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Here’s some old information: 2012 finds us working hard on a few projects. I attended Wayne Walton’s Rocky Mountain Peace Unity and Freedom Festival, here in Breckinridge. I’ve taken a break from the radio show weekly with United We Strike. I hope to start that back up very soon. I’ve been doin’ some writing and making videos, developing the concept of Voodoo Dolls of the Elite, here. Recently, I’ve been working on Stating Your Claim, here.

Sharlene Holt aka VenGeancia
Sharlene Holt aka VenGeancia

I started a new site, Get Out and Stay Out of Jail, which I’m updating as my lawful projects challenging the corporate govt. minions progress. There are letters to write. There are people to consult. It’s a process. I got a domain, The Seventh Amendment Center. I’m hoping to find time to work on that.

I have a few other domains, too. I’d like to find time to do something with them, too, including Uppity Slaves, Claim Your Home and Land, Freedom Tutoring, Freedom Regalia, etc.

Someday I’ll spend more time on my own site with links to photos, videos, music and activism projects. You can find that, in the works, at Sharlene Holt. I made sites for Voodoo Stingray and Pastor Broden. I did some original research recently and came up with the article, Paul is Dead and So are We: Another Look at Abbey Road, here.

Thanks for your interest! I apologize if you’ve attempted to contact me and I’ve been unresponsive. I’m always lookin’ for musicians, activists, and others to work with and feature on this site. It’s best to contact me by phone at 720.298.1524. Peace, VenGeancia

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