Vengeancia (updated 9/13/14) Here’s a recent article about 9/11 and false flags, Never Forget 9/11.

Grotius, father of "prize law."
Grotius, father of “prize law.”

Prize law is asserted in connection with belligerent rights during time of war. The doctrine of prize law focuses on balancing the right of neutral nations and neutral nationals …to conduct international trade with the right of belligerent warships to interdict and capture shipping, including both vessels and cargo, in the service of the enemy or aiding the enemy…” Read more.

“…There is his duty to prosecute the war to the uttermost against the Enemy and the aiders and abettors of the Enemy: there is his interest too to secure a valuable prize under his eye and within his grasp. On the other hand there is the risk of a mistake.” A Manual of Naval Prize Law, read more. Also, Sovereign Defaults Before International Courts and Tribunals, here.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: “a ‘Certificate of Title’ to the U.S. citizen, just like you get for your car. Legally, you don’t own the fictional U.S. citizen, and legally you don’t own your car…. “They” are claiming this property as theirs by presumption. And it is, until you rebut this presumption..” “…you do not ‘pay’ the debt, you just ‘discharge’ it to someone else, by giving him Federal Reserve promissory notes (FRN’s).” Read more at USA The Republic.

“In respect of estate matters, a child en ventre sa mere is ‘born’ and ‘alive’ for all purposes for his benefit…” Read more. Read definition of “alive” from Black’s Law, here. What’s the difference between an Affidavit and a Declaration? Read here.

War child Bou Bou Phonesavanh
War child Bou Bou Phonesavanh

“’Bou Bou’ is a reference to the victim of a harrowing recent incident during which a SWAT team member threw a flashbang grenade into the toddler’s crib while conducting an armed raid on a house just outside of Atlanta. 2-year-old Bounkham ‘Bou Bou’ Phonesavanh was severely injured by the blast and remains in critical condition with possible brain damage….” Read more.

“After our house burned down in Wisconsin a few months ago, my husband and I packed our four young kids and all our belongings into a gold minivan and drove to my sister-in-law’s place, just outside of Atlanta. On the back windshield, we pasted six stick figures: a dad, a mom, three young girls, and one baby boy.

“That minivan was sitting in the front driveway of my sister-in-law’s place the night a SWAT team broke in, looking for a small amount of drugs they thought my husband’s nephew had. Some of my kids’ toys were in the front yard, but the officers claimed they had no way of knowing children might be present. Our whole family was sleeping in the same room, one bed for us, one for the girls, and a crib. After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.” Read more.

Perfecting a security interest, read here. “Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b), a secured party may perfect a security interest in negotiable documents, goods, instruments, money, or tangible chattel paper by taking possession of the collateral.” Read more.

“An action must be prosecuted in the name of the real party in interest. The following may sue in their own names without joining the person for whose benefit the action is brought:an executor; an administrator, etc.” Read more.

Bruce Willis Secret Agent Man
Bruce Willis Secret Agent Man

What is a Registered Agent? Learn more about the Birth Certificate entity, the U.S. citizen aka U.S. Person at Not a Citizen, Talkshoe. Kentucky Rev. Statute 14A, here. Check out Federal Jurisdiction, Part 1, video. UCC Article 9, here. Business FAQs Colorado SOS, here. What is a “public organic record?

“A court may sua sponte enter a motion to dismiss for want of jurisdiction even though both parties have agreed to appear in the court.” What does Sua Sponte mean? Read here and here. Legalese Glossary. “A bankruptcy estate is similar to a probate estate when someone dies. It is no coincidence that they are both referred to as an estate.” Bankruptcy Primer for Creditors, here.

CARPE DIEM “Carpe is the second-person singular present active imperative of carpō, “pick or pluck,” used by Ovid to mean “enjoy, seize, use, make use of.” Read more. Yvoire Cadran Solaire, images search. Check out this sundial artwork. Seize the Carp!

“A rule bound head butler’s world of manners and decorum in the household he maintains is tested by the arrival of a housekeeper who falls in love with him in post-WWI Britain. The possibility of romance and his master’s cultivation of ties with the Nazi cause challenge his carefully maintained veneer of servitude.” The Remains of the Day (1993), IMDB.

REMNANT: Synonyms include remains, heel, vestige…read more. Read more.

RELIC: “body part or other object from a holy person…” “to leave” … token, memento, trophy, remembrance, Read more.

“And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me…” Luke 22:19

Remains (2011)
Remains (2011)

“On the day of the celebration of worldwide peace…people are turned into zombies…..a small and desperate group of uninfected human survivors take refuge…Meanwhile, the undead outside become smarter, stronger, and more aggressive with each passing day.” Check out the film, Remains (2011)

“While the charitable remainder trust is an irrevocable trust, the donor under certain conditions can be the trustee as well as the beneficiary of the charitable remainder trust.” Read more. Read here. What is ignorance? What is capital stock? What are pillory stocks? What is abandonment? What is mansion? What is remain?

Also, check out Featured Activist Adam Kokesh’s new book, Freedom. Check out Global Freedom Summit 2014 with “No. 9 patriot movement leader” and Featured Activist Gary Franchi. Here’s news for February – June Part 1. “On the June 10 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Jones continues breaking down the Las Vegas shooting…” Read more at Infowars Also, check out Rense.

I just finished up a class on the film director, Quentin Tarantino. My takeaway after studying Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds, and Django Unchained is, Tarantino uses a lot of subtle biblical allegory. An allegorical interpretation… is a reading of the biblical Genesis that treats elements of the narrative as symbols or types. More below. First….Jan Hammer’s Crockett’s Theme.

Oh yeah, speaking of Pulp Fiction (1994), where did QT get the name for Butch’s taxi cab driver? Check out Esmerelda (1915).

“Watch Tower Society publications teach that the Witnesses’ refusal of transfusions of whole blood or its four primary components—red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma—is a non-negotiable religious stand and that those who respect life as a gift from God do not try to sustain life by taking in blood,even in an emergency…” Read more. Secrets of Kabbalah, video. Here’s some great info. about Nikola Tesla, video.

Some folks are not too keen on getting blood transfusions.
Some folks are not too keen on getting blood transfusions.

“And whatsoever man there be of the house of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among you, that eateth any manner of blood; I will even set my face against that soul that eateth blood, and will cut him off from among his people. For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls.” Leviticus 17: 10-11

AUTHIGENIC: “late 19th century: from Greek authigenēs ‘born on the spot.” Read more.

ALLOGENIC: “Of a mineral or sediment… transported to its present position from elsewhere.” Read more.

ALLODIUM: “Following the French Revolution (1789) all land became allodial. In England no land is referred to as allodial, but an estate in fee simple corresponds in practice to absolute ownership.” Read more.

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino
Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino

“There’s something perversely appropriate about Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” being released the same year as “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.” Read more. Tarantino and Spielberg: Two Visions of America, here.

Or could there be a third vision of America? Perhaps there are as many “visions of America” as there are people? Are you a pinkish, blackish white man, or a whitish pinkish black man? Are you Mr. Pink? Or Mr. Blonde? Are you 100% Hispanic or are you only fractionally Hispanic,  Indian,  WASP? Who cares?!!! Only eugenicists and racist social workers!!

“Nazi racial theory was based on the notion of racism, in which discrimination or hatred against another racial or ethnic group is condoned. For the Nazis, race was a fixed biological and metaphysical reality; each racial group had its own ‘essence’ that was expressed through the fruits of its particular culture. Racial theorists under the Third Reich subscribed to a number of quasi-scientific theories that justified the regime’s antisemitic and racist polices, particularly social Darwinism and eugenics.”Read more.

Well, as far as the IRS is concerned, DEAD is the “new black.” Wherever you used to read “black,” or “colored person,” just read “decedent.” More detail below. “All in all it was just a brick in the wall….” Pink Floyd.

Speaking of QT, do you recall the ending of Inglorious Basterds? Check it out: “The Foundling is a 1916 silent film directed by John B. O’Brien. The film is a remake of The Foundling and serves as its replacement, as the 1915 Allan Dwan directed version was destroyed in the nitrate fire at Famous Players September 11, 1915…

The Foundling, flim starring mary Pickford
The Foundling, flim starring mary Pickford

“Molly O (Mary Pickford) is a poor little girl whose mother died in childbirth and father David King (Edward Martindel) rejects her. When David departs to Italy to paint his died wife as the Madonna, Molly O is left behind in a cruel orphanage. She is beloved by the other pupils, but becomes enemies with the matron’s niece Jennie (Mildred Morris). As a result, she is shipped off to live with a boardinghouse proprietress (Maggie Weston). She is treated more like a slave than as an adopted daughter and decides to run away.

“Meanwhile, King returned from Italy and is now a wealthy and successful painter. He regrets having left behind his daughter and now longs for her presence. Jennie pretends to be Molly O to make profit of his wealth and is adopted by him. However, Molly O returns as well. Afraid to tell the truth, she serves as his maid.” Read more.

Find out about Lost Films. Hmmm….September 11? Find a grave. Here’s more about Famous Players Film Company at Silent Era. Madonna? Like a Virgin? More below….

Homo Homini Lupus: “Man is a wolf to his fellow man,” search. Read here.

“The new city grows rapidly, swelled by landless refugees; as most of these are male, and unmarried, Romulus arranges the abduction of women from the neighboring Sabines. The ensuing war ends with the joining of Sabines and Romans as one Roman people.” Read more.

The bronze she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus has become the emblem of Rome.
The bronze she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus has become the emblem of Rome.

“Feral children, children who have lived from a young age without human contact, appear in mythological and fictional works, usually as human characters who have been raised by animals…In most tales the child is lost…In some cases they find themselves trapped between worlds, unable to enter entirely into either human or animal society.” Read more. Check out Lions and Tigers and Colonel Selig, here.

Is it the task of the colonized to kill the colonizer and the system of colonialism? Is it the task of the slave to kill the slave master and the system of slavery? Why not just withdraw our consent? Why not stop cooperating in our own enslavement?

Nazi alchemists created charts for mixing and matching their palettes of human flesh.
Nazi alchemists created charts for mixing and matching their palettes of human flesh.

“Quentin Tarantino is on record blaming firearms for recent mass killings in Newtown, Conn., and elsewhere. So it might come as a surprise to him that a pro-gun group is invoking the director’s current film, Django Unchained, in an effort to woo African-Americans to their side in the debate over gun control.” Read more. Was the Boston bombing a false flag attack? Read here.

Maya Angelou was an American icon.   The world-renowned author and poet known for her early autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, passed away yesterday at the age of 86.  But, did you also know that Ms. Angelou was a proud gun owner. That’s right.  She liked having guns around and recalls the time she had to use it in self-defense. – See more at:
The late Maya Angelou is quoted, saying: "I like to have guns around."
The late Maya Angelou is quoted, saying: “I like to have guns around.”

“I believe ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ honors the legacy of Dr. King…I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history.” Larry Ward, What Would Django Do? Read more. Watch the video.

Nat Turner woodcut depicts slaves getting uppity in Virginia.
Nat Turner woodcut depicts slaves getting uppity in Virginia.

“So, let me get this straight. Ward believes that the pacifist Dr. King would agree that there would have been no slavery if we simply armed African slaves? ” Read more. “Maya Angelou was an American icon.   The world-renowned author and poet …passed away …at the age of 86.  But, did you also know that Ms. Angelou was a proud gun owner. That’s right. She liked having guns around…” Read more.

No man can give another his unalienable right, just like no man can give another his or her eye color. All people have the God-given right to self-defense, which our founders recognized in the 2nd Amendment as unalienable, along with LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY. All people have the right to contract, which we do when we exchange our alienable rights for privileges, benefits, and immunities by consent.

“Obviously, the issue is gun control and mental health.” Quentin Tarantino

“John Harris gives us his perspective on what’s going on. He describes how we are economic slaves to a debt dependent system, notably achieved through the deception of the birth certificate and the creation of a legal fiction known as your ‘PERSON’.” Watch this video. More videos.

“The three-fifths ratio originated with a 1783 amendment proposed to the Articles of Confederation.” Read more. The ratio 5:3 is not exactly the Divine Proportion, but is a useful rule of thumb….have you heard of the Fifth Third Bank?

Golden arches? Arc of the covenant?
Golden arches? Arc of the covenant?

“Jesus answered, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.'”John 3:5 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

“A rational number is a number that can be written as a ratio. That means it can be written as a fraction, in which both the numerator (the number on top) and the denominator (the number on the bottom) are whole numbers….All numbers that are not rational are considered irrational. An irrational number can be written as a decimal, but not as a fraction.” Read more.

The Divine Proportion is aka the Golden Ratio. It’s irrational. The ratio, 5:3 equals 1.66666666667.  The ratio 3:5 equals .6. The square root of 5 is an irrational number. Here’s an online square root calculator. “The Old Testament is perfected by the New, and Mother Mary is the perfection of the old Ark of the Covenant.” Is Mary the Arc of the Covenant? Read here. “The disobedience of Adam and Eve brought us into the mess of sin, and it was the obedience of the new Eve (Mary) and the new Adam (Jesus) that brought about redemption and salvation.” Is Mary also perfect?

Check out Debits and Credits, and The Enemies to Each Other by Freemason Rudyard Kipling.

“I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: and he shall go in, and go out, and shall find pastures.” John 10:9

“I don’t want no God on my lawn; Just a flower I can help along, ‘Cause the soul of nobody knows How a flower grows….Longer boats are comin’ to win us…Hold on to the shore. They’ll be takin’ the key from the door.” Longer Boats, Cat Stevens

The ratio, 5:3 equals 1.66666666667. It's almost the Divine Proportion.
The ratio, 5:3 equals 1.66666666667.

I agree with Tarantino. Hey, check out the Like a Virgin opening scene from Reservoir Dogs, video. But what if Americans are being “governed” by a run-for-profit corporation like Walmart?  Check out USA vs. US.

What man or woman would pledge 100% of their rights (5/5?) to a corporation, like Target, for example, in exchange for being exploited by it? Isn’t that crazy? Check out Claiming the Divine Proportion with Johnny Guzman and Peter Eugene, video.

“Django is no insurrectionist. His singular focus from beginning to end is on reclaiming his wife from her slave master. Presumably, we are to understand this solipsism as indicative of the depth and intensity of his love, probably also as homage to the borderline sociopathic style of the spaghetti western/blaxploitation hero. Regardless, Django’s quest is entirely individualist; he never intends to challenge slavery and never does.” Read more. Watch the vicious dogs, video.

Does Kerry Washington represent Django's "chattel property," stolen from him by the Slavers?
Does Kerry Washington represent Django’s “chattel property,” stolen from him by the Slavers?

“When it comes to the possibility of tackling the ideological order and, hence, economic order – both in the Antebellum South and today – Reed paints a dark picture. If that’s the case, what’s wrong with a film, like Django Unchained, that celebrates individual victories?” Read more.

“In the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, the ship Argo sailed to Europa in Crete following Jason’s legendary retrieval of the golden fleece. Upon the island of Europa the Argonauts encountered a great metallic giant called Talos, meaning sun or solar, which was cast wholly of solid bronze. His legs, on the other hand, while also made of bronze, were cast completely hollow, and one of them, it was said, contained a single vein through which flowed the divine ichor or golden blood of the gods.” Tupelo Masonic Lodge, here.

TRANSUBSTANTIATION: “…in the West, the Church had the practice of communion …with only a small fraction of bread placed in the chalice….The Catholic Church teaches that the bread and wine, through transubstantiation, become the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ— in other words, the whole Christ— when consecrated.” Read more.

TALOS: Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, TALOS. Check out this Power of Nanotechnology, video.

ICHOR: “the ethereal golden fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals.”

“Folks, it is NOT TRUE that White racism is the greatest evil in the world today.  The greatest evil, by far – there is no debating this point – is the evil practice of Usury banking, which is forbidden by the Bible.” Eli James, What is Fractional Reserve Banking? Read more.

“The Money Power has established a more vicious form of universal slavery over the American people than ever was established over the American Negro.” The Conquest of Poverty by G.G. McGeer

Louisiana is the starkest, most glaring example of how our prison policies have failed. It showcases how private prisons do not serve the public interest and how the mass incarceration as a form of job creation is an abomination of justice and civility and creates a long-term crisis by trying to create a short-term solution.” Read Plantation, Prisons and Profits, here. Louisiana Incarcerated: How We Built the World’s Prison Capital, here.

“Every time I visit a prison, I tremble….Frederick Douglass’s description of Christianity as the slaveholding religion is relevant here: ‘Between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference.” Read more.

“Increasingly, all opposition to the policies of Obama and the Democrats are dismissed as racism – not merely on the lunatic fringe, but in the mainstream. Like Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, Django Unchained creates a world of hostility and violence ordered along racial lines. It is propaganda for a race war.” Read more from Kurt Nimmo.

Machete: Inciting a Race War?
Machete: Inciting a Race War?

Only two paths? 1.) aggressive but chaotic; or 2.) passive but ordered? How about we let the Antichrist and the False Prophet shoot it out and we just get our brick out of the wall!? We get the girl and the money and ride off into the sunset? That’s what Django does, afterall. Private central bankers are behind this race-baiting. Watch All Wars are Bankers Wars from Michael Rivero, here.

“On an expanse of 18,000 acres of farmland, 59 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, long rows of men, mostly African-American, till the fields under the hot Louisiana sun. The men pick cotton, wheat, soybeans and corn. They work for pennies, literally. Armed guards, mostly white, ride up and down the rows on horseback, keeping watch.

“At the end of a long workweek, a bad disciplinary report from a guard – whether true or false – could mean a weekend toiling in the fields. The farm is called Angola, after the homeland of the slaves who first worked its soil. This scene is not a glimpse of plantation days long gone by. It’s the present-day reality of thousands of prisoners at the maximum security Louisiana State Penitentiary….” Read more.
Django Unchained: Eugenicist Plantation Owner Played by Leonardo DiCaprio
Django Unchained: Eugenicist Plantation Owner played by Leonardo DiCaprio

“In the movie, slavery provides the income for all the free people. Certainly, slavery is the means of employment for the merchants and exploiters of captured African flesh, but it also establishes the context for enriching both the German bounty hunter and his new protégé, Django.

INFORMANT: “a person who provides privileged information about a person or organization to an agency….Informants are commonly found in the world of organized crime.” Read more.

“The Birth Certificate is an unrevealed ‘Trust Instrument’ originally designed for the children of the newly freed black slaves after the 14th Amendment….To cover the debt in 1933 and future debt, the corporate government determined and established the value of the future labor of each individual in its jurisdiction to be $630,000. A bond of $630,000 is set on each Certificate of Live Birth. The certificates are bundled together into sets and then placed as securities on the open market. These certificates are then purchased by the Federal Reserve and/or foreign bankers. The purchaser is the ‘holder’ of ‘Title.’ This process made each and every person in this jurisdiction a bond servant… ” Learn more here.

“The bounty hunter, Shultz, purchases Django to use him to identify men to be killed for reward money. At one point Shultz explains to Django the usefulness of Django’s enslaved condition, declaring that whether Shultz despises slavery or not, Django is in no position to refuse him, all the better for making slavery work to the bounty hunter’s benefit…” You can show black men being lynched, castrated, raped, and murdered as long as whites rescue them in the end?

Django is Off the Chain: Beat and Traumatize the People, Divide and Conquer Them.
Django is Off the Chain: Beat and Traumatize the People, Divide and Conquer Them.

“Tarantino … keeps the masses of Africans out of the process of ending the system of oppression by unleashing a special negro, the ‘one in ten thousand,’ as Django is characterized….However, Tarantino, who had absolute control of this fictionalized history, denied his characters the ability to engage in self-motivated attempts to free themselves.” Read more.

Shall we replace the Statue of Liberty with the golden statue erected to the god of greed? Shall we forget that the only time our Saviour used force was when he drove the money changers from the temple?” Who are the modern-day money changers?”… We owe it to our children that we shall not depart and leave them in a condition of bondage and slavery to organized greed and gold.” Read more about Louis T. McFadden. The History and Nature of Corp U.S. and Federal Reserve Notes, here. More reading here and here.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner

“In my opinion, the movie subverts white culture’s collective memory of the Civil War and slavery using metaphors related to the historical record and our common cultural heritage. It is an artful historical allegory rather than straight history; a film about America’s collective memory, not a study of the actualities or lived experience of slavery.” Read more.

Dr. King Schultz in Quentin Tarantino's film, Django Unchained: "Do you know what a Bounty Hunter is? Well, the way the slave trade deals in lives for cash, a Bounty Hunter deals in corpses."
Dr. King Schultz and Django in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Django Unchained.

“In Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, a professor of history and economics at Golden Gate University, presents a short, readable, and reliable history of the Civil War.” Read more. “We cannot allow him to die in a theater.” Watch Abraham Lincoln: Saint or Sinner? video.

Have you seen The Occult World of Commerce? Here’s Jason Whitney with an introduction from Jordan Maxwell, video. Check out the Abraham Lincoln Myth with our Featured Activist  Andrew Napolitano, Thomas DiLorenzo and Tom Woods, video. Also, learn more about Theodore and Woodrow, here. Check out The Truth About Abraham Lincoln, from Featured Activist Stefan Molyneux, here. Check out Forever Free – The Truth About Abraham Lincoln, video.

“Do you know what a Bounty Hunter is? It’s a flesh-for-cash business, just like slavery.” Dr. King Schultz, Django Unchained, IMDB.

ATTORNING: “Acknowledging a new lord, or transferring homage and fealty to the purchaser of an estate.” Read Hiding Behind the Bar, here. “An Infant is a Decedent, or Owner, Grantor, Trustor of a Trust”, IRS Manual; also here. Check out this graphic. Check out You’ve Been Declared Legally Dead, How to Correct the Record at Daily Paul.

SLAVERY: “A civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another.” Read more. Read Scott v. Sandford – 60 U.S. 393 (1856) here, here. “An irrevocable trust is an arrangement in which the grantor departs with ownership and control of property. Usually this involves a gift of the property to the trust. The trust then stands as a separate taxable entity and pays tax on its accumulated income….” Read more.

Decedent definition from Black's Law 4th Ed.
Decedent definition from Black’s Law 4th Ed.

Can a living man (Seth) volunteer  to “be” both a murder victim (Abel) and a murderer, a criminal (Cain)? Can he, as Owner, Grantor, Trustor, prior to his civil death (while he is dying, on his deathbed) “gift” his actual body, his DNA, as a pledge, trophy, booty, memento…. to the U.S. with the birth certificate registration? If he’s not really dead (merely ignorant) can he, as the “Authorized Representative” for the U.S., give away his own physical body?

“The word ‘decedent,’  as used in Code Civil Proc N. Y., S§ 2660-2665, authorizing surrogates to grant letters of administration, does not include persons civilly dead, and the surrogate has no power to grant letters of administration on the estate of one imprisoned for life.” In re Zeph’s Estate.

The answer is probably no, because the U.S. did not acquire the man’s body lawfully to begin with. There was only the presumption that the man had gifted his estate, which is rebuttable. The spirit of Christ and Antichrist is manifest in Seth. Check out Zed’s Dead. Bruce Willis starred in both Pulp Fiction and Surrogates. Check out Matthew 27:38, context, also commentary. Sheep on the right; goats on the left. Robber, brigand, plunder, booty, here.

“lés:  light, radiance, light of the day, of the sky, illumination (of the mind)” Find more. Learn more about DNA and the Divine Proportion from Kurt Kallenbach. save; see Salvage. "The rescue of a ship, its crew, or its cargo from fire or shipwreck."
Salvation…to save; see Salvage. “The rescue of a ship, its crew, or its cargo from fire or shipwreck.”

SALVAGE: “The rescue of a ship, its crew, or its cargo from fire or shipwreck. b. The ship, crew, or cargo so rescued. c. Compensation given to those who voluntarily aid in such a rescue. 2. a. The act of saving imperiled property from loss. b. The property so saved. 3. Something saved from destruction or waste and put to further use. tr.v. sal·vaged, sal·vag·ing, sal·vag·es 1. To save from loss or destruction. 2. To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use.” Read more.

SALVATION: “Preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty or evil.”

“He got a real pretty mouth ain’t he?” Read more quotes. “Intent on seeing the Cahulawassee River before it’s turned into one huge lake, outdoor fanatic Lewis Medlock takes his friends on a river-rafting trip they’ll never forget into the dangerous American back-country.” Deliverance (1972), IMDB.

“Spirits distillation has a long and illustrious history, beginning with the the ancient Greeks, who ascribed sacred powers to the flammable and intoxicating liquids that resulted from early experiments in distilling wine.  Dionysian cults incorporated these early spirits into religious rituals.” Read more. Listen to Kurt Kallenbach’s latest broadcast with George K. at Super Woo Radio.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Virginia
The valley of darkness: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Virginia.

“Another situation in which process of this kind would seem to be useful is that in which the principal property that is the subject of the action is a vessel, but her pending freight is incidentally involved. The warrant of arrest, and notice of its service, should be all that is required by way of original process and notice… ” What is a “Suit founded on mere maritime hypothecation?” Read it here. Read here. Read here.

“The term ‘moonshine’ was probably coined by the Scots …There are still ‘shiners’ in America today…But back when the … tax was raised to $2 in 1865, the moonshiners of Kentucky and Tennessee began making white lightning in abundance…While they had the government’s attention, the distillers rook the opportunity to point out the fact that paying taxes on unaged whiskey, a product that couldn’t yet be sold, was another problem that should be dealt with.” Read more.

Mercantilism….tariffs, etc. Check out Thomas DiLorenzo, Why the Constitution Had to be Destroyed, video. Here’s Lincoln vs. the Constitution, video.

“If you’ve ever spent $40 on a decent bottle of single-malt scotch, you were paying about $10 in American taxes and $20 in British taxes. Only 1/4 of the price of scotch is for the scotch itself. Three times as much is for the taxes to various governments.” Read more.

It's All in the Game of Commerce: Whiskey, Collateral, and FRNS
It’s All in the Game of Commerce: Whiskey, Collateral, FRNS, etc.

RESPONDENTIA: “The hypothecation of the cargo or goods on board a ship as security for the repayment of a loan, the term “bottomry” being confined to hypothecations of the ship herself; but now the term “respondentia” is seldom used, and the expression “bottomry” is generally employed, whether the vessel or her cargo or both be the security.” Black’s Law; What is the Law of Merchants and Sailors?” Read it here.

“On this Thursday, May 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex begins extensive coverage of Bilderberg’s 2014 meeting as the global power brokers begin arriving at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen today.” Read more at Infowars. Official 2014 Bilderberg Membership List. Also, Das Bilderberger Grauen…more at Wake News with my friend, Detlev.

Radicalization (or radicalisation) “is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.” Read more.

A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.” James Madison

Here’s Part 1.

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