The Ameros are a rock, reggae, hip-hop, and funk powerhouse that is saying things that no one else is saying. Sharing a bass player and drummer with Taina Asili y la banda rebelde, they are battle hardened musicians who are at the front lines of message music. No matter who is telling the lies, the Ameros are here and steeped in the truth. Prepare to be awakened to a new paradigm via lyrics, harmonies, and blazing guitar solos. They have shared the stage with Vanilla Ice, Naughty By Nature, Bell X-1, and Moby. Shortly after passage of the patriot act, the band (then Cultural Relativity) wrote and recorded the song “Name Your Price for Freedom,” which started their long journey of intellectual and musical discovery.

Jesse Calhoun Manages The Ameros
The Ameros’ Jesse Calhoun

The very night that they posted the recordings of the original demo to myspace, they were contacted by a Columbus DJ from Leaf Pile Radio and told that the station would love to start spinning the tune! On that DJ’s page just happened to be the movie, “Loose Change.” After experiencing the jaw dropping realization of the world we really live in, the anger mixed with clarity, and the Ameros began engaging truth groups across the nation. The band began volunteering their music to the rising tide of youtube video directors. One such person, was Sean Muniz from the War on Apathy in Albany, NY.

The Ameros are a rock, reggae, hip-hop, and funk powerhouse

At the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth, Jesse Calhoun and Sean met with, what for many was the birth of an expansive grassroots movement. After a few years, Jesse and Kawari would move from Ohio to meet up with Kiki Vassilakis and Sean Muniz to form the group now known as the Ameros.

Since then, the Ameros have played Cabinfest, Truthstock, and Larkfest.  They have been interviewed on 104.9 FM the Edge99.7 out of the BerkshiresRevolution Radio Live, and Liberty Radio. Their new album will include the songs “Terminator Seeds” and “H1N1”,which have added a harder-rap-metal feel to the ever evolving sound of the Ameros. Listen to “Terminator Seeds” and download “H1N1” when you subscribe to the Ameros newsletter:

Liberty Radio Reveals the Truth Behind the Music
The Ameros Reveal the Truth Behind the Music

Published on Sep 29, 2012 This is an interview with Mark Passio recorded on 4-22-11 during the “End The Fed” rally in Philadelphia. When we say “end the fed” we mean the Federal Reserve. The name is kind of a joke because they are a private cartel and they have no reserves. They just create money when they decide to. The problem is they have a monopoly on this power and no one else is allowed to create money. Not even the United States government. What a sham. Imagine a private organization able to control the whole money system that we have to exist under. That’s what the federal reserve is. Then were stuck working day in and day out for some money (federal reserve notes) just to live.

The song in this video is by “The Ameros.” The song is called “Babylon” Check them out….

The politicians of the US don’t work for the people. They work for the bankers. So while you think you have a choice in the elections, they have already been bought and paid for. The agenda has already been written. The politicians are just a front for the bankers.
So who are these bankers? Do they just consider themselves bankers or is there more to this story?

Mark Passio breaks down who the central bankers really are and the techniques they use to control people. He explains why it is important to understand occult symbolism and how it affects our brains in ways most people don’t recognize.

Remember it’s not just about ending the federal reserve it’s about taking our power back to control our own lives. We don’t need all powerful institutions to make our decisions for us. Well, I will speak for myself. I don’t need them. I have the ability to respond myself. Do you want that response ability?

Mark Passio’s website can be found here-
He has videos, radio podcasts, and resources for you to further your understanding. It is a great place to spend your time. A lot better for you than watching that crap on tv…..

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