Inflation Nation My music life began 58 years ago with the classic piano lessons at the age of 6. Then one day back then, I heard the greatest piano style. It was Liberace on his TV show playing boogie woogie!

Steve Dore Performs at Ron Paul Rallies All Over the Country
Steve Dore Performs at Ron Paul Rallies All Over the Country

From then on, I searched for the stuff but never really did find what I was looking for until I turned 50 years old! Then I finally heard the masters – Ammons, Lewis, Johnson, and Seeley and Zwingenberger for the first time… Wow. I put all my energy into I will remain a devoted boogie woogie enthusiast for ever.

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Steve Dore, Musician, Activist, and Ron Paul Fan

Rock ‘n’ roll took over my life as a teen and I got a guitar and copied my first idol, Chuck Berry (but who was that absolutely fantastic piano player in the background of Chuck’s tunes… of course, I know now it was Johnnie Johnson). I wanted to be as good as both of them. I spent most of my time practicing. Since a real piano in a band was nearly impossible in those days, I stuck to guitar and moved on to idolizing the Clapton and Bloomfield styles. I ate, drank and slept blues guitar leads and guitar consciousness and then began to write some tunes, played my way through the University of Maine. The advent of the electronic piano made it possible now to use it in a band.

I sang, played keyboard, bass guitar and with my electric guitar was able to keep myself fed pretty much. I have even owned a couple sets of beautiful old Ludwig drums. (there’s not enough time in life!) Later I joined a group of fellow musicans to form the successful rural rock band, The Blend from New England.

We were signed to MCA and accomplished a couple albums. We had combined sales of nearly 130,000 records. We even got on Billboard’s top 100 at #74 with a bullet! I gained the experience of touring and opening huge shows for a long list of great rock and roll acts (The Who, ZZ Top, Hall and Oates, Charlie Daniels, etc). I played piano, guitar and sang my songs. In those days, I expended more wild energy than it would take to run around the world a few times I think, including breaking bones, destroying guitars and cutting tendons from stage accidents. The two albums did well, but we never managed that hit single. We lived the rock ‘n’ roll life to the hilt playing more than 250 dates a year for 7 years commuting often more than 3 hours to gigs in nearby states of New England. It should make me really tired to think about it, but I loved it all.

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As life unfolded, I married and had my two wonderful and most creative additions to the universe, Molly and Addie. They live on the creative edge of life as I do. I’m very proud of them both. I married again… then again for the 3rd time, and I at last found my life partner and have been very happy with Cynthia Garland-Dore. I expect to be together with her through my rockin’ chair days.

More on Steve’s Activism

In 2006, I got into playing (getting back into shape) out sometimes seven days or nights a week which was fine by me – in July, I had 31 gigs in 31 days – a record. I’ve gotten to play and record with the greatest players around my home here in San Jose, CA. I get to try out my new music which is coming in abundance these days, including the collection of 14 tunes, “Inflation Nation” now just completed. I must have at least 3 CDs of other new material ready at this point. Also must squeeze in that magical live recording that we all want to do. I’ll be busy.

I became an avid Ron Paul supporter. He was acandidate for President of the U. S. in 2008 and hopefully 2012. He could actually lead us back to health and I mean on every front that gripes me. Though chances are very slim of that happening. The power of youth on the interenet is a power to behold. I think a lot of people are underestimating what this great man will accomplish. He will always be #1 in my book!

I joined the Shane Dwight Band here in San Jose in January of 2007. Stayed on board for a couple years, then moved away to Texas to write a bunch more political songs and develop

What’s next? Logically, I would say more music for the disaffected citizen seems to be in my future. See: I am passionate about exposing the truth of our monetary system. It says in our own Constitution that only gold and silver shall be money. That seems to make Fed Reserve notes illegal doesn’t it? But we don’t abide much by our own supreme law of the land much these days. Then there is the subject of our freedom. Our individual freedom – not the freedom dictated by some group or groups for my benefit. Scarry stuff going on. Interesting times for sure. I am anxious to see what’s next.

…and a few years pass by like split second. It’s now Dec., 2010 and time sure vanishes. 🙂

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