Sons of Liberty Jon Schaffer revealed he will release a 5-song Sons of Liberty EP in early December. Tentatively titled Molon Labe (Greek for “come and get it”), the EP will feature these tracks: Alive, Spirit of the Times, Molon Labe, Mind Control, and Full Spectrum Dominance.

Iced Earth Jon Schaffer is a fierce freedom fighter
Iced Earth Founder Jon Schaffer is a fierce fighter for freedom!

According to Schaffer, the writing and recording sessions for the new Iced Earth album were so fruitful that he was able to write and will soon record five non-Iced Earth songs, all of which will appear on the new Sons of Liberty EP.

Jon Schaffer (2nd from L) with Iced Earth
Jon Schaffer (2nd from L) with Iced Earth

“I would have loved to have done a full-length Sons of Liberty album,” Schaffer said. “But Iced Earth takes precedence and likely will for at least the next year of recording, mixing, and then criss-crossing the globe on our 2011-2012 World Tour.”

The format for Molon Labe has not been decided. It may be a physical CD available via mail-order only. Or it may be a digital download. Or both.

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“Meet the infinity shackles! In our healthy society, we have no place for free-thinking individuals, or any other kind of destructive force to our system, Therefore, we are in need of a new control program which will ensure the functionality and the survival of our order.

Our most dangerous adversary is art and its communication through stealth and aesthetics. Beauty is trivial and has no place in our order, unless it works for our cause. Thus, we must rid our society of artists, musicians, painters, poets, and more importantly – their works, if they do not fit our scheme.

One of our strongest enemies comes from the very heart of this country. His name is Jon Schaffer, but more important is his project which so disrespectfully, but effectively through educational measures and observation undermines our agenda. In the most mocking fashion, he named the project “Sons of Liberty”.

Joh Schaffer (R) on his Brazilian Tour 2010
Joh Schaffer (R) on his Brazilian Tour 2010

This is a very strong name for its historical value and its power to reinstate freedom as a God given right, which is obviously something we have to dismiss if we are to persevere. The word “Liberty” must never again convey images of happiness, but of unemployment and dysfunction. His emphasis of the word is strong in itself for it has a root in latin and is recognizable all over the world. Adding to it the typography, he makes it something noble, something desirable, and so Constitution-like, as if he knows that that same Constitution is something we intend to trample on and bury in oblivion.

I hereby order that the logo must be forbidden, and every individual showing sympathy for it in any way, must be treated as a threat to the collective and our society.” Read more.

Century Media Records Historically, music has always been at its most powerful when coming from a place of oppression or struggle. As the reality of making ends meet in North America becomes a bleaker prospect with each passing year, regular people who never before questioned their own government, are now finding themselves looking for answers to explain the increasing levels of difficulty and fear we are all now forced to deal with.

 However, in spite of metal’s never-ending fascination with the darker side of things, one of the movement’s greatest mysteries continues to be the near-complete omission of political and systemic issues from the hotplates of most bands. Even as jobs continue being cut, cost of food and shelter become increasingly unaffordable, and corporate collusion with the government reaches a fever pitch, the so-called voice of rebellion known as heavy metal has been deafeningly mum on the perilous state of affairs in the world today.

 The fence-walking ends with Jon Schaffer’s new band, album, and message, Sons of Liberty: “Brush-Fires Of The Mind.” Schaffer’s goal for this project is not to sell records, t-shirts, and concert tickets, but rather to use the historically-relevant band name and resource website for the purpose of spreading awareness about the current state of affairs worldwide. According to Schaffer, “the site promises to be a think-tank containing lots of interesting web-links, book and movie recommendations, and much more. The goal is to wake people up and to get them to start researching and talking with each other. Knowledge is power, and it’s time for us to wake up and start debating with each other.”

Schaffer knew exactly what he was doing when he initially launched the Sons of Liberty project via his very public and outspoken appearance on Alex Jones’ radio show, the man behind the controversial and wildly-popular and Prison Planet TV. As “Brush-Fires Of The Mind” downloads from the Sons of Liberty site well-exceed the 100k mark since being made available as a free download last December, it seems metal fans are perking up to Schaffer’s ambitious new foray into political truth-seeking and awareness-raising.

While the long-admired Iced Earth creative brain and founder fully intends to continue writing and performing with his legendary power thrash outfit, Schaffer felt a burning need to launch this now-parallel group, Sons of Liberty, with a mission that far exceeds the mere need to rock. He has a bone to pick with the global banking institutions that have hijacked government and economic policy, and does not hesitate to point the finger directly at the “corrupt, privately-owned banks who run the world” and their ultimate goal of “consolidating power into a one-world government.”

 Far from being a different musical vision, Schaffer asserts that Sons of Liberty and Iced Earth will actually share much in common, since the guitarist is virtually the lone composer for both groups. Schaffer further explains the need for Sons of Liberty, both in his life and the metal scene at large, by stating, “I’ve tried to keep politics out of Iced Earth through the years and make it more of an escape from the everyday bullshit. Sons of Liberty, however, is for those who have the courage to stand against the tyrannical world government that is unfolding around us.”

“Brush-Fires Of The Mind” features guest solos by legendary producer Jim Morris, Iced Earth guitarist Troy Seele, and world-class bassist, Ruben Drake.

Born from Jon Schaffer’s desire to stimulate curiosity about a pattern of global banking corruption that is undermining the independence of people and their countries, Sons of Liberty aims to spearhead a multi-faceted and peaceful resistance of the tyranny being wrought every day on regular people. Schaffer, in turn, has reverently named his new project after a secret organization comprised of notable United States’ patriots that formed in 1765. These patriots worked fervently to expose and resist the tyranny that the colonists were subjected to, which ultimately led to the American Revolution.

Schaffer further highlights the modern-day significance of the justice-seeking rebels which serve as his band’s main source of inspiration: “Though the U.S. today is not in any shape or form what it was intended to be, we can still look to the founders for inspiration and hope. These guys [a.k.a. the original Sons of Liberty], namely Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, were all about stopping the bankers and the corporations; they were committed to stopping the manipulators.”

Sons of Liberty’s debut full-length “Brush-Fires Of The Mind” will be available on CD for the first time July 13th via Century Media, housed in a deluxe digipack with exclusive artwork and lyrics. The digital version is still available for free download at

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