Bliss, aka David Kittelson, is a musican and activist, front man for the hip hop groups Kritical Kontact and Modern Gentlemen. He has traveled the country spreading truth and music to many people – educating, elightening, entertaining, and waking up people still asleep inside The Matrix.

He brings a high energy stage presence and thought-provoking lyrics to every show. Bliss has worked with We Are Change, Campaign for Liberty, anti-war movements, and various other organizations. With his music, Bliss seeks to raise the vibrational level of humanity as a whole.

Bliss is an artist on Polygraph Radio. To date, he has released 3 Kritical Kontact albums, 1 Modern Gentlemen album and 1 solo album called Beartraps and Landmines, which features the songs 2nd American Revolution, Calling, Long Life and many more. He is releasing his 2nd solo album, The Ghost of Edgar Cayce by the end of the year, and is planning a national tour in 2011 to support the release. You can pick up his CD, Evolution from Revolution, at CD Baby.

I try to be as active in the freedom movment as I can be and I have made countless life long friends in the process. I have toured the whole country east to west coast and everywhere in between. David Kittleson (Bliss)

Entertainers that Bliss and/or Kritical Kontact have appeared on stage with include Vanilla Ice, Afroman, Cunning Lynguists, Bobby Creekwater, Carnage & Desdamona ( Ill Chemistry), Kanser, Concentr8, Emcee Edge, Devilz Speciez, NL Emnt, Number One Common, Playaz Lounge Crew, Carbon Carousel (Eyedea’s Band), The Crest, Big Jess of The Unknown Prophets, One Be Lo, Unknown Prophets, Ecid, Payday Monsanto, Pokerface, Ampkilla, Immortal Technique, Trillion, and many more…

Bliss has produced music for the new internet-based show, Liberty Kids
Bliss has produced music for the new internet-based show, Liberty Kids

What is Kritical Kontact? Some would say a fatal hit from a ninja to the throat collapsing your windpipe. Others would say the impact of a bomb hitting a small village. Others Would Say a knowledgeful insight to one who is lacking in the knowledge department. And some would say a HIP HOP GROUP BASED OUT OF MOTHER FREAKIN’ MINNESOTA! Band members: Legitimit, Bliss, Jaze, and Dj Derek Delgado. Kritical Kontact was signed recently to Blaze It Records LLC.

“We have been working for almost a decade now on writing lyrics, memorizing lyrics, recording lyrics, and performing our lyrics all over the country! What started off as an idea has escalated into a wonderous reality brought fourth by dedication and hard work. We’re easy going and friendly to all. We do not presume to start conflict, wishing for no conflict to be directed toward us. We believe in one race: the Human Race, which needs to stop with all the differences. We are all alike; all lost in an amusement park of wonderment and possibilities, fun and excitement.
Bliss (R) with Modern Gentlemen Partner, Cory “MC1980” Jezierski
Bliss (R) with Modern Gentlemen's Cory “MC1980” Jezierski
We live every moment like it’s the last; enjoy, embrace  it; cherish it, and always look to the positive side. But who doesn’t, right? Why not take a moment for yourself to kick back, have fun, relax and bump some Kritical Kontact for your listening pleasure? Why Not? If you made music we would listen to you! Why not listen to some of what we have to say? Not only do we know our own lyrics we also know each others’ lyrics too.

So how about you learn them with us so we can all rap them together?

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