Sharlenemusic Updated Feb. 2018 I looked all over for a written bio for Payday Monsanto, to no avail. I was having a hard time finding images, too. I’ll try to piece together a written bio from the interviews when I get time. His genre is East Coast Hip Hop, and he lives in Pennsylvania, I think! In the meantime check out the radio interviews, videos and links below. Enjoy the music!

Payday Monsanto is Diametrically Opposed to Ad Hominem Attacks!
Payday Monsanto is Diametrically Opposed to Ad Hominem Attacks!

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“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” — Henry A. Kissinger “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” —David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

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BuckTown U.S..A
United States

Let me preface whatever’s gonna happen in the future
With the fact I’m not your typical cat rapping to shoot ya.
Anything given certificate is under ownership.
Once you know the true predicament, you’ve got a bone to pick
Citizens had to be pledged as collateral chattel
Before the monarch could start the international battle.
They tricked your parents into a human monopoly.
That’s why they registered you as biological property.
When Britain hatched the plan to snatch the land
They gave you illegal fiction now that’s the jam
You find yourself stuck in. You’re such a cool victim,
Indoctrinated in Rockefeller’s public school system.
Your presidents work directly for the Crown truly.
I did my due diligence cause it’s my dedicated duty.
Fuck bureaucrats trying to fool me. The Commonwealth is dying to rule me.
All I can tell them is welcome to Itanimulli.

You could be free again
Oh that would be grand
Only if you would see my friend
First you must understand
They pathologically pretend
Hoping to get you on the ship
Better to persuade you to agree with them
And it will never cease to end
Perpetual conflict
Free again
Indeed you can take the shackles off
But have you ever really been?
According to Maritime Admiralty Law?
You never will be free my friend
If you fail to reclaim
Your tax money they freely spend
On wars that never seem to end.

United States is not a country but a corporation
Contractually created by the Constitution
Let there be no debate.
Your founding fathers intended you to be a citizen on your respective state,
Not a citizen of the US
Domiciled in Washington DC oh yes.
Prior to 1921 upon arrival,
The birth of babies was recorded in the family Bible.
But after the great depression people really lost their noodle
So they signed a document that simply squandered all their scruples
Joining the ranks of former slaves children
Becoming a 14th Amendment citizen.
The Social Security Act written by actors,
Manufactured to make it look like a beautiful package.
Too bad you never heard the news
The Social Security Act equals voluntary servitude.
(Notice the deceptive language.)

You bow to tyranny again
And voluntarily my friend
14th amendment citizen
You better learn to speak to them
If you want to be free again.

The president of the United States don’t answer to the queen.
He answers to some shadowy cats that you’ve never seen.
Frank Vanderlip wrote about it in the Evening Post.
Now the creature from Jekyll Island is robbing you blind
While he’s smiling at you cause he’s just a ghost.
To get a job in America you need a SSN.
To go to work in Canada you need a card people call a SIN.
They change the names but it’s all the same no matter where you’ve been.
They declared an emergency in 1933 and it certainly speaks to the state you’re in.
I got a son that I cannot call a kid.
If I have my way I’m gonna get him off the grid.
I got a beautiful girl named Sophie on the way,
And if they try to stick a little chip in my children forget the gazillion
They’re really gonna have to pay.
You have no fear anymore…You’re completely free.







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