July 2012 Featured Musician Tatiana Moroz

Streamed live on Jan 5, 2014I got to sit down with Tatiana Moroz, a prominent musician in the liberty and bitcoin communities, to discuss topics of music, bitcoin, and much more. Tatiana views music as one of the best ways to spread the message of bitcoin and liberty, and has thrived in the scene. The interview was fun and informative….Her latest song is very catchy “The Bitcoin Jingle”, which can be viewed below along with our interview….” Read more.

TM My name is Tatiana, & I’m a singer-songwriter. When it’s late, & I realize that there is truly nothing or no one to save me but myself, I pick up my guitar.  I pour everything into the music, & it really does make everything all better (pardon the cliché).  Music is my best friend.

Musician and freedom lover Tatiana Moroz
Musician and freedom lover Tatiana Moroz

I grew up in North Jersey & I started singing when I was 10.  I always knew I wanted to perform.  I loved words, & grew up listening to Phantom of the Opera, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, & Madonna. Even though I wasn’t the coolest kid on the block, when I went to Poland I was a rock star.

One summer I was at a camp there, & people literally crowded around the cabin chanting, “We want the American girl!” over & over.  It left quite an impression on me.

Picture of Tatiana by Matt Petricone
Picture of Tatiana by Matt Petricone

Back in NJ, my social life blossomed. I performed in the school choir & musicals, & I took guitar lessons. I listened to Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Guns & Roses, Fiona Apple, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, the Indigo Girls, the Beatles, Doors, & Janis. I rocked out at Phish, NIN & Pink Floyd shows.

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At Berklee College of Music, I studied jazz vocals & music business. After graduation, I returned to NYC, where I immediately began working in some of the top recording studios. Really, I just wanted a place to figure out where I was headed, & a studio was a far more creative place than a record label.

Picture of Tatiana by Steve Hardy

That’s where I fell in love twice, with mixed results.  The bad romance left me heartbroken, but with the record as my motivator, I completed my first album on my own. It was my indie debut of 12 songs, “Tatiana” written, sung, & produced by yours truly.

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Nowadays, I find myself with an even stronger conviction that music is the right path.  I am an active member of the Liberty movement, & have had wonderful opportunities to perform & meet inspiring people from all different backgrounds.  I see a light of hope for us all, & I feel closer to my fellow man than ever.  I find myself able to do something I have always dreamed: mix my love of mankind, my desire to make the world a better place, & my music into one.  I have released 2 EPs, & a follow up LP titled “Love and Liberty”.

Tatiana Moroz has performed for many liberty events
Tatiana Moroz has performed for many liberty events

Music is the one sure way I can turn anything horrible into something of beauty. The control I have over at least that one thing gives me peace & a sense of purpose. I love knowing that others can share in this – it’s a brief but true solution to loneliness, heartache, & all of the challenges we face in life.  It can also be a great motivator, & bring about great change. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve been afforded through music, & the friends I’ve made.

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While there have been some hard times, I have grown up a bit, & settled into myself.  I always had an idea of where I was going, but the path is even clearer now.  Because of this, I can say I’m very happy with where I am in life.  I feel good knowing that I’m working toward something positive, my efforts are appreciated, & more importantly, my music and message  resonates with so many!  I know that with my ’67 Gibson acoustic guitar and my hopeful heart, the world of possibilities is wide open and free.

Peace, Love, and Liberty,


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