Rising Artist Xiren is a Fan of Alex Jones

Based in Denver, CO, Xiren (pronounced seer-rin) is an internationally touring Irish-American rock/pop artist cut from the same cloth as U2, MUSE, Sting, & Peter Gabriel.

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Lost in America

Packing a counter tenor, the best musicians/entertainers in CO and national level computer assisted stage production, his live show peels the paint off the walls and always leaves the audience wanting more. Xiren is also an avid Yogi and holds the rank of Shodan in a traditional style of Japanese Ninjutsu. During last year’s India and US tours he managed to keep a rigorous workout schedule while on the tour bus.

Xiren’s touring band is a real crowd pleaser; a rock quartet featuring national level musicians. The show employs Xiren’s technical savvy integrating sophisticated computer production creating the ultimate concert experience. And every night the audience wins. After the show is over there’s a glow throughout the audience; an experience of connecting to another world perhaps. One ripe with energy, grace and possibility.

Xiren Undergoes Strange Journey in ’08

Originally published in Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, October 2008

Considering the scams, bus crashes and wedding vows, 2008 has been a monster year for singer-songwriter Xiren, real name Daryl Xiren Kenny. And it’s not over yet; he believes his new album, Trip-R, could be the breakout recording he’s been seeking since his move from Detroit to Denver 12 years ago.

“When we look back at all the great records that were ever made, the people making them knew that they had something special at the time, and it’s a little bit of that feeling,” Xiren says. “We’ll see if there’s any legitimacy in that.”

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