Vengeancia (updated March 5, 2016)  RSS, Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2AA, Part 2B. Who(Hu) is the “defendant?” Who (Hu) is Ben “representing?” Perhaps Ben is being “framed” as if he were a painting, a re-presentation of “Christian Art?” “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev. 13:17.

Investigative Journalist Stacy Lynne in Front of the Larimer County Courthouse
Investigative Journalist Stacy Lynne in Front of the Larimer County Courthouse

Perhaps Ben is being asked to step into a role, to recreate the cosmic drama of “God” and Devil, “Christ” and Antichrist, “True Prophet” and False “Profit?” Read 2 Cor. 11:4. “Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood…” Ezekiel 19:10, “And Ahab spake unto Naboth, saying, Give me thy vineyard, that I may have it for a garden of herbs, because it is near unto my house: and I will give thee for it a better vineyard than it; or, if it seem good to thee, I will give thee the worth of it in money.” 1 Kings 21:2; also, Jer. 32. Don’t Sell Your Vineyard, Mike Hoggard.

Perhaps the so-called “evidence” of Ben’s alleged guilt – an expensive Rolex watch – allegedly “found” in the ashes of the building fire – is just another prop, perhaps even a “forfeiture?” Clearly, you can’t “frame” someone, and expect your audience to “buy” what you are “selling” without props! Read about recent effective use of props at this San Bernadino staged event, video. Is it “real world” or is it an exercise? Is it live or is it Memorex? Great video; lots of great costumes and props, video,videos.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) IMDB7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Roger Rabbit, video. The film is inspired by Who Censored Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf, here. Copyrights, Designs, and Patents Act of 1988, here, here. SSA Handbook, Section 1721, 1923. Activist Glenn Winningham’s BAR Member Affidavit, here.

All the world’s a stage, including the legal system. Who (Hu) owns the rights to Ben’s performance? Who owns the rights to his Avatar “prop?” When Michael Keaton steps into the role of Batman (1989) IMDB, he gets paid by the owners of the Batman franchise, image. When Sam Worthington steps into the role of Jake Sully, he gets paid by the owners of the Avatar franchise. Matt Damon probably earned a few bucks for Elysium (2013) IMDB directed by the most-amazing Neill Blomkamp.

Oh, but not we, the clueless American sheeple! To whom must we pay royalties for the alleged “privilege” and so-called  “benefit” of playing the role of the Devil and “driving” the corporate avatar? “Before a TARDIS becomes fully functional, it must be primed with the biological imprint of a Time Lord, normally done by simply having a Time Lord operate the TARDIS for the first time. This imprint …part of the biological make-up of Time Lords…gives them both a symbiotic link to their TARDISes and the ability to withstand the physical stresses of time travel…” Read more. Captain Nemo, here, here. Nemo, Latin, meaning “no man” or “no one.” Read here. “In the 1800s, an American returns to Japan to find the prostitute he fell in love with, but instead learns of the psychical and existential horror that befell her after he left.” Imprint (2005-) Masters of Horror, IMDB.

According to Stacy, Gilmore filed his opening brief with the Colorado Court of Appeals. New evidence presented at the Community Information meeting, held Dec. 11, 2014, at Old Town Public Library, 201 Peterson St., reveals to the public previously unheard evidence as well as official court transcripts, ATF investigation reports and Fort Collins Police investigation reports.

Gerardo Giovani "Clutter" Salazar Confessed to Committing the Arson
Gerardo Giovani “Clutter” Salazar Confessed to Committing the Arson

Lawyer Gary Fielder, who is assisting Gilmore on appeal, also attended the meeting and posed provocative questions to the audience. Burning the Beekeeper: The Benjamin David Gilmore Story, reveals evidence, from two separate trials, that prove Gilmore’s innocence in the fire. The documentary points to buried evidence that incriminates two other men, Gerardo Giovanni ‘Clutter’ Salazar, allegedly, white, born 1987, and Gerald Wayne Carter, allegedly, not of Hispanic origin, born 1968, who were the first suspects questioned. For unknown reasons, these men were dismissed by the Fort Collins Police Department. Allegedly, investigators put Salazar on a bus to Oregon where he died mysteriously before the trial. Read more.

Here’s the film from Stacy and Law, video. According to this article by We are Change Colorado activist, Bruce Baumann, witnesses testified under oath that suspect Gerardo ‘Clutter’ Salazar admitted to setting the fire.  Incredibly, in an unfathomable move of incompetence, investigators sent Salazar’s clothes for evaluation by experts in California, and then told them NOT to investigate! Investigators told the experts to return the clothes untested! Bruce says, “It gets worse… As the fire raged, the first witness on the scene was Gerald Carter, who was told to… leave the scene. Investigators cleared him as a suspect without any interviews and went as far as deleting him from their criminal database!”

“They failed to address that Gerardo ‘Clutter’ Salazar worked for Gilmore at the family’s successful local business, Copoco’s Honey and that he also had access to Gilmore’s house.” Burning the Beekeeper

The police report shows that Salazar admitted he joked to witnesses about throwing Molotov cocktails at the building! Nevertheless, the Fort Collins police let him go without any other interviews or surveillance. At one point, Ben Gilmore was ignored by prison staff. He had to be rushed to the hospital. Here’s a video. The similarities between the two cases – Ben Gilmore and Tim Masters – include Fort Collins’ investigators reliance on a few pieces of circumstantial indirect so-called “evidence”and the exclusion of many significant items of direct evidence.

The "Clutter" Interview is Investigated by Stacy Lynne and Law Johnson
The “Clutter” Interview

“Prosecutors also failed to address the fact that homeless people were staying on the third floor of the apartment building that was under construction; those homeless men were reportedly using Sterno cans as a heat source. Why would Police want to prosecute Benjamin Gilmore? Gilmore was looked up to by the community for his beekeeping skills.  He was also a vocal and inspiring member of the beginning stages of Fort Collins’ Occupy Wall Street movement…” Read more. Watch the documentary film, video.

Ben’s honey and bee products are featured at Real Time Farms. Call 970.493.2923 to get started beekeeping. Fort Collins Honey. Law Johnston also created The Stacy Lynn Story, video, to document the turbulent last few years of Stacy Lynne’s life. Stacy’s success exposing Agenda 21 and I.C.L.E.I. led to the retaliatory taking and loss of custody of her son, Jaden. From Rosa Parks, forced to sit at the back of the bus, to Ben Gilmore, forced into a cold heartless prison without due process, to Stacy Lynn… it’s the story of all of our lives. We are truly our own heroes! Speaking of heroes, videos.

Check out ideas from 74-year-old activist, Bob Schaefer, Tad’s Talkshoe, 12/09/2015. High Frequency Radio, Yusef El; also, Podcasts. Check out this amazing man, let’s hope he’s not in jail…. a falconer and Servant King, videos. Haslem v. Lockwood (1871), “Newt is New World Order,” video. Carpenter v. Longan (1872).  Also, Benjamin v. Lindner Aviation (1995). What is Bifurcation? Find more at USA vs. US.

“C’mon buddy… After a long day of Turing tests, you gotta unwind.” Ex Machine (2015) quotes, video. “Ava” is a little like “Ava-tar”, in Ex Machina (2015) review. Curtain’s up! Failure to “appear?” It’s so dishonorable! Courts are instructed to consider if the “defendant” may be “detained elsewhere.” Or if he or she was victim to an “An act of God; an act of the government of the United States, of any state or by sentence of law.” Bail Forfeiture Procedures, here. Loading and Discharging Cargo Vessels, hereDeposit of Goods in Warehouses, 42 U.S. Code § 90.

“There is a trinity of evil. Everything within the Occult is a mirror image of the Christian faith. There is Satan… the Antichrist… the False Prophet.” Dr. Stan Monteith

Find this quote at 01:11:39, The Forbidden Secret with Dr. Stan Monteith (2007) RIP, video. Abel Danger, videos. Captain Koons: “…your granddad asked a gunner on an Air Force transport…a man he had never met before in his life, to deliver to his infant son, who he’d never seen in the flesh, his gold watch…And now…I give the watch to you…” monologue, video. “Where’s my watch?” Bruce Willis asks as he goes a little crazy in Pulp Fiction (1994), IMDB, script. “…that was my father’s fuckin’ watch. Do you have any idea what he had to go through to get me that watch…Now all this other shit, you could’ve set on fire, but I specifically reminded you not to forget the fuckin’ watch…” video. Find more, quote. Check out Mark 8:36.

Ben Gilmore, Activist
Ben Gilmore, Activist

“The system is completely broken when you are worth more to the bankers as a ‘dead commodity’ than a ‘working slave.'” Frank O’Collins, here; video. Where, when, how and why do we consent to this 24/7 invasion and theft of our own personal lives? What is a “natural born Citizen?” The meaning of that term must be found by resort to the “common law.” There is a difference between a “Fourteenth Amendment citizen” and an Article II “natural born Citizen.” Read more, Mario Apuzzo; also, Minor v. Happersett (1874); United States v. Wong Kim Ark (1898).

Here’s Ben Gilmore, in the character of the “defendant”, making a few comments at his “sentencing”, video. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7. In an update for We are Change Colorado, Stacy writes, “After Ben was sentenced in December, I began to research more deeply into his case and other similar wrongful convictions…People ask me why I make public stands against injustices.  That is a question that still catches me off-guard because it just seems like a natural thing to do.  We all know that standing up against powerful systems and powerful people makes one vulnerable to all kinds of retaliation…

“I don’t know of any other way to live besides uncompromising adherence to truth and justice.” October 2, 2014, Stacy Lynn

An avid music, film and art lover, Ben often invokes descriptions from films such as Big Daddy (1999) IMDB starring Adam Sandler. I can relate! I do the same thing! If it’s a crime to use your right brain, then I’m guilty! If it’s a crime to respect our beautiful God-created natural world, then I’m guilty! In common law, to convict a man or woman of wrong doing, a criminal prosecutor must show beyond any reasonable doubt that the suspect actively and knowingly participated in a crime that harmed another person and/or their property. This is called the Mens Rea. Moreover, a court of record must be conducted in accordance with all of the rules of the supreme law of the land, the Constitution for the United States of America. Read more. Check out Thomas Anderson’s Classified, Book 1, (2010), PDF, playlist. What is Standing? Read here, here, here, here. Check out Laws of the Land, here. Read more, Marc Stevens.

The Island (2005)
The Island (2005)

My brother’s keeper, here. Obama’s program. Have you seen Pandorum (2009) IMDB? Perhaps Ben Gilmore is a little like Jerry Shaw, “a hapless nobody caught up in the cogs of domestic intrigue. He has just returned home… after his brother’s funeral, and stops at an ATM where he discovers his normally empty bank account now contains $750,000….” Eagle Eye (2008) IMDB.

Perhaps Ben Gilmore is a little like Nicholas Van Orton. When his estranged brother Conrad presents him with an odd gift — participation in a personalized, real-life game — Nicholas reluctantly accepts. “Initially harmless, the game grows increasingly personal, and Orton begins to fear for his life as he eludes agents from the mysterious game’s organizers. With no one left to trust and his money gone, Orton must find answers for himself.” The Game (1997) IMDB.

MENS REA: “Latin for guilty mind; guilty knowledge or intention to commit a prohibited act.” Read here.

Or perhaps, Ben Gilmore is a  little like Jake Sully, “‘Your brother represented a significant investment. We’d like to talk to you about taking over his contract. And since your genome is identical to his, you could step into his shoes…so to speak.” The Attendant closes the box and seals it with a tape dispenser, as if it’s a package for shipping. Avatar (2009) IMDB, script.

Avatar (2009) Directed by James Cameron
Avatar (2009) Directed by James Cameron

Tom is the late twin brother of Jake Sully, and is supposed to participate in the Avatar Program on Pandora. Like Hiram Abiif,  Jake’s brother, Tom, is robbed and murdered by a thief. Parallels between Hiram Abiif and Jesus Christ, here. The Story of Hiram Abiif, here; Masonry.  Also, here. Read here, here. Jake Sully on the Cross, image. Compare John 1:14; also, check out Pastor Mike Online, Enduring Truth, video.

Hmmm… sounds familiar. “Your clothes, give them to me.” Arnie, The Terminator (1984), video. “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.” Arnie, Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), video. Tom is witnessed being covered with plastic inside a cardboard box before being cremated in Municipal Crematorium. Jake has identical DNA to Tom and is therefore able to drive Tom’s Avatar. What’s a Chorion? “On Pandora, recently deceased Na’vi are dissected” and studied. Read more.

“God is not going to let you sit there like a coward….” Alex Jones, Infowars

Alex Jones Interviews Pastor Stephen Anderson, video. “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Gen. 5: 2. Perhaps, male and phi-male? Could a “wo-man” aka “Woe” man be a “Body” or Avatar? Read this commentary on Matt. 18:7. Like Jake Sully, Greek god Hephaestus was crippled. Read here, here. Some folks find Christian themes in James Cameron’s Avatar, here. Also, here. Others think it is Satanic, Pastor Mark Driscoll, video. Avatar is Satanic, video.

SENTENCE: “…doctrine, authoritative teaching; an authoritative pronouncement..way of thinking, opinion; judgment, decision…a thought expressed; aphorism, saying..’be of opinion, feel, perceive’…judgment rendered by God, or by one in authority; a verdict, decision in court…understanding, wisdom; edifying subject matter….subject matter or content of a letter, book, speech, etc…grammatically complete statement…meaning expressed in words….to pass judgement…” Read more.

What is Sense? Check out the show, Sense8, IMDB. The Name is The Mark Of The Beast, The Strawman Identifying Your Slave Status In The System, Arthur Cristian. Dan, the Christian Man, video; Christian Remedy in Law, videos. Who are the Isis/Ra/Elites? Read here. “Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also…” Romans 3:29.

An ATF Agent "Finds" Ben's Watch in the Ashes
ATF Agent “Finds” Ben Gilmore’s Expensive Rolex Watch in the Ashes

Stacy writes, “On Nov. 1, 2011, an undercover agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms attended the Fort Collins City Council Meeting… Special Agent Mark Feltz…went to the council meeting with people who had been attending Occupy Fort Collins protests. The group was at the City Council meeting to ask city officials for permission to continue its protest on the corner of College Avenue and Maple Street….”

ATF initiates investigations and assists in state and local bomb and arson investigations “by virtue of its statutory authority under” Title XI of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, here, here, here, here.

According to William “Bill” Cooper, “Investigation of the alleged Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has disclosed a broad, premeditated conspiracy to defraud the Citizens of the United States of America. Examination of the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Statutes at Large, Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and Internal Revenue manuals too numerous to list, reveals a crime of such magnitude that words cannot adequately describe the betrayal of the American people.

“What we uncovered has clearly been designed to circumvent the limitations of the Constitution for the United States of America and to implement the Communist Manifesto within the 50 States. Marx and Engels claimed that, in the effort to create a classless society, a “graduated income tax” could be used as a weapon to destroy the middle class…Through the clever use of language, the government promotes the fraud.” Read more, Supreme Law Library, here. The Morning Show with Yusef El- Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, listen to the broadcast. Here’s a PDF.

“We love the arts….we just don’t like Satan.” Pastor Mark Driscoll

“…if a sojourner or stranger wax rich by thee, and thy brother that dwelleth by him wax poor, and sell himself unto the stranger or sojourner by thee, or to the stock of the stranger’s family: after that he is sold he may be redeemed again; one of his brethren may redeem him: either his uncle, or his uncle’s son, may redeem him, or any that is nigh of kin unto him of his family may redeem him; or if he be able, he may redeem himself..” Read more, Lev. 25. Read more. Also, here. Clarence Larkin charts. Read Rev. 2:17

Meanwhile, back on Pandora… Avatar means “dreamwalker.” Also, here. “The cloned avatar has the body structure and physiology of a Pandoran native…Human volunteers are paired with avatars, which are artificially created human/Na’vi hybrids…While the human controller remains in a sleep-like state in a psionic link unit, his or her personality inhabits and completely controls a custom-made Na’vi body.

“The link is total; the human believes he is actually inhabiting the Na’vi body, with all senses, reflexes and bodily functions fully operational…the Avatar Program has moved from being a poorly-defined xenobiological experiment controlled by Earth-based bureaucrats, ivory-tower academics and populist politicians to become a tightly-managed engineering project…” Read more, James Cameron. Here’s a great commentary on hybridization. Also, here. The Military Industrial Complex, video. Al Adask has a popular essay on the topic of the infant decedent.

Avatar (2009) - Shipping Carton Jake's Brother Tommy
Avatar (2009) – Shipping Carton Contains Jake’s Brother Tommy

Who(Hu) wakes up in the Avatar at the end of the film? We presume it’s Jake. However, like the phoenix rising from Tom’s ashes, could it be Satan himself? Find more. Tom is mugged and murdered; therefore, we assume he dies without a will. Arguments for the Existence of the Soul, video. 10 Things People Think About Mary That Are Wrong, Michael Hoggard, video.

Think of your body as a potential “wife” (phi-male) for your  soul, “husband” (male). When we are born, God matches up our body with our soul. However, since Eve screwed things up in the Garden of Eden, and passed the mistake back to Adam, every “body” is “born in sin.” Jesus gave His blood upon the altar to atone, 1 Cor. 6:20. If we believe it, we are betrothed to Him as His bride. We aren’t married yet… just engaged, 2 Cor. 11:2. Holy matrimony between a man and a woman is a type or picture of this relationship. “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Matt. 19:6.

Ex Machina (2015) by Alex Garland
Ex Machina (2015) by Alex Garland

“The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will….” 1 Cor. 7:39. Is Jesus dead? Well, from what I can figure, the answer is “no.” He was, but he’s not anymore, Heb. 9:16. If we accept this premise, then we aren’t widows, and we and our children are not widow’s sons. “Masonry and its symbols are an enigma, to which no simple answers may suffice.” Mystery of the Widow’s Son – The Legend of the Craft, video.

Jake has a choice. He doesn’t have to sign and agree to take over Tom’s contract with all the strings attached. Perhaps, as the result of his choice, instead of Jake waking up in the avatar, the Devil wakes up in the Avatar, and Jake wakes up in Hell! Jake’s funeral? Who(Hu)’s birthday? Image. Wrong choice, mission accomplished! “…our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour…” 1 Peter 5:8. Also, check out Surrogates (2009) IMDB from director Jonathan Mostow.

“An event that occurs without human intervention or culpability. It serves as a defense to tort liability….” read about Act of God, here. Learn about Your God-Given Name, Dan the Christian Man, video. Learn about Area 51, Dulce, Pine Gap, here. Check out Deceptive Liberty by Pastor Steven L Anderson, videoHell in the Old Testament, video. The Biggest Lie The Devil Ever Told? (2015) video.  Here’s Pastor Anderson’s Faithful Word Podcasts. Check out Wayne Levi Price, video, playlist, music.

“I realized I can’t call her Eve because it’s too prosaic, too on the nose.” Alex Garland

“Because you didn’t come here to make the choice. You’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it… I thought you would have figured that out by now.” The Matrix Reloaded (2003) IMDB, video. “I have no doubt that Avatar, just like the Harry Potter films, will be used to indoctrinate Public School children with doctrines of devils. Public School teachers across the nation are showing Harry Potter, and…Avatar to the students during class. The Bible and prayer were banned but teachers can introduce demonic movies, Satanic religions and the blatant lie of Evolution during class without opposition. It is evil.” Read here. Numbers and Dimensions, here. Check out Dhushara.

The 6th Day: Adam Gibson with his Clone and Whispercraft™ 'Double X Charter' Helicopter
The 6th Day: Adam Gibson with Clone and ‘Double X Charter’ Helicopter

“Time, it catches up with us all.” Predestination (2014), video. Check out Matt. 18:3-6. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together…” Read more from Ecclesiastes 3.

Here’s the Byrds singing about it, video. “The great L.A. band the Byrds can be (and are) credited with seminal innovations in folk-rock and country-rock, with singer/guitarist/lone constant member Roger (nee Jim) McGuinn’s unmistakable 12-string Rickenbacker chime sharing the spotlight with the band’s commanding vocal harmonies.” Read more at Dangerous Minds.

“Property is also acquired by inheritance, by gift or by purchase. Property is sometimes held in common, yet each man’s right to his share in common land or stock is exclusively his own. One man may have the property of the soil,and another the right of use, by prescription or by purchase.” Read here. “Having both coincidentally cheated death on the same day, estranged twins reunite with the possibility of mending their relationship.” The Skeleton Twins, (2014) IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes.

Jake Steps Into His Brother's Shoes....So to Speak
Jake Steps Into His Brother’s Shoes….So to Speak

Perhaps Ben Gilmore is a little like Adam Gibson, who returns home to find a clone of himself with his family. Before he has chance to find out the truth, he is attacked by a group who want him dead. The 6th Day (2000), IMDB. Or, perhaps Ben Gilmore is a little like Tom Lincoln, “No, don’t shoot! He’s my clone! …Shut up! I own you…” The Island (2005) IMDB, script, video, review.

“Its purpose was to return to the deceased the use of his organs in the Afterlife. He had to be able to feed himself, recite magical spells, give commands and see.” Egyptian ceremony, Opening of the Mouth, here, here. “But Golem, and the Evil One, crept up and slipped away with Her.” Led Zeppelin, site, read here. “Twin gynecologists take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell them apart, until their relationship begins to deteriorate over a woman.” Dead Ringers (1988) IMDB. The Vigilant Christian, videos.

“My daddy is sleepin’ and mama ain’t around…we’re gonna twist ’til we tear the house down!” Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker? As in, black and white checkerboard? Watch the video. Masonic checkerboards here, here, here. “The Masons have better legends than the rest of us. It’s not just that no one has accused most of us of secretly ruling the world for centuries. It’s that even their offhanded anecdotes have a certain mysterious … something about them.” Read here. Also, here, here. Does “G” stand for Gentes or Gens?

Masonic Lodge in Nashville Tennessee Features a Stage, Red and Black, and Checkerboard
Masonic Lodge, Nashville, Features Stage, Red and Black, Checkerboard

“I happen to know there’s a little Lebowski on the way…that’s how the whole darn human comedy keeps perpetuating itself down through the generations.” The Big Lebowski (1998), hereThe Dude Abides, video.

Check out 2 Cor. 4:7-10. An unlikely messiah: “I will put my body on the altar of liberty again and again and again….” The Hacker Wars (2012), Andrew Auernheimer, here, here. Truth in Genesis, videos. Did you know, children in Indonesia are working in dangerous mines to collect materials used in our trendy gadgets? Read here. Do the twist? Check out the Mobius Strip; find more at Crop Circle Connector.

Disqualification of Justice, Judge, or Magistrate Judge, 28 U.S.C. 455. Jurisdiction, Powers, and Temporary Assignment, 28 U.S.C. 636. PL 851 (H J Res 396) – Establish a national motto of the United States, “In God We Trust,” here, here. Check out this classic, video, from legendary director Martin Scorsese, Cape Fear (1991), Movie Sounds. Also, script, script. “…his mother died while he was serving and the farm got sold off. He got the proceeds…” image.

“There shall be purchased or erected, under the orders of the President, suitable warehouses, with wharves and inclosures, where merchandise may be unladen and deposited, from any vessel which shall be subject to a quarantine, or other restraint, pursuant to the health laws of any State, at such convenient places therein as the safety of the public revenue and the observance of such health laws may require.” Read more, 42 U.S.C. Chapter 2.

Admiralty Law Revealed, Cape Fear (1999): Receipt, Payment Made by "Dock Side" Apartments. "His mother died while he was serving and the farm got sold off. He got the proceeds."
Admiralty Law, Cape Fear (1999): Payment Made by “Dock Side” Apartments.

DOCKYARD: “(Military) a naval establishment with docks, workshops, etc, for the building, fitting out, and repair of vessels.” Read here.

How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful: Noam Chomsky & Glenn Greenwald, video. “I can feel the hand of a stranger, And it’s tightening ’round my throat…” I’m Your Captain/Closer to Home, lyrics. Ride Captain Ride, lyrics. “I’ve got a jar of dirt,” Jack Sparrow, image, image. Repatriation is Transporting a seaman from a foreign port back to the port where he or she signed on as part of the vessel’s crew,” Glossary, Marine Insurance and Shipping, here. What is an “American citizen?” Listen here, TC-89643. Check out Urtetiqui v. D’Arcy (1835).  Is the Earth flat? Here’s videos.

Admiralty law is also known as “Mary” time law. She’s the Virgin of the Navigators.

A Brief History of the Mason-Dixon Line, here. “To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever…and to exercise like authority over all places purchased…for the erection of …dock-yards, and other needful buildings.” Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, here, hereProcedural Due Process, here. Is there such a thing as deprivation of due process for the Devil? “Immunity…depended on the…use of the property.” United States v. Arlington (1982). Haunted Locations in the District of Columbia, here. What is a Trial in Absentia? Also, Joinder of Parties. Find more at Patriot Network.

National Geographic, December 2015: Mary The Most Powerful Woman in the World
Mary, The Most Powerful Woman in the World

“And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.” Revelation, Chap. 17.

“It is a distinct body of law that governs maritime questions and offenses. It is a body of both domestic law governing maritime activities, and private international law governing the relationships between private entities that operate vessels on the oceans.” Nordic Shipping Company, here.

Life imitates art? Our American Cousin here, here, here, here, is best remembered as the play U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was attending in Ford’s Theatre when he was assassinated by actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865. Richard Coyle, agent of the estate, meets with Sir Edward Trenchard…the family faces bankruptcy unless they can repay a debt to Coyle, who is “concealing the evidence that the loan had been repaid long ago by Sir Edward’s late father.” Read here.

STATUE: “…graven image…representation in metal…to cause to stand, set up…a standing, position…status.” Read here. Statute = Statue plus “T”. “Just tea for two…” lyrics. “Clean a ship’s bottom by burning off the accretions and then tarring it…A place where a broken piece of machinery or other discarded object lies…” what is grave? Read here.

Supposedly, the name “Uncle Sam,” referring to the government of the United States of America, comes from its two initial letters, “U” and “S”. But, it really has a much, much deeper meaning. “Sam” is also the name of Elsa’s (Esau’s) ministering angel, who also just happens to be the Angel of Death and the Yetzer Hara, or “Evil Inclination.” Read more. “War is indeed Hell. It is the domain of Samael…self-proclaimed deity of the descendants of their father Esau/Edom. Those who follow Samael declare themselves to be the ‘Chosen Race’… their Rabbis teach that all non-Edomites are sub-human animals called Goy, or Gentiles.” Read more about Uncle Samael.

Aaron Russo with Nick Rockefeller
Aaron Russo with Nick Rockefeller

“It will always be all about you!” Korean TV Commercial Shows Lucifer Coming to Earth. Round SaturnsEye, video. More videos. The Scariest Movie Ever, videos. Nobody Died at Sandy Hook by James Fetzer, PDF. You would be surprised what you can learn about law and criminal justice from studying film, music, and art.

The late filmmaker Aaron Russo explains in this Alex Jones’ video, privileged Hollywood insiders embed all kinds of tasty tidbits in their plots to reveal to we, the clueless sheeple, details not readily obtained in a law library. “There is no spoon.” video. David Icke, videos. Robotic Software People, Exposing the Dreamworld We Believe to Be Real, video, video; You are Dreaming, Ian Wilson.

“Trouble is, poisoning a dog is just a fine…They got so many ways on the books to lean on an undesirable. He’ll feel about as welcome around here as a case of yellow fever….At the very least, we nail him for the dog.” Cape Fear

Nick Rockefeller told Russo years before 9/11 that Americans would see soldiers looking in caves for alleged terrorists and that there would be an “endless war…where there’s no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax.” Russo revealed that Rockefeller was cynically laughing and joking as he made the astounding prediction. In his final message to the American people, Russo advises us not to cooperate with the government, video.

Sam Bowden: No, uh…we didn’t let the dog out.

Lt. Elgart: Cady came  into your house? That’s illegal entry with intent!

Sam Bowden: No, no, no. But he didn’t come into the house… I don’t know exactly  how he did it, I just know that he did it.

Lt. Elgart: That’s not good enough, Mr. Bowden. You’re a lawyer. You damn-well know that!

Later, while Sam is feeling guilty, wondering why Cady is coming after him, he admits to an investigator, “Tom, years ago… in this case, I had a report on a victim. It was a rape case…aggravated sexual battery…it came back that she was promiscuous. And… I buried it…but I don’t see how he could know that. He was illiterate.” Read more about the film, Cape Fear, script. Check out your right to effective assistance of counsel, here. Finally Home Rescue, here. Known Person, here. Randy Rosado, here.

Selfless (2015)
Self/less (2015)

While our real lives proceed in a linear way, the medium of narrative allows for all kinds of twisted, intertwined timelines and plot twists, with the same actor performing multiple characters, or different actors playing the same character at different stages of his or her life. I also liked Self/less (2015) IMDB, review, review.

The American sheeple can be persuaded to believe just about anything these days! How about, a statue of the Virgin Mary cries tears of blood? What is a prosecutor? A prosecutor is a magician. He or she combines bad science with good storytelling and fits paltry alleged “facts”, actually mere presumptions, PDF, to a grand narrative arc, The Great Work, in order to induce a group of typically gullible, ignorant men and women to commit fraud upon the court and treason, PDF. Read here. Find more at The Cutting Edge Ministries, here. Could it be, the Arc of the Covenant, is a narrative arc, as in history= his-story, and scripture = script-ture?

“A true narrative arc sweeps forward across time, pushing ahead with constant motion. It looks like a wave about to break, a pregnant package of stored energy.” Jack Hart

Simply Scripts, here. William Cooper reads an excerpt of America’s Assignment with Destiny by Manly P. Hall, video. Building the New Temple: Adam, Version 2.0, Pastor Mike Hoggard. Whatever happened to the full faith and credit of the American people? Apparently, it’s being squandered by spendthrift politicians, bureaucrats, and attorneys who transport everyone without our knowledge and/or consent at birth into their corporate jurisdiction. Spurred on by what Paul Craig Roberts calls America’s greatest affliction, the “presstitute” media, it’s a prosecutor’s job to plant a tiny little seed of doubt and make it grow into fullblown suspension of disbelief. Along the way, any resemblance to the Truth is purely coincidental! Read here, here.


Unfortunately, attempting to educate ignorant juries can also get you thrown into jail. David Lane recently assisted the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) and co-plaintiffs Eric Verlo and Janet Matzen of Occupy Denver in filing a motion for preliminary injunction to prevent harrassment by Denver cops after juror rights educators Mark Iannicelli and Eric Brandt were arrested and charged with seven felony counts each of jury tampering for sharing jury nullification information. Read here.

Fort Collins and Larimer County paid $10 million dollars to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit out of court with Tim Masters, more.  Check out Drawn to Injustice: The Wrongful Conviction of Timothy Masters, GoodReads. Key questions lingered in the case, 12/18/11, here. 11/24/12, more. After maintaining his innocence in the killing of Peggy Hettrick and losing two separate appeals in 1999 and 2002, Masters’ was finally granted hearings for a new trial, his conviction was overturned and prosecutors dropped the murder charge against him.

INFORMATION: “In practice. An accusation exhibited against a person for some criminal offense, without an indictment… An accusation in the nature of an indictment, from which it differs only in being presented by a competent public officer on his oath of office, instead of a grand jury on their oath.” Black’s Law, 2nd Ed.

“Plainly a community may not suppress, or the state tax, the dissemination of views because they are unpopular, annoying or distasteful. If that device were ever sanctioned, there would have been forged a ready instrument for the suppression of the faith which any minority cherishes but which does not happen to be in favor. That would be a complete repudiation of the philosophy of the Bill of Rights.” Murdock v. Pennsylvania (1943).

Terminator Genisys Handshake Between Natural and Artificial Persons
Terminator Genisys: Handshake Between Natural and Artificial Persons

Why was Ben asking permission to stand on a corner? Why are we, the bosses of our so-called “public servants,” asking permission to speak freely on our own public streets? What about the 1st Amendment! It makes no sense to me at all! By the way, Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years, here.

Stacy continues….”Two days after that council meeting, Benjamin David Gilmore was arrested for the crime of arson at Mason Street Flats and Penny Flats. The 2012 trial of Gilmore resulted in a hung jury. He was re-tried and convicted of arson in 2013, and then sentenced to eight years in prison.” Read more.

Same shit, different day
Same shit, different day

The “Ben Gilmore” fire took place at Mason Flats? As in, Masonic? Speaking of time, Ben’s “avatar” – along with Ben – is warehoused at the Sterling Correctional Facility, here, here. Like so many men and women across this country, rotting in run-for-profit prisons, could Ben be the innocent victim of swarming, predatory politicians, bureaucrats and attorneys attempting to collect on the debt of the bankrupt U.S.? What a scam! Check out Media Conspiracy and Manipulation in the Music and Film Industry, here.

Hopefully, while Ben is struggling to obtain a fair hearing of all of the pertinent real evidence in his case, that would exonerate him, he won’t lose the farm! Here’s a great infochart going around on the internet, which compares modern corporatism to medieval feudalism. Did you know, the run-for-profit U.S. corporate government wants to track men and women’s DNA as if it were a license plate?

“So the angel swung his sickle to the earth and gathered the clusters from the vine of the earth, and threw them into the great wine press of the wrath of God.” Rev. 14:19.

Just as details are emerging about a controversial, nationwide vehicle-surveillance database…the federal government is planning an even more invasive spy program using “physiological signatures” to track down individuals. The goal of this research is to detect – as well as analyze and categorize – unique traits – like a telltale limp – the government can exploit to identify, locate and track specific individuals or groups of people. Read more, Truth Alliance, here. Everyone and their brother? Read here, here.

Are men but wild beasts? Daniel 7, 8, video, video. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast…” Rev. 13:3. We can see in the image (below), a Wal-Mart surveillance camera tracks and captures the footage of Ben Gilmore as he walks through their store as if he’s some kind of wild animal!

Ben Gilmore is Surveilled Without His Knowledge, Arrested and Questioned About the Fort Collins Fire
Ben Gilmore is Surveilled, Arrested and Questioned About the Fort Collins Fire

Like Jake Sully, perhaps, Ben Gilmore is being asked to take over a pre-existing contract, and step into the shoes, “so to speak”, of the Beast of biblical fame? If Barack Obama is telling the truth – that all governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion – then, doesn’t Ben have a choice regarding jurisdiction, venue, etc.? What obligation do the so-called “authorities” – the AUTHORS of this game – have to inform Ben regarding all of his choices? To provide him with full disclosure regarding his choices?

“My parents told me stories about how the world was; what it was like long before I was born; before the war with the machines…” Terminator Genisys (2015). Also, here. Read about the Grandfather Paradox.

“Insurance fraud is a bigger problem in the United States than you might guess. And the people who commit it are increasingly creative. While there are plenty of common scams out there — like pretending you lost an expensive piece of jewelry, then filing a claim — fraudsters also perpetrate scams by, say, staging accidents.” 10 Ways Insurance Adjusters Spot Fraudulent Claims, here.

In the Mouth of Madness: Agent for Sutter Cane
In the Mouth of Madness: Agent for Sutter Cane

Have you seen In the Mouth of Madness (1994) IMDB? Watch the trailer. When horror novelist Sutter Cane goes missing, insurance investigator John Trent scrutinizes the claim made by his publisher, Jackson Harglow, and endeavors to retrieve a yet-to-be-released manuscript and ascertain the writer’s whereabouts. Accompanied by the novelist’s editor, Linda Styles and disturbed by nightmares from reading Cane’s other novels, Trent makes an eerie nighttime trek to a supernatural town in New Hampshire. The Top Ten John Carpenter Movies (So Far) here; The Essentials: 7 Great John Carpenter Movies, here. The Ward (2010) IMDB; also, The Official John Carpenter, here.

“Trent goes to see the In the Mouth of Madness film and discovers that he is the main character in the film….” In the Mouth of Madness by John Carpenter

Trent explains, “l was an insurance investigator, freelance. Checked out funny claims, frauds…the usual kind of thing.” Later, while investigating a claim related to a building that burns down, Trent says to the building owner, “l just have a few final questions about the fire.” Read the script, Drew’s. Speaking of fires allegedly causing buildings to fall at near-freefall speed, Silverstein Loses Battle Over 9/11 Payouts, here. Learn more, AE911Truth.

“Thérion”, θηρίον, ου, τό, #2342. θήρα, ας, ἡ, “Thera” means “hunting, entrapping; prey, game; a net, means of capture.”#2339. Footage? What’s a Guthrie Test? How will future prosecutors mark their prey? Check out Nanomanipulation, here, here. By the way check out Predator (1987) IMDB, The Net (1995) IMDB, Good Will Hunting (1997), here, here.

Wal-Mart "Tracks" and "Captures" "Footage" of Ben Gilmore as if He's a Wild Animal
Wal-Mart “Tracks”, “Captures” “Footage” of Ben Gilmore

“The Devil, day and night, accuses us before God….but if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ… If you go to court, the accuser would be called the prosecutor…Our advocate, Jesus, says, ‘Your honor….these crimes have already been punished….I’ve already paid the price.'” Pastor Steven Anderson’s War with the Saints, video; also here, here.

Post-Trib Pre-Wrath Baptist Churches, listing. Romans 10:9. The Bible is Public Law 97-280 Oct. 4, 1982; 96 Stat. 1211, PDF. Check out The James Madison Research Library, here. “…the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create…This was not intended by the American people.” Crandall v. State of Nevada (1867).

Arnie reminds us in Genisys: I cannot kill Sarah Connor. Read here, here, here, here, here. Natural Person and Artificial Person, handshake. Conspiracy to destroy vessels, 18 U.S.C. 2271 2272, here. “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28.

Thank you for your interest, just throw money!! This article is a work of art, perpetually in progress. All common law rights reserved expressly to me, myself, and Irene (just kidding), upside down and backwards, without recourse to anyone existing or fictional, and any resemblance to anyone existing or fictional is purely coincidental and accidental. Oh yeah….”G!”  RSS, Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2AA, Part 2B.