Ben Garrison’s nearly 30 years of experience includes publication and newspaper design, cartoons, illustrations, informational graphics and photography. Also a fine artist, Ben now lives with his wife Tina (an animator and cartoonist) in ‘Big Sky Country’ — the beautiful state of Montana.

Artist Ben Garrison in the beautiful Montana mountains

My clients have included The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Hearst Corp., Root Learning, King County, The City of Seattle, Everest Nutrition, Clarity Advantage, Frog Kick, Boeing, Microsoft, Lightspeed Design, High Country News, KOHR Productions, Wildermuth Environmental, Inc., Schwarz & Associates and Illusion Winery. I was a freelance advertising artist for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer until it closed in 2008.

Who owns the Occupy movement?
Who owns the Occupy movement?

Starting in the ’90s, I began working on learning mats (also referred to as ‘learning maps’). Root Learning pioneered learning map technology and I worked on a multitude of map projects.

Today I am offering affordable learning mats for small and medium-sized businesses. My prices range from $1,000 for a smaller, simpler mat to $5,000 for large, complex mats. Mat sizes typically are 35 inches deep by varying widths–usually under 50 inches wide.

The mats at left are just a few I have concepted and rendered. Type has been left off on some and they are shown intentionally small in order to protect the privacy of the clients. I can show larger examples via email.

Accomplished artist and illustrator, Ben Garrison, is a Ron Paul fan and free market advocate
Accomplished artist and illustrator, Ben Garrison, is a Ron Paul fan and free market advocate

Whether it’s maps, charts or ‘supergraphics,’ I am here to deliver results. I have had many years of experience concepting and executing informational graphics for newspapers, magazines, brochures and web sites.

Information does not need to presented in a dry manner. That said, I know the dangers of taking too much liberty with the data. To see what I mean, click on the link below for a PPT presentation I put together to show designers and artists the pitfalls that await the novice info graphics designer.

Click here to see the show in Power Point.

Click here for a .pdf version.

I am able to illustrate using a variety of styles. I am adept at using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as traditional hand-drawn work.

I use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign for my printed design work. I can design newspapers, brochures, business cards, CD covers and posters. I’ve also designed presentations and animations using Flash and PowerPoint.

I worked for newspapers for a long time — primarily the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Most of my design and illustration work appeared in that publication right up until it closed in 2008.

I have been painting since I was in high school. I majored in art in college (Angelo State University) and was fortunate to have an excellent professor, Otis Lumpkin, who taught his students how to paint using an old master style. At the same time, he encouraged us to explore different painting styles–including cubism.

Years later, I’ve rediscovered my love for cubist painting and I have applied it to western art themes. I also enjoy painting landscapes and fish as well as oil paintings inspired by classical music themes.

I use Power Point or Flash for custom slide shows designed to engage employees and help them achieve lasting knowledge and understanding quickly and easily.

The files I generate can be seen on nearly any computer and on most platforms. I am just starting to learn Adobe Captivate.

I am associated with experienced, top-notch illustrators, action script programmers, 3D and video production experts as well as animators willing to collaborate on complex projects that requre an expeditious turnaround.

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