Ian Dorsch “Award winning composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Ian Dorsch has written theme music and soundtracks for video games, podcasts, short films and video. His work spans the spectrum from indie games and film to the hit Xbox 360 release Gears of War 3.” Check out Escapist Magazine.

Ian Dorsch has a couple of sites where you can find his work.
Ian Dorsch has a couple of sites where you can find his work.

“Ian’s formal training is in classical voice and choral conducting, and he has extensive experience writing for and conducting professional vocal and instrumental ensembles of various sizes.”

Ian Dorsch
Ian Dorsch

“He was a member in the band, Chiascuro, now disbanded. Heavy metal band with influences ranging from Dream Theater to Korn. Guitars can be a bit too crunchy and distorted at times, but the keyboard work and Ian Dorsch’s vocals are the best part of the band.

They kind of disappeared for a few years, and according to posts by Ian on the PM:X forum in mid 2006, they have thrown in the towel.” Check out Chiascuro’s 3 releases here.

Ian Dorsch performs music for games, videos, films, etc.
Ian Dorsch performs music for games, videos, films, etc.

He also was a founding member of pioneering Seattle-area progressive metal band Chiaroscuro, and his experience as a leader in both the classical community and the rock scene has earned him connections with some of the best players in the Pacific Northwest.

Ian’s experience on stage, in the studio and in the concert hall puts him in a unique position: He is a highly creative musician who is equally at home composing, arranging, performing and conducting music in a dizzying variety of styles.

I can’t say enough good things about Ian Dorsch. I’ve worked with a fair number of musicians and composers across various media, but Ian is someone I’d consider to be a musician’s musician and a composer’s composer. He _gets_ music in a way few other musicians I’ve worked with have. I’ve yet to set a challenge before him he’s not been able to master, and I’ve asked him to do some ridiculous compositions. During the nine months or so Ian worked for my Insomnia Productions as musical director, I’d frequently call him at some ungodly hour, remind him of an obscure musical reference and then ask for “something just like that.” Without fail, he’d deliver on time and beyond my expectations.

Ian Dorsch
Ian Dorsch

The occasions I’ve had to work with him on more custom pieces of composition have been even more magical. As a musician, Ian knows exactly how to bend each instrument to his will, and produce just the right sound. As a composer, he knows how to translate a producer’s vision into a stunning musical composition. I used to say that working with musicians made me wish I could play an instrument myself. But working with Ian makes me wish I could work with him every day, and let him play the instruments for me.

Russ Pitts
Founding Editor
Vox Games

He’s also doin’ music for Peter Joseph’s Culture in Decline. Here are his credits:

  • Music creation and audio design for Gears of War 3 / Microsoft Game Studios
  • Music composition for Werkpilot
  • Music composition and coordination for The Escapist Magazine
  • Music composition for Spawn Studios
  • Music composition for Game Bakery
  • Music composition for Airborn
  • Music composition for Involution Studios
  • Music composition for Steele Sky Studios
  • Music composition for haxftw
  • Music composition for Ekon
  • Music composition for Love
  • Music composition for Bela D Media
  • Music composition for BlackLeaf Studios’ Art of War
  • Music composition for Gamers With Jobs Conference Call podcast
  • Music composition and sound design for Warpigstudios’ Badge of Blood
  • Music composition for Gary Grigsby’s World at War: A World Divided
  • Music direction and composition for InsomniaCorp’s Gamers With Jobs Radio podcast
  • Winner of 2nd Annual Game Audio Network Guild Composition Contest
  • Composition, Arranging and Sound Design for Little b Productions’ “the space in-between: an electronic cabaret”

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