Michael Parker is an “American poet, singer/ songwriter by birth and in soul.  The quintessential American kid, he was raised under the starry skies of a dusty West Texas farm surrounded by oil wells,  cattle ranches, and pick up trucks….”

“Home on the range indeed, yet he bored easily, questioned authority and longed for a taste of the darker, more mysterious sides of life.  He soon gravitates to indie rock, science fiction, and the avant garde which eventually lands him in Los Angeles, California where he resides to this day….

Michael Parker Sings Songs About Aliens and Stuff
Michael Parker Sings Songs About Aliens and Stuff

“In his latest album “Phantasmagloria” Michael writes songs about the state of the American Dream and its dreamers in the early 21st century and hopes that it’s not our last.  The songs are a collection of dream-visions past, present, and future… They reflect themes like the lack of critical thought in the post 911 world, the mythology of Hollywood, the existence of life beyond Earth, and our universal search for meaning, both collectively and individually.

My name is Michael Parker and I am an American songwriter. My primary medium is what used to be called rock and roll. God bless it.

Genre: Rock: Modern Rock
Release Date: 2006

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The Phantasmagloria conspirators were-

Dave Wilkins, Matt Cornell, Jeff Mcfadden, Bryan Davis, Joe Travers, Tony Brock,
Phil X, Leo Canneto, Anders Franssons, Jason Nesmith, Betsy Ullery, Adam Grace,
Novi Novog, Peter Blyton, and several bartenders

I bow to you all. Thank you.

From the brick red soil of my west Texas childhood to the grey/black pallet of concrete and tar in 21st century Los Angeles, I have followed the dream. The American Dream of the Golden West, Rock and Roll and freedom. Freedom to be myself fully, and to experience life on my own terms.

This album is the product of several years of writing a few hundred songs and picking the ones that most echoed the themes that were still boiling inside me, including my love for America, yet the disturbing lack of critical thought in the post 911 world, the mythology of Hollywood, our search for meaning,and the seeming acceleration of time and reality.

The “Phantasmagloria”. What will we do? We have so many possibilities…

It’s a modern rock concept album with brilliant lyrics regarding America, the mythology of Hollywood, & the post 911 world. Featuring musicians that have played with rock icons like Frank Zappa, Elton John, Prince, Rob Zombie, Duran Duran, and more.

Michael Parker Band Explains How Everything We Know is Wrong
Michael Parker Band Explains How Everything We Know is Wrong

The arranging, recording, and mixing/mastering of this album was an odyssey that took 2 years, 2 continents, almost a dozen musicians, hours of phone calls and scheduling, gallons of drink, and more emotional fortitude than I care to think about. It was recorded in Los Angeles, CA and Sydney, Australia in world class studios and in the valley in bedrooms and dens.

California Artist, Michael Parker, Plays What Used to Be Called Rock n' Roll
California Artist, Michael Parker, Plays What Used to Be Called Rock n’ Roll

My musical partner and co producer was Dave Wilkins, a New South Wales born and bred, salt of the earth, singer songwriter. Dave had a couple of noteworthy bands of his own back home and during the making of this album he was coming off several years playing, writing, and recording with the Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe in their roots band, Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts. That can’t be easy…

All of this was conjured and created without the interference (cough) i mean “assistance” of a recording label, major or otherwise, fancy management, plastic surgery, or corporate tie ins. I did this because I wanted to. And I wanted you to hear it, and feel it, and share it. So “hear” it is. The concept album where you decide the concept, “Phantasmagloria”.

It’s in your hands now… Just like the future.

Good night and good luck,
Michael Parker
Somewhere in the valley – Fall 2006

All songs Produced by Michael Parker and Dave Wilkins except ,
Phantasmagloria & Dead Roses In Bloom, Prod. by Michael Parker and Bryan Davis.

The First Clone—–
Words and Music by Michael Parker—–

The first clone looked younger than life
Appeared stronger than truth.
One better than real
One newer than truth
The first clone looked around at its life
Its birth and its right
When youre second Behind
At the head of the line

The imperfect copy
Was all original
Despite duplication
soul is individual
From the splice to the road
A seed was sewn
And now a new one grows.

The first clone said why am I here
And Then where do I go
I feel so alone
Even when I’m at home

It was a dream to someone
But not to me
I want to be someone
but theres already one
just like me

The first clone was a challenge to god
Whats a young clone to do
Cant go back to the tube
Must be the first of the new Sheeple

Michael Parker – Lead Vocals
Phil X – Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Bryan Davis – Bass
Joe Travers – Drums
Dave Wilkins – Backing Vocals
Niko Parker – Backing vocals (age 4 months)

Produced by Michael Parker and Dave Wilkins
Mixed by Bryan Davis and Michael Parker
Mixed by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Studios

All rights reserved

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