Vengeancia, updated March 23, 2013 In 2011 and part of 2012, Musicians 4 Freedom hosted  a LIVE radio show that went out to the world once a week via our hostess with the mostest, Karen with United We Strike Radio in conjunction with Detlev in Switzerland at Wake News , Rick in the UK with IC Radio Network and Dave and JP in Scottland with Wolf Spirit.

Sharlene Holt (r) Musicians for Freedom
Sharlene Holt (r) Musicians for Freedom

We are takin’ an extended break through 2013 to revamp the show, the project, my life, etc.,  and get more organized. We’ll be back soon, hopefully. But don’t count on it! Perhaps in September….I’m not crazy about Sundays, in general. I’d prefer to pick a weekday. I’ll be consulting with Dave at Wolf Spirit one of these days to figure it out.

Mac got rid of  the dropbox. Give me a bit of time, and I’ll figure out what else to do. Here’s the combined chat room. Here’s the United We Strike themesong, courtesy of my good friend and contributor, Tommy Truther:

We are always lookin’ for musicians (call me at 720.298.1524) and producers, too, especially in the states. Below, please find old info. I can’t promise that any of these links work anymore! Here’s the March 18th show with Barry Donegan, with the band, Look What I Did, courtesy of our producer, Detlev:

We took a break for December; we  returned mid-January! Here’s a description for the full two-hour show, January 22, 2012. You can download it here. Here’s the archives for the UWS marathon January 15 from Wolf Spirit. Here’s the archives for the UWS marathon February 15 at UWS.

We recorded the show live from 11 AM until 1 PM, mountain time. Then, the producers rebroadcast it from time to time during the same day or the following week. Eventually, we often made videos out of the streams like the ones at the bottom of this post. Thanks for tunin’ in!

Musicians 4 Freedom Archive

Here’s the old information: If you live nearby, you can come to the studio in Colorado to perform live. If you don’t live nearby, you can perform live in your home studio and/or join us via Skype (or sometimes by phone). Please complete the following steps:

1. Send an email to JP at with the mp3s you’d like to play on the show attached. Also, you can upload the mp3s into this drop box if you’d like to donate them to play on our associated freedom-oriented radio shows. Make yourself a folder.

2. To join us on air, we need your skype information. You can download Skype for free.

3. Open Skype and send a contact request to United We Strike Radio, “uwsradio,”  Karen Quinn-Tostado at “karensqt1,” Sharlene aka VenGeancia is at “sharlenemusiclover.” Send a contact request to JP at Prometheus (JayPee).

4. Finally, send an email to sharlenemusic(at) and let me know what date you would like to join us on the show. Please tell me your name, phone number and Skype contact info. Send me a bio, links, a couple of JPGs, and some MP3s if you want me to put up a post on M4F.

5. Please DONATE to Musicians 4 Freedom! Thanks for your generosity!

Wake News Archive

United We Strike Archive

Please text me when you send me important email. My inbox is out of control. Don’t hesitate to call me. 720.298.1524. Rock on!

You can listen to United We Strike radio by clicking the banner, below. Thanks! Peace, Sharlene aka Ven Geancia