the three-part audio interview of Neal Adams by Art Bell on COAST TO COAST’s August 12th 2006 broadcast.

Part One Part Two Part Three

Even though the question, “Where did the extra mass for the Growing Earth come from?” isn’t yet resolved into a single formula, it’s rivetting stuff. Further reading: the HC Unit-like sub-atomic structure Positronium, the pilloried Australian geologist Samuel Warren Carey and Nobel prize winning physicist Carl David Anderson. Read more about this at Mike Philbin.

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