Freedom’s Phoenix “Listen to the sound that you hear like an echo in your head There’s a strange vibration rising Out from the heart of America, America Listen to the sound of the drum calling players to the game Of the New World Order Don’t be caught unaware When the heads start rolling…..No, it couldn’t happen here I know it wouldn’t happen here…” Read more.

Check out a song from Jordan’s first album:


Here is Jordan performing at Wayne Walton’s conference in Colorado:

Sandra Crosnoe It was almost a year ago now that I met the most amazing musician at the Midwest Liberty Fest in Duquoin Illinois.  I was there to talk to everyone about social networking and he was there to unravel the message of the movement in song and delight the audience of faithful followers with his talent, his smile and his message.

We shared briefly in between sets and I learned of a deep faith and  warm personality and a depth of character that brings joy to all he touches.  His songs challenge us to understand where we have been and to point the way forward.

Jordan just released his 4th CD, Liberty.

Jordan Page at the Peace Unity and Freedom Festival PUFF in Breckinridge, July 2012
Jordan Page at the Peace Unity and Freedom Festival PUFF in Breckinridge, July 2012

Here’s an interview with Jordan over at The Reality Report.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”  Samuel Adams, 1780

Jordan Page Music “My fellow Americans, the time has come. Undoubtedly we stand at the edge of a great abyss, with our most cherished liberties in jeopardy. We live in a time when the people of once free nations have no voice, and live in fear of repression by dark forces aligning against them.

We live in a time when laws that dissolve the security and sovereignty of our country are passed without public debate and those who swear public oaths to defend it blatantly attack our Constitution. We live in an era when ruthless men atop mountains of wealth control all mainstream information outlets, thus creating false reality and proving that money is stronger than truth.


Our unaccountable elected and selected officials in Washington DC have squandered our inheritance, and given themselves immunity. They have allowed and perpetuated unsound monetary, legislative, and foreign military policies, which have led us down the path to untold human suffering.

Jordan Page: At the Crossroads
Jordan Page: At the Crossroads

We have survived the eight long years of smug arrogance and hypocrisy that defined the Bush presidency and changed the face of the world forever, only to be swept up by the fervor of the idea of change personified by one man, whom I believe to be under the thumb and shield of the upper echelons of high finance. I remain, thoroughly unimpressed. I anxiously wait for a true voice of the people to emerge from out of the mire that is our Congress and bring sanity and humanity to our nation’s capital.”

Jordan Page, musician/activist, Jordan Page Music

You can find the mp3 and lyrics for Jordan’s song, Listen, at the M4F Uppity Slaves archive.