Aimee Allen is an American pop/rock singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

She is best known for her work on the dance song “Cooties” made for the soundtrack of the 2007 version of the movie Hairspray. She was previously signed to Elektra Records and her album I’d Start a Revolution If I Could Get Up in the Morning, featuring tracks produced by Mark Ronson and Don Gilmore, was never released due to a corporate merger.

Aimee Allen Cover of "A Little Happiness"
Aimee Allen on the Cover of “A Little Happiness”

The label did, however, release her first single “Revolution” which was a featured rock video on MTV, appeared in the soundtrack of the film Storm, and was the theme for the WB Television Network series Birds of Prey (though replaced for DVD release in 2008). In 2007 her song “Stripper Friends” was re-worked and recorded by Kevin Michael featuring Lupe Fiasco as the hit single “We All Want the Same Thing,” released by Downtown Records on the debut album Kevin Michael. That same year the song was also covered by celebrity Tila Tequila for her MTV reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Allen contributed to the writing of Unwritten Law’s album Here’s to the Mourning, released in February 2005. She co-wrote lyrics for the entire album with Unwritten Law singer Scott Russo and also co-wrote the hit single “Save Me (Wake Up Call)” along with Russo and Linda Perry. Allen and Russo began a romantic relationship that resulted in a side project called Scott & Aimee. Their album Sitting in a Tree was released in 2007 by Side Tracked Records.  Allen was also a judge for the 8th annual Independent Music Awards. Her contributions helped assist the careers of upcoming independent artists.
Aimee Allen Created the Ron Paul Revolution Anthem
Aimee Allen Created the Anthem for the Ron Paul Revolution
Allen has had a few acting parts, most notably in season 3 of Undressed and Repli-Kate.  Allen has shown support for the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul, recording a song titled “The Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song.”
On September 2, 2008, she performed Universal Soldier (at Rep. Paul’s request) before a sold out crowd of over 12,000 at Minneapolis’s Target Center for the Campaign for Liberty’s “Rally for the Republic”, hosted by Paul.
Allen released a new album called A Little Happiness on July 21, 2009, published by Side Tracked Records with ADA/Warner. She recently contributed to the soundtrack for the film, Sorority Row, and released a single called “I’m Here”.

From Aimee’s Bio:

Anybody can have their “rock,” “punk” or “folk” phase—real artists transcend boundaries and genres so gracefully that their fans hardly blink an eye. Aimee Allen is that type of songwriter.

The explosive, outspoken voice behind modern rock monsters “Revolution” and “If It Feels Right” (not to mention contributions to the Grammy-nominated Hairspray soundtrack and multiple best-selling, critically-acclaimed artists) unveils a more serene side of her personality on A Little Happiness. Despite her decision to record the album in the depths of a desolate Indiana winter, Happiness radiates her sense of home in the California sunshine—its 11 introspective, largely acoustic tracks conjure the simple bliss of a drive down to the Pacific.