Jonny 5 has plans to eventually do everything, but seeks to do so in an orderly way. He wears his brother’s clothes and travels by bicycle. His turn-offs are road rage and hash browns. He believes in global warming and magical realism. In 2013 he hopes to write a rap in 10 languages. His favorite MC tends to be MF Doom. Sooner or later when things settle down he’s going to read all those books.

Brer Rabbit always wanted to be a hero. But after factoring the stigma that comes with vigilanteeism and the onerous burden of living two lives, he changed his mind and moved to education and hip-hop. This way he can strive for the greater good, have an alter-ego, and be a member of a super group, while walking in the footsteps of those he has idolized most: NightCrawler and Ann Breckenridge.

Andy’s first musical appearance was as front man for the Funktion, a high energy Denver funk-rock band from the late 90’s. Since then he has become a staple of the Denver music scene through his leadership of the funky-shake-yo-ass-beat-slammin rock band Bop Skizzum. Andy believes that Denver is on the precipice of revolutionary greatness, and his enthusiastic devotion and advocacy of the Denver scene is no doubt part of the reason. A true warrior of music, no one brings the funk like Andy Guerrero.

Flobots, from Denver, started activism group, Fight with Tools
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Kenny O: Past– A mainstay of the Denver scene for many years. Has played for everyone under the sun, a few under the moon, and a couple of things under a tarp in the backyard.

Present– Oscillates, palpitates and undulates under the watchful eyes of Flobot fans from Petaluma to Pershotravensk.

Future– When not behind the kit will undoubtedly be found spinning a web any size, catching thieves just like flies in the new Raimi-less reboot or looking for his car keys.

Flobots' Founded Fight With Tools for Activism
Flobots’ Founded Activism Group, Fight With Tools

Jesse began playing the bass after listening to Mother’s Milk. He likes the bass because it’s a versatile instrument with unexplored possibilities that has limitless capacity to handle his vicious beatings.

After spending nearly 5 years struggling to make the violin sound good, Mackenzie discovered the viola at age 12. The moment she picked it up and put the bow to the strings, she knew it was the instrument she was destined to play. After four great years at the Denver School of the Arts and four tumultuous years at the University of Denver, Mackenzie finally decided to set aside her classical studies and join the Flobots in full force.