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“The mainstream media has failed us time and time again. Their appalling lack of integrity, tenacity, and spine continues on a daily basis, insulting anyone paying attention.

Sharlene Holt with activist Luke Rudkowski in Colorado
Sharlene Holt with activist Luke Rudkowski in Colorado

“We Are Change is creating a platform where aspiring journalists can achieve success and develop their careers without jumping through degrading corporate hoops.” Read about this new project from Featured Activist Luke Rudkowski. Donate at Indie GoGo.

Check out the upcoming Colorado Label GMO Show, May 22nd, The Oriental Theater, sponsored by WACC, more courtesy of Colorado activist Chris Mandel, here. Check out this brand new episode of Walking the Talk, on Just Us Radio Network videos, with Geri and Sheila, aired May 17, 2014, and Kurt Kallenbach. Here are recent thoughts courtesy of yours truly.

You may want to check out these upcoming Colorado events: Arise Music Festival, here; Sonic Bloom Festival, here; Groove Music and Arts Festival, here; Snowmass Mammoth Fest here.

“Google is worried about their brand and the future of Nest Labs, which is in the business of making creepy products to collect even more data from you,” writes Peng.” Read more. Read here.

“The products — Google Trust (data “insurance”), Google Bee (personal drones), Google Hug (a location-based crowdsourced hug matching) and Google Bye (an online profile for the afterlife), were supposedly created by Google after an assessment of user needs based on an analysis of emails and search results.” Also, read here.

Don't you need a "Google Hug" today? Shouldn't we be here for one another?
Don’t you need a “Google Hug” today? Shouldn’t we be here for one another?

“Everywhere, knowing that love is to share, Each one believing that love never dies, Watching their eyes and hoping I’m always there. I will be there, and everywhere, Here, there and everywhere.” Here, There, and Everywhere, The Beatles Have you seen Johnny Depp in Transcendence?

Action Burt: "This ain't some kinda game...."
Action Burt: “This ain’t some kinda game….”

“…building the virtual human will take a long time and at the heart of the project is the need to collect a lot of data. I can’t stress how important this is,” says Dr. McCormack. “Of course, to treat individual patients we need their personal data but to build our models in the first place we need comprehensive information from as wide a patient base as possible.” Read more.

“People who discover the masquerade usually have five choices that present themselves to them…’Y’know, Grady, some people think I’m ‘overprepared. Paranoid. Maybe even a little crazy. But they never met any precambrian life forms, did they?’ Burt Gummer, Tremors 2: Aftershocks.”

“The Life Foundation was an organization that appeared mostly in Spider-Man comics … They were certain that society would eventually collapse and were survivalists, but had no intention of actually being uncomfortable when it happened…” Read more.

“As the Liberty Church Project is able to help churches and fellowships get established, this section will let readers know where these non 501c3, liberty-oriented churches and fellowships are located….

Chuck Baldwin's Liberty Church Logo
Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Church Logo

“Liberty Church Project is the vision of Dr. Chuck Baldwin in response to hundreds of requests from people nationwide who have asked him to help them establish independent, unincorporated, unorganized, non-501c3 churches and fellowships. Here is our mission statement:

‘As freedom in the country can only exist when there is freedom in the church, Liberty Church Project seeks to resurrect the patriot-pulpit in America that will preach and teach the Biblical Natural Law principles of liberty by helping ordained ministers and lay leaders establish churches and Christian fellowships that are unencumbered with IRS 501c3 and State incorporation status.’ Read more about Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Church Project, here.

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

“The Grand Opening of the $500M 9/11 Museum in New York will enshrine the official account of 9/11 in perpetuity, with memories and heart-wrenching emotions fixed in concrete, steel, and artifacts.

Richard Gage with fervent supporters in Phoenix Arizona
Richard Gage with fervent supporters in Phoenix Arizona

“This monumental effort now transforms the events of 9/11 from a patriotic ‘We Will Never Forget’ fervor into a pathologically sacred ‘We Will Never Ask Questions’ suppression – with its decision to reject the forensic evidence that doesn’t fit into the official narrative of the 9/11 events at the World Trade Center.” Read more below.

Also, check out Kurt Kallenbach and Peter Eugene discussing the Matrix and how we might free our minds and bodies, May 21, 2014. Also, check out Jay Weidner’s film, Shasta and other interesting related media and info., here.

“The ReThink911 campaign is pleased to announce that this …global ad campaign will be spearheaded by a 50-foot billboard in the heart of Times Square. Towering over the surrounding blocks, this billboard will attract the attention of nearly one million pedestrians each day and set the stage for New York and the whole world to learn that a large 47-story skyscraper also fell on 9/11.” Read more.

Richard Gage and AE911Truth lead the way to question the official story about what really happened to cause three buildings to fall at near freefall speed on September 11, 2001.
Richard Gage and AE911Truth lead the way to question the official story about what really happened to cause three buildings to fall at near freefall speed on September 11, 2001.

Press Conference, Saturday, May 24, 2014 – 1:00 PM; Memorial Grounds Entrance – corner of Greenwich St. and Liberty St., also, Saturday, May 24, 2014 – 4:00 PM, Re-examining the Destruction of the 3 World Trade Center Skyscrapers, Community Church of New York 40 E. 35th St., New York, NY 10016; Contact Les Jamieson (646) 606-7196; contact Kelly David (925) 939-9002. Read more.

“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” Henry Kissinger

“…how could the owner of the World Trade Center towers talk about ‘pulling’ WTC7… a term used in demolition?! How could the 9/11 Commission not put Larry Silverstein under oath and demand that he explain what the hell he was talking about!” Read more and watch the video.

Sharlene Holt  (R) with Activist Lisa B. at a Richard Gage Event in Denver, 2011
Sharlene Holt (R) with Activist Lisa B. at a Richard Gage Event in Denver, 2011

Activist Ron Gibson is now offering an Infowars news summary; check out this video.

Chemtrails: There is no debate; Unnatural Checkerboard- Patterned Chemtrail Distribution.
Chemtrails: There is no debate; Unnatural Checkerboard -Patterned Chemtrail Distribution.

“Those who deny the existence of chemtrails are either willfully ignorant, dangerously arrogant or both; therefore, why bother debating with them? Of course, there are those who run Facebook pages who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar global chemtrail program.” Read more at The Liberty Beacon.

Chemical Soup: They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun.
Chemical Soup: They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun.

“We are dealing with Star Wars. It involves the combination of chemtrails for creating an atmosphere that will support electromagnetic waves, ground-based, electromagnetic field oscillators called gyrotrons, and ionospheric heaters. Particulates make directed energy weapons work better. It has to do with “steady state” and particle density for plasma beam propagation.

“They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by “zapping” the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers. The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air.” Read more.

Paul Wittenberger (L), with Sharlene Holt and Pastor Steven Anderson at a film screening.
Paul Wittenberger (L), with Sharlene Holt and Pastor Steven Anderson at a film screening.

Featured Filmmaker Paul Wittenberger’s What in the World Are They Spraying? shows how we are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Explore the chemtrail and geo-engineering coverup with this film produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger. Read more.

“While much of the world was distracted by the supposed clash over Ukraine between Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and Western politicians, the International Monetary Fund announced a bailout of the new Ukrainian regime denominated in the IMF’s increasingly influential proto-global currency known as Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs.

Analysts are warning that the developments could have profound implications for the global monetary system and the economy — and especially for the United States, which is stealthily being set up for economic calamity as the U.S. dollar continues on the road to losing its prized status as the world reserve currency.” Read more at The New American, here. Also read Common Core and UN Agenda 21: Mass Producing Green Global Serfs, here.

“Operation American Spring livestream videos may be watched as they are uploaded on site from Washington DC at UStream.” Here’s a video. Here’s Photos. Here’s Links. The “United States” is a run-for-profit corporation, search here. For background, check out USA vs. US. Read this article.

Operation American Spring vows to oust criminals beginning May 16, 2014
Operation American Spring vows to oust criminals beginning May 16, 2014

“Operation American Spring was billed as far back as six months ago as a rally call for patriotic Americans to force leaders in Washington, D.C., to return to a more limited and constitutional style of governance — and to oust those leaders who weren’t listening.” Read more.

According to RT, “A retired United States Army colonel expects as many as 30 million like-minded individuals will descend on Washington, DC this week and demand that President Barack Obama and other members of his administration be booted from office.” Read this article. Here’s the Operation American Spring Submission to Congress 2014, PDF. Hey, check out Not a Person or Citizen, here.

“Giving ISPs the green light to implement pay-for-priority schemes will be a disaster for startups, nonprofits and everyday Internet users who cannot afford these unnecessary tolls. These users will all be pushed onto the Internet dirt road, while deep-pocketed Internet companies enjoy the benefits of the newly created fast lanes,” Craig Aaron, president of activist group Free Press said in a recent statement.” Read more.

Global March Against Chemtrails Happens September 27, 2014
Global March Against Chemtrails Happens September 27, 2014

“For more than a decade, first the United States and then Canada’s citizens have been subjected to a 24/7/365 day aerosol assault over our heads made of a toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals, chemicals, and other dangerous ingredients. None of this was reported by any mainstream media….

“If these many-pronged aerosol attacks by military and commercial planes can spray these horrific toxins on us, year after year with impunity –against all laws– then it is absolutely imperative that we organize peacefully…” Read more.

USDA joins list of agencies that are stocking up on weapons and ammo. Why?
USDA joins list of agencies that are stocking up on weapons and ammo. Why?

“The United States Department of Agriculture is set to purchase an unknown quantity of submachine guns, leading to questions about where the weapons will be heading and for what purpose they will be used.” Read more.

“…a Morgan County, Indiana Police Sergeant admits that the increasing militarization of domestic police departments is partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a homegrown terror threat.” Read more.

“As the American military draws down its commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, stateside ports, armories, depots and warehouses are packed with excess military material and vehicles, some of them none-the-worse from their tours in overseas war zones.” Read more.

“Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for year. A vivid, calendar-based illustration of the cost of government, Tax Freedom Day divides all federal, state, and local taxes by the nation’s income. In 2014, Americans will pay $3.0 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state taxes, for a total tax bill of $4.5 trillion, or 30.2 percent of income…”Read more.

Join us for a Peaceful protest and day full of fun and education!  The March Against Monsanto Denver [here] is moving to City of Cuernavaca Park! Free tickets … for the official March….in Denver in solidarity with over 400 cities worldwide!” Here’s the FB page; here’s lots of related links.

“This location is conveniently located at 3304 Rockmont Dr., Denver, CO, 80202, just blocks from Denver Skate Park, Coors Field, REI and Commons Park West…We are excited to bring you a day of fun for the entire family. The March Against Monsanto rally will have a wide variety of vendors educating on the sustainable practice of growing your own food, how to build beehives, the dangers of pesticides and much much more!” Read more.

March Against Monsanto Happens on May 24, 2014!
March Against Monsanto Happens on May 24, 2014!

“Unfortunately, the State Capitol is unavailable…This location will allow…us to have a wide open space for music…and fun for the kids including a Butterfly Wing Making Craft Area and vending area to include healthy and environmentally friendly options and programs.”

“Join many of Denver’s top non-fiction professionals as they discuss the important issues surrounding the industry. Topics include: storytelling to help raise money, storytelling in production, transmedia storytelling, branded and advocacy storytelling and new distribution models. Great opportunity to network and get inspired!” The Denver Documentary Summit, Colorado Film and Video Association, May 29-30, more here.

“War, it ain’t nothing But a heartbreaker; War, friend only to the undertaker…Ooooh, war – It’s an enemy to all mankind, The point of war blows my mind.” Edwin Starr

Wandering Monks Appearing at ARISE Pre-Party in Boulder
Wandering Monks Appearing at ARISE Pre-Party in Boulder

“Washington’s power ultimately rests on the dollar as world reserve currency. This privilege, attained at Bretton Woods following World War 2, allows the US to pay its bills by issuing debt. The world currency role also gives the US the power to cut countries out of the international payments system and to impose sanctions.

The Story of Inflation Comic
The Story of Inflation Comic

“As impelled as the Fed is to protect the large banks that sit on the board of directors of the NY Fed, the Fed has to protect the dollar. That the Fed believed that it could not buy the bonds outright but needed to disguise its purchase by laundering it through Belgium suggests that the Fed is concerned that the world is losing confidence in the dollar.

“If the world loses confidence in the dollar, the cost of living in the US would rise sharply as the dollar drops in value. Economic hardship and poverty would worsen. Political instability would rise.” Read more. Check out Federal Reserve-related comics.

“As the future of the Federal Reserve’s role in Americans’ lives is vigorously debated around the country, The Daily Caller took a look at the lighter side of the feared institution.” Read more.

“I want to be strong I want to laugh along, I want to belong to the living; Alive, alive, I want to get up and jive……I want to make you feel free, I want to make you feel free.” Joni Mitchell, All I Want, Read more.

Zero Hedge: “[the Fed] perceive the general population [as a] bunch of retarded morons, easily distracted, and fascinated by pictures, colors and gimmicks.” Read more.

The Federal Reserve and central bankstering, in general, controls the fate of nations.
The Federal Reserve and central bankstering, in general, controls the fate of nations.

“Does the economy move in predictable waves, cycles or patterns?” Read more.

“Thanks to our state legislators and Governor Hickenlooper, debtors’ prisons are a thing of the past once and for all. Please take a moment to thank the bill sponsors and the Governor for taking action on this issue and for ensuring that debtors’ prisons have no place in Colorado.” HOUSE BILL 14-1061 Concerning Sentences Imposing Monetary Payments, PDF. Read more here and here.

“Islamic (insert laugh track) Nigerian, Shekau, of the Boko Haram (rhymes with Procol Harum) group looks to be a good diversion from the Ukrainian events.” Read more. “May 2nd is the 3rd anniversary of the faked bin Laden death. Someone thought it was a good day to start a fire. ” Read more.

Have you ever read Osborn v. Bank of the United States? 22 U.S. 738 (1824) Justia US Supreme Court Center, PDF. Check out the upcoming film from Featured Filmmaker Joel Gilbert.

Joel Gilbert's Film, Utopia and the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
Joel Gilbert’s Film, Utopia and the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

“The STATE was a construct of the minds that did not truly exist without the energy of the Dractions. Everything was twisted to justify the need for the STATE. The true energy was in the belief of the STATE coming from the populace. Buildings were built that could be called STATE buildings but they sat dormant without the energy of life given to them. The STATE had to be validated to exist at all.

"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom." John Adams
“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” John Adams

“Do to early programming of the people, the STATE was provided energy. Many even thought that the STATE was real and that the existence of the STATE could be proven in the documents that could be provided. A form of free range slavery was forged by the STATE; all born within the STATE are subject to the STATES care, so a debt is formed that must be repaid with the use of your energy or consent to the STATE validation.” Albert’s Journal of the Universe, Read more.

“Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has ruled police officers in the Commonwealth are no longer required to obtain a warrant prior to searching a vehicle, a decision that essentially overturns the protections enumerated in the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and in Pennsylvania’s own state constitution.” Read more.

 The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal against the clause of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which, the plaintiffs argue, allows for indefinite detention of Americans by the military. The case has been ongoing for two years, but ultimately ended in defeat Monday as the highest court effectively killed off the lawsuit, despite previous district court declarations that the legislation is harmful to the First Amendment and that Americans worried about being militarily detained had a ‘reasonable fear’.

“In a statement, Tangerine Bolen, one of the plaintiffs said ‘We are no longer a nation ruled by laws.’ ” Read more.

Also, Rents Soar To Record High As Homeownership Rate Plunges To 19 Year Low, here and here. Have you heard of the band, Golden State? Check ’em out, here and here.

“Earlier this month, we ran a story on Senator Ed Markey’s The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014. The legislation proposes updating a twenty year old report on the role the internet, radio and TV allegedly play ‘in encouraging hate crimes based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.’ The report would then be submitted to respective committees in the House and Senate for action. Mac Slavo, writing for, extrapolates how the government might go about collecting ‘hate speech’ on the internet to be included in the report and then submitted to Congress for action.


‘As we noted previously, there are already pre-crime systems actively monitoring the internet looking for discussions and behaviors that can be used to identify potential criminals before any crime occurs,’ Slavo writes. ‘Combined with new Web Bot hate speech tools, could the government then preempt detentions and arrests under the Patriot Act or National Defense Authorization Act, both of which allow for action to be taken against those who threaten national security, yet another broadly define term?’ ” Read more.

Here are some miscellaneous and random thoughts from previous months….

Check out The New Age: The Enemy of Christ, video. Check out The Lost Symbol. “Sealed in its time capsule is not just the Bible that is the centerpiece of The Lost Symbol, but numerous other documents and artifacts collected in 1848…” Read more.

Apollo, Apollyon, the Beast
Apollo, Apollyon, the Beast

“Revelation 17:8 also directly ties the coming of Antichrist with the seed of Apollo, revealing that the Beast shall ascend from the bottomless pit and enter him: ‘The Beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the Bottomless Pit, and go into perdition [Apoleia, Apollo]: and they that dwell on the Earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is’ (emphasis added).” Read more at Mystery of the Iniquity, here.

APOLEIA: “destroying, utter destruction of vessels…a perishing, ruin, destruction of money…the destruction which consists of eternal misery in hell.” Read more.

“The three-hundred-thirty ton Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City is not just any Obelisk. It was cut from a single block of red granite during the Fifth dynasty of Egypt to stand as Osiris’ erect phallus at the Temple of the Sun in ancient Heliopolis (Ἡλιούπολις, meaning city of the sun or principal seat of Atum-Ra sun-worship), the city of “On” in the Bible, dedicated to Ra, Osiris, and Isis….”

“Yet if what Sixtus established in the heart of Vatican City gives some readers pause … in Washington, DC near the west end of the National Mall, the Obelisk built by Freemasons and dedicated to America’s first president brings the fullest meaning to the nephilim-originated and modern porn-industry impression that ‘size matters.’ ”

Skyder Alert App Notifies Congress About Chemtrails
Skyder Alert App Notifies Congress About Chemtrails

“This is no crude declaration, as adepts of ritual sex-magic know, and dates back to ancient women who wanted to give birth to the offspring of the gods and who judged the size of the male generative organ as indicative of the “giant” genetics or divine seed needed for such offspring.

“While such phallic symbols have been and still are found in cultures around the world, in ancient Egypt, devotion to this type “obscene divinity” began with Amun-Min and reached its crescendo in the Obelisks of Osiris.” Read more from Tom Horn. Check out all of these articles about the New World Order.

“By using the patented mobile app, SkyderALERT, people will have the ability to capture visual evidence of this potentially catastrophic activity, petition against it, and send the evidence directly to the appropriate government officials– all in 1 click. You do not need to know who those officials are, or even where you are. Your position is automatically geo-located to ensure that the appropriate elected officials are selected for your state, city or district. SkyderALERT will even let you call your congress people, senators or governor directly… all by just using the app.”

“This POWERFUL NEW Documentary explores GeoEngineering, SRM, Solar radiation Management, Weather Modification and “chemtrails” and introduces to the public to new way to protest and petition this dangerous initiative…” Read more. Have you seen the film, The Happening? Trailer here.

“How many times have you heard someone say ‘If I had his money, I could do things my way…’ But little they know that it’s so hard to find One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind.” A Satisfied Mind, by Jack Rhodes and Red Hayes, performed by Johnny Cash

Rich Paul is appealing, arguing the judge should have told the jury about 'nullification.'
Rich Paul is appealing, arguing the judge should have told the jury about ‘nullification.’

Not all juries are created equal. These days, nowhere is that clearer than in New Hampshire. A bill introduced earlier this month in the Granite State’s House of Representatives would require judges to tell juries in every criminal case that they are free to exercise a long-standing but controversial power called ‘nullification.’

That means jurors can vote to acquit defendants not only if they have reasonable doubt of guilt, but also if they simply don’t agree with the underlying law.” Read more. Check out Center for a Stateless Society, here.

Check out this painting, Concert in the Egg, here. BTW, here’s a current link to AmenStop’s Ring of Power  video. “Adam Kokesh was released after being held for expressing his Second Amendment Rights in a lawful possession of a firearm in The District of Criminals. Alex Jones discusses … the encroaching technocracy with the former war veteran and political prisoner Adam Kokesh.” Read more.

Privatis Me Project Logo
Privatis Me Project Logo

Check out Allegory of the Great Work as the Philosopher’s Mountain, here. Check out Privatis.Me and podcasts from Jon and Peter at I am Free Will, here. Here’s a YouTube channel. Check out this video, Requiring Debt Collectors to Verify a Debt, here.

“The Bush crime families’ involvement with the Nazis goes back to WWII and Prescott Bush’s financing of the Hitler war machine. In October, 1942, Union Banking Corporation, of which Prescott Bush was a Director, was seized under the “Trading with the Enemy Act”.

Amerika: Divided and conquered by globalist banksters
Amerika: Divided and conquered by globalist banksters

After the war was over, Operation Paperclip was established to bring in Nazi scientists and intelligence assets to the United States to work for the government in various capacities.” Read One World of Nations, more.

Which Inbred Elite Morlock will evolve into the presidency in 2016?
Which Inbred Elite Morlock will evolve into the presidency in 2016?

 Nation of Change “The facts show that the richest Americans and the biggest businesses have been the main—perhaps only—beneficiaries of the massive wealth gain over the past five years….From 1998 to 2009, about 80 percent of American families LOST wealth and they had to borrow as a way to stay afloat.” Read more.

Check out this recreational and medical marijuana map. Check out The Syncbook Radio, Book 1, Book 2. Marty Leeds – Videos and Opus Medico Musica, here. Check out Liberty and Justice 1640 AM, here. Frater X, The Secret War Inside Freemasonry, Part 1 and here.

Infowars “The twittersphere is burbling with the New York Times’ latest shameless effort to get the Iron Maiden elected come 2016. The bizarre cover, strangely reminiscent of George Méliès’s Le Voyage dans la lune, posits a ‘possible’ presidential bid by the former Secretary of State.” Read more.

Gee, what if “We, the Eloi Passive Masses (EPM)” want to elect Hall of Famer Alex Jones, Featured Activist Kathryn Albrecht…or any number of folks we actually like and respect instead of an Inbred Elite Uber Morlock (IEUM) for president? We’re just SOL, I guess! Don’t you just LOVE livin’ in a free country?

In a world of trackable widgets, are we, the sovereign people, the ones who allegedly ORDAIN the Constitution for the united States, expected to allow our Ruling Elite, the IEUM, to “widgetize” us, too? If you do not consent to being chipped, tracked, widgetized, categorized, and ultimately, hunted down and imprisoned for simply exercising your unalienable Right to exist on this planet, you may want to get off the couch….read more.

BTY, Red Ice show host Henrik Palmgren says on his Facebook he likes these bands: Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Sigur Ros. Check out Bikers for America, here. Check out the Sons of Liberty Riders, here. Check out the Sons of Liberty Riders TV, here. The 2013 Toy Run for Kids, here. Check out Americans Restoring America, here.

The Obongos, Barry and Michelle
The Obongos, Barry and Michelle

“H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine was adapted to the screen in the 60’s by effects pioneer George Pal. His version of the story became an instant classic and to this day remains one of the best sci-fi films ever made and one that many people keep on their shelf right next to the excellent Forbidden Planet….

There is one deleted scene [in The Time Machine, (2002)] that is an extended/alternate version of the opening scene, but the effects sequences involving the moon slamming into New York that were edited out because of 9/11 are nowhere to be found on the disc.” Read more.

So, Hillary is the moon slamming into New York, apparently. This theme just won’t die. What is the significance?

“In Oblivion the year is 2077, and the Moon has been destroyed by robot aliens. This caused widespread destruction due to earthquakes and tsunamis. The tectonic activity has stabilized, but humanity has migrated to Titan. A few people are still on earth guarding the Hydro Rigs that convert seawater into energy for the Titan colony. The Moon is depicted as being half there, half a debris ring around the Earth.

The Moon Destroyed in The Time Machine (top) and Oblivion
The Moon Destroyed in The Time Machine (top) and Oblivion

“The method of the Moon’s destruction isn’t dwelled upon in the movie, but I get the impression it was a nuclear war. Let’s just assume the alien race has enough power to blow up the Moon, and they do so. The first effect is going to be a huge number of meteorites slamming into the Earth. These aren’t going to be just a few that make some pretty craters, that’s a lot of mass up there in the Moon and a lot of it is going to come raining down on the Earth….” Read more.

“According to an article published in the British Daily mail, ‘The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.'” Read more.

“The federal government doesn’t just want the ability to track down your car; it wants to be able to track down your body as well.” Read more. How did Amerikans become the salvageable property of the corporation dba the United States? What can we do about it? Check out videos and activism from Kurt Kallenbach, here. Also, Bruce Ray Riggs, Karl Lentz, Lee Brobst, here. Bunny Hunter gives LeeAnn McAdoo a lesson in real feminism:

We’ve seen many innocent people put on a No-Fly list. We’ve seen innocent adults and children killed by drone assassination based on meta-data. Now a new system of red flags is about to be activated by Homeland Security — the ‘National License Plate Recognition Database’. Will your life be in danger from trigger-happy cops afraid for their life because they see you’re on a ‘hot list of target vehicles’ “?

“Our business is Awakening! Whether you’re a kid or a pensioner, occupying the town square or shivering in an Obama-ville, or “lucky” enough to still have a job, you’re sure to find a refreshing Infomatic film that’s just right for YOU!

“And while you’re under no obligation to agree with us, we’re delighted to give you our 10¢ worth – and for ‘you’ to download and share our animated, enlivening fully bottled truth serum!” Read more from Featured Filmmakers Infomatics. Here’s a new gem -GMO A Go Go:

Freedom’s Phoenix activists Ernie and Donna Hancock have finalized the Freedom Summit 2014 schedule. Special Sunday Edition: Steve Quayle & Pastor Lankford, here.

James Dean: Rebel Without a Cause Poster
James Dean: Rebel Without a Cause Poster

I just watched Rush Hour 3 for the first time. That is a very funny movie! Chris Tucker rocks! He is soooo funny! He was cute in The Fifth Element, too.  I love this scene featuring George, the Taxi Driver, Yvan Attal:

“I don’t drive Americans….they’re the most violent people on Earth; always starting wars, always killing people. Americans make me sick. You’re a pathetic bunch of criminals – always resort to violence, always push around the little guy.”

“James Dean would have turned 83 today. If he were still alive, perhaps he’d have a Twitter account. But instead, there’s just a fan account controlled by unknown owners with more than 8,000 followers….The management firm that controls Dean’s licensing empire thinks the account should be shut down and has sued Twitter over the matter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

CMG Worldwide: Suing on behalf of the James Dean Estate
CMG Worldwide: Suing on behalf of the James Dean Estate

“The company behind the lawsuit is CMG Worldwide, a firm that controls the commercial estates of a number of deceased celebrities….

“After Twitter’s refusal to cooperate, the firm decided to go to court in Indiana, a state that has some of the most favorable-to-celebrities publicity rights laws. CMG argues that the account damages the Dean estate, and it’s asserting trademark infringement, false endorsement, unfair competition, conversion and violation of the Indiana Crime Victim’s Act.” Read more.

IC 34-24-3 Chapter 3. Treble Damages Allowed in Certain Civil Actions by Crime Victims, here.

Adam Kokesh
Adam Kokesh

Speaking of “rebels without a cause,” Featured Activist Adam Kokesh is on tour promoting his new book, titled Freedom. He’ll be at We Are Change Colorado today, February 9, 2014, PDF. Check out his recent interview with Featured Activist, Luke Rudkowski, here.

Shouldn’t Adam sue for trademark infringement? Didn’t the so-called authorities damage his spotless reputation as an upstanding patriot, veteran and rights activist? Doesn’t he have a God-given right to load a shotgun in D.C.? Doesn’t he have a God-given right to smoke a little cannabis?

Who has been harmed, besides the banksters and sundry thieves that masquerade as the federal government? Who has been harmed but those who wish to profit unlawfully through duress and coercion, from suppressing the rights of American men and women to our own bodies, our own images and likenesses – our own thumbprints, mug shots, etc?

“I used to start every conference with ‘do no harm.’ After five years of doing that, I’m a terrorist in the media! Did you guys even watch the videos?” Dean Clifford

“Law and Justice terrorises thieves, cowards, tyrants, rapists and murderers” Here. Check out the recent work of activist Dean Clifford: Are you Human or are you the Original?  here. I love this video: “Go ahead, take a few steps … Great, you’re ready for work, honey…..of course you’re merchandise, baby…You’re worth a fortune!”

“A robot is an actuated mechanism programmable in two or more axes with a degree of autonomy, moving within its environment, to perform intended tasks. Autonomy in this context means the ability to perform intended tasks based on current state and sensing, without human intervention.” Read more.

Tech characters from Quantic Dream: Kara here. The Casting, here. Kara motion actress, before. “‘By its very nature, there cannot be a plot in a game,’ George Lucas said….” Read more. Check out Beyond Two Souls, making a performance capture, video. Here’s a David Cage interview. Check out this interview with a former Satanist about how demons mimic the living, here.

Jerry Petermann
Jerry Petermann

By the way, here’s an excellent informative recent interview: “Nuclear Scientist Jerry W. Petermann…evaluates the hazards of EMF radiation vs. ionizing radiation, and the risks of the nuclear industry as a whole.” Watch the video. Here’s another video.

To whom are people “worth a fortune?” To ourselves, or to……whom? Do banksters “own” us? Does the corporation dba the United States “own” us? Did we give “them” the so-called “right” to lay claim to us as salvageable abandoned property? If so, when and how? If so, why don’t we claim our “own” selves? “Pull yourself together, man.” Check out the work of activist Kurt Kallenbach. Here’s his recent call with Peter, In the Spirit of Things, Blog Talk account called I am Free Will, February 9, 2014. Also, check out activism strategies from Karl Lentz, here.

Egyptian hieroglyph for star, Sirius: obelisk, dome, pentagon
Egyptian hieroglyph for star, Sirius: obelisk, dome, pentagon

“Our jails are overflowing, people are receiving life sentences for minor crimes under three strikes laws, racial disparities leave minority populations disproportionately represented in the incarcerated population, and we’re so obsessed with killing that we’re now using untested concoctions of drugs that recently took a condemned inmate more than 20 minutes to finally die. Our system isn’t working.” Read more.

Are we the slave species of God? “Strange births….Human beings with the faces of ravens….” “Modern corporate logos….the word Pepsi is the Egyptian word for the devil…..” The Egyptian hieroglph for the “dog” star, Sirius, is an obelisk, dome, and pentagon; these are the shapes of the buildings in Washington, D.C. Coincidence? Learn from Michael Tsarion here and here; take the Taroscopic Tour, here. Evolution of consciousness, or Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration? What is the “big story” of scripture? Search on it here.

Secret Occult Knowledge and Flying Saucers The Bibliography of Fantastic Beliefs, here.

Sunnylands Logo
Sunnylands Logo

SELLING SOULS: “The White House has announced that President Obama will meet in February at Sunnylands with His Majesty King Abdullah II, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. As set forth in the Sunnylands Declaration of Trust, the primary mission of The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands is to provide a retreat space for the President of the United States ‘to bring together world leaders to promote world peace and facilitate international agreement.'” Read more.

Resist TSA and NSA Tyranny! Check out this latest video from Joycamp, here. Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye, Post Debate, video. Food Babe activists want to remove shoe rubber from Subway sandwich bread, read it here. “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition.” More here. “The Postal Service isn’t the first non-law enforcement agency seeking firearms and ammunition.” Read more.

“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.”  John 14:16-17

Playing for Change Logo
Playing for Change Logo

“Playing for Change is a multimedia music project, created by the American producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson with his Timeless Media Group, that seeks to bring together musicians from around the world. Playing For Change also created a separate non-profit organization called the Playing For Change Foundation which builds music schools for children around the world….” Read more.

Does water have memory? Here. Masaru Emoto has studied water for over twenty years. Water has been Dr. Masaru Emoto’s passion. Here is his site. Check out “juicy” activist Lilou Mace’s November 2013 Ted Talk. Check out these videos about our beautiful planet, Oasis HD.

The God of Fortresses U.S. Military Bases Around the World
The God of Fortresses U.S. Military Bases Around the World

“But in his place shall he honour the god of fortresses, a god whom his fathers did not know; he shall honour it with gold and silver and precious stones and with things of great price. And with the people of the strange god that he shall know, he shall make strong fortresses, increase their glory; and cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.” Daniel 11:38-39

“Many American Christians view our military expansion and intervention abroad as something which contributes to our security, and enthusiastically support candidates (both Republican and Democrat) whose aim is to maintain and grow our empire at any cost. Remarkably, many of these same Christians believe that they could never be deceived by a leader whose goals are anti-Christ.” Read more

“Iron often appears… in the Bible…Its use was prohibited in building an altar…’an altar of unhewn stones, upon which no man has lifted an iron tool for iron was created to shorten man’s days, while the altar was created to lengthen man’s days; what shortens may not rightly be lifted up against what lengthens…” Read more. Check out Handel’s Messiah: Comfort for God’s People, here. Did you know that your car is not a motor vehicle? Not unless you are carrying around your own slave “self” that is. More here.

Jethro Tull: Meanwhile back in the year, One
Jethro Tull: Back in the Year, One.

Check out The Secret Vatican, Tom Horn, video. Check out The Coalition of American Patriots, here. Check out The Outpost of Freedom, here. Check out The Robot’s Rebellion: The Story of the Spiritual Renaissance, by David Icke, here. “How to Survive a Robot Uprising covers every possible doomsday scenario facing the newest endangered species: humans….” Read more.

“Meanwhile back in the year One, when you belonged to no-one, you didn’t stand a chance son, if your pants were undone. ‘Cause you were bred for humanity and sold to society one day you’ll wake up in the Present Day a million generations removed from expectations of being who you really want to be. Skating away, skating away, skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.” Skating Away, Jethro Tull

IRS manual “An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN.” Read more.

Ha! Jokes on us….we thought an “infant” was a baby. You know, one of those cute pinkish lovable little tikes that pops out of mom after 9 long months of trying to keep her breakfast down? One of those lovable bundles of joy that keeps everyone awake all night and gives us “poopie presents” in her diaper? Are we throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

H.A.A.R.P., Agenda 21 and Google’s Role In The Sinister DNA – Search here.

Cain, His Sister-Bride, and Zygote
Cain, His Sister-Bride, and Zygote

BORN ALIVE: “…complete expulsion or extraction from his or her mother of that member, at any stage of development, who after such expulsion or extraction breathes or has a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord…..” Read more.

EXTRACT: “To remove for separate consideration or publication; excerpt…a concentrate obtained by treating a crude material, such as plant or animal tissue, with a solvent, evaporating part or all of the solvent from the resulting solution, and standardizing the resulting product.” Read more.

Guthrie cards are collected at birth:  “a series of five blood spots taken from newborns with a heel-prick …Guthrie cards have no specific use, and are stored for a number of years before being destroyed. These innocuous drops of blood, however, can be an incredible research asset.” Read more. Check out Stored Guthrie Cards as DNA “Banks”, PDF.

“The United States Government is not precluded from receiving and holding copyrights transferred to it by assignment, bequest, or otherwise.” Read more. GPO – Fourteenth Amendment Protections, PDF. The Fourteenth Article in Amendment to the Constitution – An Essay by Gary Hunt, PDF. Check out The Truth About Your Status as a Slave, here. Check out Consanguinity; check out this Table of Consanguinity.

“Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.” Joshua 1:3

INDIVIDUAL: “…the term “individual” means a citizen of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence…” Read more. “A nonresident alien is an alien…” “An alien is any individual…” Read more. “the term “person” means any individual or entity capable of holding a legal or beneficial interest in property” Read more.

Jack is Seduced by Mystery Babylon and the Mother of All Whores
Jack is Seduced by Mystery Babylon and the Mother of All Whores

Hmmm…..all of this is just a bunch of circular logic; these are all labels for the “afterbirth,” which is the “extract,” which is the “corpus delicti,” which is the “res,” which is the “debtor,” which is the “decedent.” Or, at least, that’s how it appears to me, currently. Do your own due diligence.

The “extract” becomes a “resident” in the District of Columbia. “It” is “partnered” with another “person” and the new “issue” is titled and receives a Berth Certificate. Check out Freedom River’s infographic The Two Worlds of Creations, here. Check out this sample Constructive Notice and Demand for Return of DNA Essence, PDF.

  • § 1-102District created body corporate for municipal purposes.” Read more here.
  • Read about the District of Columbia Organic Act, 1871
  • Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A: ” ‘United States’ means a federal corporation.”
  • CRS 4-9-307 (h):The United States is located in the District of Columbia.”

“If we turned our backs and walked away from the UNITED STATES, no longer recognized it and revoked any participation and walked away, they would no longer have this so-called granted authority over the American people.” Kurt Kallenbach, PDF.

Walker Todd Testimony (2009) – What is Money? PDF New upload: The Great American Adventure: Secrets of America by Judge Dale, Retired, PDF. Currency vs. Money, vids at Daily Paul.

“Jerome Daly was an attorney in Minnesota and also the defendant in an unlawful detainer action in the justice of the peace court in Credit River Township (Scott County) where Martin V. Mahoney was the justice of the peace…. The landowner’s defense had been that the bank had not lent him any actual money, but had simply created credit on its books, and therefore, since nothing of value had been advanced by the bank, it was not entitled to the property that had been given as security for the loan.” Read more re: Credit River.

"What is money?"
“What is money?”

“If any of you still have Federal Reserve Notes, circa 1920’s through the 1960’s, you know what I’m talking about…you will begin to understand the FRAUD that has been perpetrated by the Congress of the United States upon the People of this Nation. Public Officials need to be held STRICTLY accountable to their Oath of Office and the Law of the Land.” Read more re: Credit River.

“The idea prevails with some-indeed, it found expression in arguments at the bar-that we have in this country substantially or practically two national governments; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and independently of that instrument…” Justice Harlan, read more.

The United States is located in the District of Columbia
The United States is located in the District of Columbia

“The Federal Reserve System fulfills its public mission as an independent entity within government.  It is not ‘owned’ by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution.” FRB

“Examining the organization and function of the Federal Reserve Banks, and applying the relevant factors, we conclude that the Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the FTCA, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.” Lewis vs. U.S., 680 F.2d 1239, 1241, 1982.

Hmmmm….that sounds like a contradiction to me. It’s not owned, but it’s owned. Read more here.

“If I come up with a theory of something that’s right 90% of the time, people will say, “Gee, that guy Al is pretty smart.”  If I come up with a theory that’s right even 65% of the time, people will congratulate me for my logic.

“But if I devise a theory that’s wrong 95% of the time, people will snicker and say I’m an idiot.  And if–despite acknowledging that my theory fails 95% of the time–I not only continue to believe in my theory but even insist that everyone else should also believe in it, people will call me a fool or a lunatic.

Does dark matter really exist, or must we have faith?
Does dark matter really exist, or must we have faith?

“But that’s just what some scientists do.  They can’t even perceive 95% of the universe, and yet they insist that their ignorance is merely a mystery rather than evidence of flaws in the fundamental premises of their ‘science’ ”.

Read more about the longest standing problem in Astrophysics, from Alfred Adask. Check out his show at American Voice Radio, here. Listen to Texe Marrs.

“The legendary campaigner against all things unfair and irrational has suddenly heard that his access to free sex might be threatened….Under Net neutrality, every site on the Internet has to be equally accessible, whether it be a huge behemoth like Google, or a small mom-and-pop site like Bing.” Read more about Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert: Keep Net Neutrality!
Stephen Colbert: Keep Net Neutrality!

“Democrats have introduced legislation in the US Senate and House of Representatives that will temporarily restore Net neutrality rules to keep the Internet open until the Federal Communications Commission can craft rules of its own that will stand up in court.” Read more.

Verizon v. Federal Communications Commission, PDF, U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C., here. Check out Rick Falkvinge. In this Red Ice Radio interview, he explains how copyright laws invade civil liberties and demand surveillance, here.

Save the Internet: Reclassify!
Save the Internet: Reclassify!

“Reclassification offers us a path towards increased competition, free speech and all the free market benefits a venture capitalist could dream of. Reclassification is not a new concept. It is not a bad thing. And it’s our best chance at saving everything we love about the Internet.” Read more The Free Press Media Conference is being held April 2014 in Denver, PDF.

Breaking: Charlie Sheen Found Alive, Aged 48, here. “College students sign petition to imprison all gun owners…. Political prankster Mark Dice tells some of the students signing the petition that he’d like to kill all registered gun owners, and it doesn’t deter them from signing! Read more about Mark Dice’s activism and all the latest news at Infowars. My January 2014 News here.

Instruments of unreality…..check out Manly P. Hall, Tragedy of the Broken Doll, video. Michael Tsarion on the Post Human World, here. The Zionist Roots of Freemasonry, here. Mystery of the Widow’s Son – The Legend of the Craft, here. Check out this video: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham. Here’s the Creation Museum.”Michael, I’m hungry give me your sandwich….” check out this Dinesh D’Souza & Michael Shermer debate from 2012 at Oregon State University, here.

The liberty movement lost another one of its patriarchs last Saturday. My friend, Jack McLamb, passed away. Without a doubt, Jack was one of the staunchest allies that liberty and constitutional government ever had….Read more from Chuck Baldwin. “The following information might be further shared to the benefit of Jack McLamb friends living close enough to either of these locations…Idaho Inquiries: (208) 935.7852…Phoenix, Arizona Inquiries: (602) 276.0203.” Read more at Oathkeepers.

Jack McLamb, a Man of the Utmost Honesty and Integrity
Jack McLamb, a Man of the Utmost Honesty and Integrity

“To our good friend Jack McLamb: You were easily one of the bravest, and still most honest and caring people I have ever had the opportunity to know… Rest in Peace Brother, Jack Blood” Read more.

“This sad story comes to us from Republic Broadcasting and shares the news that former Police Officer and American Patriot Jack McLamb is near death.” Read more.

Here’s Right to Travel by patriot, Jack McLamb RIP, PDF Operation Vampire Killer: 2000 Police and Military Against the NWO by Jack McLamb, PDF.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides, “No person shall …be compelled …to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law….” Read more. For background, check out USA vs. US. Check out the National Liberty Alliance Meetup and Blog Talk Radio Program. Here’s News. Here’s their website.

D.C. Phallus- Two girls, Mary and Virginia, and one man? Who is "He?"
D.C. Phallus- Two girls, Mary and Virginia, and one man? Who is “He?”

How can American men and women, living on the land that is our states, provide identification to so-called “law enforcement”, without incriminating ourselves and granting federal jurisdiction in the process? Sometimes “law enforcement” just won’t take “no” for an answer when you attempt to provide self-made I.D. Have you noticed? Check out Barack Obama Admits All Government is by Consent, here.

Cops want that Birth Certificate name in ALL CAPS, (the Money Trust), so they can “charge” it and make $$$ off the sheeple on trumped up allegations. Read about the Strawman. And I have found from experience that, if you don’t give it up to them voluntarily, they are liable to throw you in jail and seize it from your purse or wallet involuntarily! Check out Rule 7: Indictment and the Information, here. Check out DNA Profile Indictment, here. To learn more, check out Kurt Kallenbach’s activism here, here, here, and here.

On the flip side, when it comes to cops actually protecting Americans’ rights, it’s discretionary. “While the use of the word “shall” in a statute ordinarily suggests that action is mandatory…the police retain discretion in its enforcement.” Castle Rock v. Gonzales (2004), PDF.

Isn’t the very process of providing identification that might be self-incriminating unconstitutional? Isn’t it a violation of substantial and/or procedural due process? Shouldn’t Americans have a way to provide identification that is not self-incriminating? Shouldn’t Americans have a way to provide this non-incriminating identification to the cops BEFORE THEY THROW US IN JAIL? Would that be too much to ask of our allegedly “elected” mis-representatives?

Moreover, shouldn’t we have a way to provide identification that clearly differentiates between the real man and his property? Can you imagine handing a thief not only a listing of all of your assets (thanks, NSA!) but also permission to take them from you, should he desire to do so? Check out The Secret of the Special Maritime Jurisdiction of the United States Exposed, PDF.  Speaking of thieves, what’s the “affordable” care act really going to cost Amerikans? Read more.

Spend Spend Spend; then, junk the constitution and declare a dictatorship!
Spend Spend Spend; then, junk the constitution and declare a dictatorship!

Our Hall of Famer George Carlin RIP once said, big business and politicians count on Americans remaining willfully ignorant of the “big red, white, and blue” you know what that’s being shoved up our you know what. The visual gives new meaning to the phrase, George Washington’s “monument!” What a guy! The corporation dba the United States: turning Virginal American people into Mystery Babylon, the Mother of all Whores for over 100 years.

Democracy can be explained as “two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to have for dinner” or “A political system calculated to make an intelligent minority subject to the will of the stupid.” Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

“A political cartoon from the 1930s in response to the New Deal plans. Note particularly the ‘Plan of Action for U.S.’ in the bottom left corner: ‘Spend! Spend! Spend under the guise of recovery — bust the government –blame the capitalists for the failure — junk the Constitution and declare a dictatorship.'” Hey, check out these videos.

“The only daughter of Zeus and Demeter (the goddess of grain, agriculture, and fertility), Persephone was an innocent maiden, a virgin who loved to play in the fields where eternal springtime reigned. But Hades had other plans for Persephone: He would steal her innocence and virginity and turn her into the dreaded goddess of the Underworld.” Read more.

Check out Voodoo Dolls of the Elite, here. “The United States Capitol, officially called the Temple of Liberty, was inspired by and modeled after the Pantheon in Rome. It’s topped by a statue of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, and features a mural in the eye of the rotunda that depicts the transformation of George Washington into a god.

George Washington and Satanic Luciferian Baphomet Statues, Compared
George Washington and Satanic Luciferian Baphomet Statues, Compared

Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces, writes that the Universal Hero…must pass through a stage of Apotheosis…. the expansion of consciousness that the hero experiences after defeating his foe. [Arthur C. Clarke’s] novel Childhood’s End has the Overlords refer to Mankind’s ‘apotheosis’ when the world’s children evolve into their union with the Overmind.” Read more.

George Washington was the first president of the Federal Republican government which we (theoretically) still have today. The presidents before him were actually presidents of the Continental Congress, which was designated by the Articles of Confederation. America wasn’t so much a nation then, as a confederation of states. The Forgotten Presidents, PDF.

“Our tax system is based on individual self-assessment and voluntary compliance.” Mortimer Caplin

“On the right hand of the Father sits Minerva, holding the emblem of Roman totalitarianism, the fasces. Minerva, we recall, was the virgin goddess of the Sacred Heart–it was she who rescued the heart of the Son of God, and placed it with Jupiter in heaven. She was called ‘Minerva’ (Lucifer Sun Worship) when praised for her justice and wisdom. When praised for her beauty and love, Minerva was known as Venus, the Queen of Heaven. She and Venus were often identified with each other, just as statues of both were reconsecrated “Mary” through Roman Catholic missionary adaptation.” Read more.

“Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” 2 Thess 2:4

Apotheosis of George Washington: Two girls and one man - who is "He?"
Apotheosis of George Washington: Two girls and one man – who is “He?”

“Voting rights of citizens in the District of Columbia differ from the rights of citizens in each of the 50 U.S. states. The United States Constitution grants each state voting representation in both houses of the United States Congress. As the U.S. capital, the District of Columbia is a special federal district, not a state, and therefore does not have voting representation in the Congress.” Read more.

Did you read that correctly? D.C. “residents” don’t have voting representation in the Congress! Listen to Kurt Kallenbach talk with Jon and Peter, here, about how 300 million American people, as residents of the District of Columbia (via the Birth Certificate registration, voter registration, driver’s license, etc.), are being denied the right to vote for an American president. “The corporate political society or civil state has its sovereign head ruling over numerous individuals similar to a patriarchal family…” Read more.

FEDERAL: “1640s, as a theological term,…’covenant, league, treaty, alliance,’ related to fides ‘faith’; ‘pertaining to a treaty’ (1650s) led to political sense of ‘state formed by agreement among independent states’ (1707), from phrases like federal union ‘union based on a treaty,’ popularized by formation of U.S.A. 1776-1787.” Read more.

If Obomber is impeached, his alleged presidency is legitimized. So remove him instead. Better yet, remove ourselves from the federal district! Check out this PDF. Connecticut Gun Owners Revolt; Refuse to Register Firearms & Magazines.” Read more. Find all of Alex Jones’ podcasts here.

Amerikans wake up: "We will not be disarmed."
Amerikans wake up: “We will not be disarmed.”

“Gun owners in Connecticut have revolted against a new gun control law, with just 38,000 out of 2.4 million high capacity magazines being registered with authorities….Following the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, Connecticut passed a law which banned ammunition magazines capable of carrying more than 10 rounds.

Residents who had acquired such magazines before the law came into effect were mandated to register them with state police by January 1, 2014. The law also banned assault rifles manufactured after 1994, requiring them to be declared to authorities.” Read more.

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” Oscar Wilde. Have you heard about the new Drone Spotting App? Check out this JoyCamp video. 2012 came and went….did you ascend? If not, you’ll like this video! What is a “resident?” Are you sure you want to “be” one? Peter and Kurt Kallenbach covered this and many topics Saturday, January 25, 2014, to shed light on how the wool is being pulled over Amerikans’ eyes by attorneys and judges. Check it out here

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

“A police chief was detained and harassed by federal agents while traveling to a constitutional convention before returning home to be told he was being placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his police department after signing a pledge to uphold the bill of rights.” Read more.

Billy Bragg's project, Jail Guitar Doors
Billy Bragg’s project, Jail Guitar Doors

“The internet offers huge potential for artists who want to make music on their own terms. As the old business model crumbles to dust, artists have much to gain from entering into dialogue with their fans, not least from encouraging them to buy their music directly from the farm gate, secure in the knowledge that the money they spend will support the artist in their work.

I want this website to be my main source of communication with the world: songs I record, articles that I write, clips I film on my phone, merchandising I produce, blogs, comments, posts, all will be available here….” Read more.”Jail Guitar Doors is an independent initiative which aims to provide instruments to those who are using music as a means of achieving the rehabilitation of prison inmates. Founded by Billy Bragg, it takes its name from the b-side of the Clash’s 1978 single ‘Clash City Rockers’.” Read more.

Devil's Seed: a "resident" of the District of Columbia?
Devil’s Seed: “resident” of D.C.?

“The myth of Ilithyia is also connected in ancient history with the birth of Apollo, whose coming as ‘the promised seed’ formed the novus ordo seclorum prophecy of the Great Seal of the United States (as thoroughly documented in Apollyon Rising).

This ‘messiah’ who returns to rule the Earth in the latter days is also described (by the same name) in the book of 2 Thessalonians as the Antichrist who becomes the progeny or incarnation of the ancient seed (or spirit) of Apollo.”

“The warning in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 reads: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [Apoleia; Apollyon, Apollo]” (emphasis added)…..” Read more at Mystery of the Iniquity, here. Check out the upcoming Freedom Summit 2014, February 14-16, 2014, courtesy of Ernie and Donna Hancock at Freedoms Phoenix, here. Check out a sample of their magazine. Check out magazine artwork by Athena Tivnan.

Santos Bonacci: the most powerful people on the planet are psychopaths!
Santos Bonacci: the most powerful people on the planet are psychopaths!

Are We Really Free: The Corporate You. Join Johnny Guzman and Santos Bonacci to get a full understanding of the lies and manipulation the so-called “Legal Judiciary” system has perpetrated on us… Watch this video. Check out updates re: our Featured Musician Santos’ recent arrest and release, here.

Also, check out Johnny and special guest Peter Eugene from Privatis.ME, Claiming The Divine Proportion, video.

KAIROS: “With the genitive of a thing, the time… at which it will occur….the time when antichrist shall show himself openly….the time appointed for my death…the time appointed for the dead to be recalled to life and judged…when the fruits ripen…the time for appearing in public….” Read more. Check out John McTernan’s insights. Check out Gary Stearman. Read about America’s Ark by Don Schwarz, here.

What is a Birth Certificate? Read here. The Roman Empire Rules Today Part 1 and Part 2.

“And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?” Matthew 8:29

“When Victor Frankenstein rejects the artificial man he just created, the monster escapes and later swears revenge.” Read more.

Michelangelo's Painting of the Cumaean Sibyl: Six Fingers
Michelangelo’s Painting of the Cumaean Sibyl: Six Fingers

Author of the famous novel, Frankenstein, “Mary Shelley claimed in the introduction to her novel, The Last Man, that in 1818 she discovered, in the Sibyl’s cave near Naples, a collection of prophetic writings painted on leaves by the Cumaean Sibyl. She edited these writings into the current first-person narrative of a man living at the end of the 21st century, which proves to be the end of humanity.”

Earlier 2014 February News is found here.