Breakthrough Energy “In virtually every field, from health and agriculture to water, media and especially energy, the would-be controllers have been suppressing devices and processes that could dramatically benefit humanity and the planet. A whole-systems approach is needed to secure funding, protect inventors, optimize successful R and D, and to develop safe, win/win business models and humanitarian distribution strategies…”

Listen to Foster discuss highlights of Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013, here.

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Thrive Solutions Hub “Are you ready to join with people all over the world to create lasting solutions? You’ve come to the right place. THRIVE Solutions Groups are self-organizing all over the planet and now you can search for groups in your area, or start your own. THRIVE groups share best practices with each other, so you can benefit from each other’s experiences and progress.” Go to the Hub.


Ed. Note: At M4F, we agree with these researchers on many aspects of “the problem.” But while the objective science may be absolute, the subjective interpretation of scientific theories and modern events couldn’t be more debated! Compare and contrast the optimistic evolutionary message of this movie, Thrive, with the more skeptical message of creationist researchers such as Douglas Hamp. Speaking of two paths, have you ever listened to Stairway to Heaven backwards?

Thrive Movie Premieres 11/11/11 in San Francisco
Thrive Movie Premieres 11/11/11 in San Francisco

Nature appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale – the torus. It is a donut shaped energy vortex that you can see everywhere from atoms to galaxies and beyond.

The Torus

The torus is nature’s way of creating and sustaining life and it can serve as a template for sustainability. Knowledge of the pattern is already advancing fan and propeller technologies, powering clean, “new energy” devices, informing non-violent self defense, and helping us better understand the nature of the “unified field.” Read more about this pattern.

Foster Gamble – President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media; Creator, Host, Co-Writer, and Director of Visual Design for THRIVE

At age 14, Foster Gamble had a vision where he glimpsed what he perceived to be the Universe’s fundamental energy pattern. He spent the next 35 years trying to figure out the details and implications of what he had seen. That quest took two paths: a scientific journey and an exploration of the human potential to navigate successfully through the challenges threatening our survival. THRIVE represents the convergence of these two paths.
While at Princeton University, Foster helped to create their first film-making department. At the time, the emergence of a global media delivery system seemed likely, and Foster’s love of film combined with his concern for the planet inspired him to focus on what would be the most critical content to one day deliver through that system.
Researcher Nassim Harramein has taught extensively about the torus
Researcher Nassim Harramein has taught extensively about the torus

In his search for a way out of our violence and demise, Foster discovered Aikido – the non-violent martial art – which proved for him the possibility of being simultaneously powerful and gentle. He earned a third degree black belt and trained in and taught Aikido for 15 years.

Applying Aikido principles to daily life informed Foster’s professional career: He created a training and technology company, MindCenter, that employed brainwave biofeedback to help people learn how to manage stress and to tune their consciousness. He also created Interaction Dynamics, a training program for mastering skills in communication, team-building and conflict resolution for couples, business teams, schools and families across the United States.

He combined Aikido energy principles and mind fitness techniques in Zonesport Training, which tapped his passion for sports in helping high level athletes to enhance their performance. Addressing the demands of balancing his own personal, family and professional lives led Foster to create a program called LifeBalance.

Furthering his exploration of what was keeping humanity from thriving, Foster spent nearly a decade “following the money” in every sector of human endeavor. The process revealed an understanding of our predicament that led him to create the strategic solutions offered in THRIVE. Foster’s exploration of “living geometry” – how nature builds the “material” world, came to fruition in 1997 when he co-convened the Sequoia Symposium, a multi-disciplinary scientific think tank exploring perspectives on “Unification Theory.”

There, the primary patterning that the universe uses to sustain healthy systems was clarified and cohered, as was its use as a blueprint for us to design sustainable, all-inclusive technologies and social systems. This discovery represents the convergence of science and the evolution of consciousness that Foster set out to explore after his initial vision, and is the “code” that is featured in the documentary film, THRIVE, and on this website.

Foster lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Kimberly Carter Gamble.

What is the ancient secret of the flower of life?
What is the ancient secret of the flower of life?

Kimberly Carter Gamble – Former CEO, Co-Founder and Advisor for Clear Compass Media; Producer, Director, and Co-Writer of THRIVE

Kimberly Carter Gamble brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to Clear Compass Media, and creating the movie THRIVE called upon it all: as a former journalist, including for Newsweek International; a producer of large projects and events; a lifelong activist for social justice and as a mother and step mother to nine children.

When asked about THRIVE, Kimberly says “Having the courage to risk stepping out of what David Icke calls the “hassle-free zone” is the quality I am most proud to have mustered in this life, and it felt great to infuse the clarity and compassion that come from that process into the story – and production – of THRIVE.”

One especially encouraging insight that emerged in the course of making THRIVE was that the most informed people are consistently the most hopeful, because once the nature of the problem is clear, so are the solutions. Kimberly is committed to using her privilege to empower these bold and leveraged solutions.

About the Team

Paul Taylor – CEO of Clear Compass Media

Paul Taylor grew up in a small town outside of Toronto with the dream of becoming a “corporate rock star”. He was inspired by his heroes of the day Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties), Ferris Bueller, Gordon Gecko (Wall Street) and the infamous Donald Trump.

By the age of 33, Paul thought that all of his dreams had come true. He was a Global Director/VP of Strategic Innovation at The Coca-Cola Company in charge of the $12 Billion Coke Classic/Diet Coke business unit and had been identified as having the upside to eventually become the Chief Marketing Officer. But a funny thing happened on the way to living happily ever after. No matter how much more money, more stuff, more promotions, more everything…Paul could not fill the void of meaning in his life.

Eventually, Paul was saved by the love of a good woman, his beloved wife Anne, and they now live in sunny Florida with their three young boys and a golden retriever to boot.

To that end, Paul has spent the past decade pursuing three questions at the heart of his life’s work.

  • How do we awaken, inspire, empower, and enable the new possibility of being a human being?
  • How do we organize/govern ourselves as a species to liberate human flourishing?
  • How do we reframe, re-imagine, and redesign all of our social systems inspired by the way nature/life works to liberate human thriving?

Throughout the film, THRIVE, we often refer to a shift in worldview that the human species is undergoing – from a reductionist, mechanistic understanding about how things are in the world that sees everything as separate, to a holistic, integral view that recognizes the interconnectedness of everything in a larger whole.  This is what happened to Paul in his final couple years working at Coke. His entire worldview shifted and he is now seeking to use his unique experience, passion, and gifts to help frame, name, and amplify the greatest movement in human history.

Paul is deeply honored to be a part of the THRIVE team that is committed to helping to empower a self-creating movement that seeks to create a world where we can all thrive.

Lee Waterworth – Associate Producer

In his formative years Lee initially embarked on a law degree when a change of direction suddenly manifested itself in the form of the lead role in the West-End production of RENT. After much deliberation he chose the path of spontaneity and moved to London.

As an actor, he worked continuously in various productions, culminating in the acclaimed BBC drama, Cutting It.?? Lee began his business career in London at that same time.  He started working as an Event Manager for Method Two; the experiential marketing division of GCI, where he enjoyed managing many public events including roadshows for Danone, Nestle, O2 and Virgin.  Fast forward a few years and he was an Account Director overseeing a prestigious client list ranging from Fosters Group International and their International Cricket and Rugby Sponsorship, to the Linda McCartney British Music Festivals Sponsorship.

These years of concurrent acting and corporate marketing experience fueled a desire in Lee to work behind the camera as a producer, something that eventually evolved into his relocation to Los Angeles.

On arrival he set about trying to understand a film’s market value and as such landed a job as the International Acquisitions Manager for Trans Pacific Media, a Film Distributors Rep representing high-end independent film distributors worldwide. During his tenure, Lee facilitated the purchases of many feature films including Slumdog Millionaire, 3:10 to Yuma, Twilight, Michael Clayton, Sin City and The Men Who Stare at Goats.?? Lee then went on to work as the EVP of Production for Green Planet Productions where he managed both feature length and commercial productions that included the Sundance Award-Winning documentary, FUEL, for which he also managed the distribution.

With the distribution of FUEL complete, Lee started his own film production, marketing and distribution consultancy, Waterworth and Associates, which has worked extensively with Cinema Libre Studio and others on the distribution of numerous feature length films including Oliver Stone’s South of the Border, Norman Lear’s El Súperstar: The Unlikely Rise of Juan Francés and Philippe Diaz’s award winning documentary, The End of Poverty?   

Uniting people and different cultures across the world has always been a passion of Lee’s.  When he was offered the opportunity to put his skills to work doing just that by generating a largely experimental marketing and distribution plan with the THRIVE team, he almost snatched their hands off.

Claire Darling – Associate Producer

Claire Darling started working with Clear Compass Media after graduating from UCSC with a Politics degree in 2006.  Since working on the movie, THRIVE, Claire has researched, written about, and become an advocate for many of the issues presented in THRIVE.  She has always been interested in social change movements and community-based activism and hopes to help inspire a movement around THRIVE.   Claire is particularly passionate about campaign-finance reform, alternative economic models, and collaborative whole-systems organization. She enjoys gardening, hiking, and biking around her current home of Santa Cruz, CA.

Marshall Lefferts – Associate Producer of THRIVE

For more than thirty years, Marshall Lefferts has been aware that this time was coming — this time wherein the human family is called upon to cross the threshold of its own conscious evolution. Inspired at age 19 by both the sublime power of Aikido and the pragmatic vision of Buckminster Fuller, Marshall has been a student of cosmic design in the physical and metaphysical realms ever since. Having a whole-systems perspective on life, he has brought his skills as a designer and producer to various projects for the Buckminster Fuller Institute, and as co-director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Marshall has also created the Cosmometry Project,a knowledgebase and organizing framework for diverse research on the modeling and mapping of the living geometry of the cosmos.

Collaborating on THRIVE has been a highlight in his life as it brings together all of his skills and knowledge into a comprehensive offering that, at its core, is founded upon an unquestionable faith in the integrity of life when lived in harmony with nature’s fundamental design.

Lillie Pearl Allen – Presence and Alignment Consultant for THRIVE / Creatrix of Play

Lillie Pearl Allen is a Southern, African American woman from a family of migrant farm workers.  She was the first person in her family to go to college; and then continue on to receive a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. It was in graduate school that she asked herself two important questions, the answers to which formed the origin of her life’s work:   “How can I learn who I really am? How do I live, not just survive, in a culture that makes negative assumptions about me based on my race, gender, and class?”

As Lillie answered these questions on her life’s journey, she developed a transformative process (now known as the Be Present Empowerment Model®) for sustaining dialogue and learning to broaden understanding and build partnerships in our diverse and changing world. She first used the process in her work as Founder and CEO of the Lillie Allen Institute, Inc. In 1992 Lillie founded Be Present, Inc., and became its first Executive Director. In 2009 her title transitioned from Executive Director to Creatrix of Play, part of an innovative organizational model embodying the core principles and practices of collaborative leadership.

Lillie has served as a consultant to numerous non-profit organizations, foundations, government and for-profit institutions. Her areas of broad expertise and experience include human development, interpersonal relations and group dynamics.

Working on THRIVE was an important next step for Lillie.  THRIVE confirms for her the belief that we are all part of a divine spirit; and that separation from our essential selves and our collective spirit is the result of social, political and cultural systems that were deliberately created to divide. She has been working for the past 35 years to expand a national and international network of people committed to creating a world of peace and justice for all. The work of THRIVE is part of the same dream.

Nick Alheit – Archivist for Clear Compass Media; Production Assistant for THRIVE

As Nick began his work on THRIVE at the age of 19 he was exposed to a tremendous amount of new and shocking information about the troubles taking place in our world today. However, working with Clear Compass Media and seeing first hand what people are doing to stop these injustices has not only kept him positive throughout his work but inspired him to be part of the solution. As Nick continues his studies at the University of California Santa Barbara he plans to use his education as well as his knowledge and experience gained from his work with Clear Compass Media to make a positive difference in the world.
ED.NOTE: Check out Wayne Shorter, All Seeing Eye, here. Check out this Charles Frith article.

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