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Free World Filmworks Filmmaker Anthony J. Hilder exposes the crime and the cover-up conducted by the Cashist cartel that controls American currency and commerce through the Federal Reserve. These titles unravel the diatribe of disinformation that “managed media” shovels down your throats on the nightly network news…to keep you numb, dumb and disoriented.

Anthony Hilder wants to free the world. Let's join him!
Anthony Hilder wants to free the world. Let’s join him!

Hilder and his colleagues reveal the real monsters that hide behind the mask of the World’s Elite known as the Illuminati. Collect them all, get informed, and you’ll never again “beLIEve” their BIG LIE.  For special discounts on Anthony’s DVDs scroll to the bottom.

Filmmaker Anthony Hilder has been exposing the Illuminati for a long time.
Filmmaker Anthony Hilder has been exposing the Illuminati for a long time.

It’s no longer safe to breathe the air, eat the food, or drink the water. The people of this Planet are being deliberately poisoned by a Criminal Cabal, whose goal it is to own the World, everything, and everyone in it.

They know that the majority of the population is arrogant, ignorant, & apathetic – or don’t give a damn. The people have become like puppets & pawns.  They will be sacrificed when necessary. This Evilarchy makes nothing but Death, Debt & Disease.

They create our Currency & our Commerce through the privately owned Federal Reserve, the IMF & the World Bank. They are ideologically evil, have no conscience, and retain no remorse. They are Illuminists. They are Luciferian.  These Manthusian-Minded Men are cold-blooded killers. They seek a Global Government, through the United Nations & the establishment of a New World Order. They are “out-Hitler-ing” Hitler & out-murdering Mao.

After watching Anthony J. Hilder dissect Bush Gang’s “spin story” of 911, you’ll discover who the REAL monsters are behind the incredulous NYC attack. Learn of the “Grand Scheme” authored by the Cashist Cartel that controls America ‘s currency and commerce through the privately owned Federal Reserve…and the American Illuminati. This 9:11 DVD includes more than 2 whopping hours of shocking revelations the only way Hilder knows how to present it, with uncanny genius. Watch exclusive interviews with Lyndon Larouche, Jim Marrs, , Dr. Stanley Monteith, Michael Tsarion, Eric Hufschmid and many more. This DVD is a definite must if you want to get the inside story behind the Bush Illuminati New World Order Agenda. The story contains priceless bits and pieces of the puzzle that make up “THE BIG PICTURE”.

HAARP has replaced the Hydrogen Bomb. It’s their newest Weapon of Mass Destruction – and it’s silent. They can develop Tornados, directionalize Hurricanes, trigger Earthquakes, and subsequent Tsunamis at will. Their Frankenstein-like Scientists are no less monstrous than Dr. Joseph Mengele. They drop poisoned particulates directly upon the innocence of the World to create Alzheimers, Autism, Fibromayalga, Morgellons, and the variety of Cancers. The “DEATH DUMPS” that they flush daily from their Toxic Toilets overhead kill the fish, the birds, the mammals, the plants, and trees upon the Planet. The end-goal for the Illuminati is to radically reduce the population of the Planet.  Their intention is to kill  9 out 10 people now living within a decade. They consider most of you, your family, and friends “USELESS EATERS” & EXPENDABLE!

For freedom, life, and liberty to live – this Evilarchy must die.  The survival of Mother Earth leaves no other Option.

Foster Gamble speaks with Anthony J Hilder about the Thrive Movement. This is a battle against those who rule the world and want to reduce the population with poisons in our food, chemtrails and so many ways to rid the Earth of most people. Written on the Georgia Guidestones is the directive to keep the population of Earth under 500 million 95% of the people. Join Mr Gamble and Mr HIlder in part one of the interview.

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