Editor’s Note:You can listen to and find out more about Trillion’s release, The Sky is Falling, here.

Starve the System “At the beginning of this year I said I wasn’t going to make any more rap albums. Well, I never said I wouldn’t make EP’s 🙂 These tracks are all from 2010. Released 23 December 2010, this EP features some excellent guests: KhanQuest, Ench, Andy Gibson, Bliss from Kritical Kontact and Quinn McHugh from Quinn Band.  It also contains audio samples from the tireless Max Igan (www.thecrowhouse.com), ‘The Story of Your Enslavement’ by Stefan Molyneux from freedomainradio.com, and two immortal legends: Bill Cooper & John Lennon and a couple of other guys…for more information – info@trillion.co.nz

NZTrillion “Thirty years ago today, December 8, John Lennon was murdered. I remember it clearly, I was 8 years old – I was really upset, and I collected all the newspaper articles about it. I also remember my dad drawing me a picture of John Lennon for my 7th or 8th birthday. I have been a Beatles fan ever since I could put a record onto a record player…”

“This song came about after imagining a new version of ‘Imagine’ with updated modern verses… I couldn’t think of anything because ‘Imagine’ is still so relevant and already ticks all the boxes, so I just imagined people singing ‘imagine’ again… enjoy.

This song features the awesome Andy Gibson: http://www.andygibson.co.nz/, who also has a new album out here: http://andygibson.bandcamp.com/

And contains a sample from ‘I Am Love’ by Global Chant, seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47IRXZ…

listen/download/buy a better version of the song here:


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