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Musician and Activist Sharlene Holt
Musician and Activist Sharlene Holt

Musicians 4 Freedom started in 2008. We stayed around throughout 2010. Now it’s 2013 already! We featured lots of musicians and activists, and reported on a lot of events and news. Thanks for hangin’ in here with us! To all of the musicians and activists that we have featured, thank you. Keep up the great work! Rock onward into 2011 and 2012….and 2013!

Musicians for Freedom connects freedom-loving musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and other creative people and entertainers with political movements, people, and causes.

We agree with Google: “Don’t be evil.” Here’s a brief bio:

“Sharlene aka Ven Geancia is a frequent contributor to Freedoms Phoenix, United We Strike, The Power Hour, Infowars, and similar alternative sites and shows. Listen to her on Joyce Riley’s Power Hour, May 11, 2012 here.

She is a musician and activist on the land aka Colorado, Arizona, Texas, California, New Mexico and most recently, Tennessee. Her projects support fiscal responsibility for PERSONS/corporations, unalienable Rights for REAL PEOPLE, constitutionally-limited governments, & free markets! Restore the republic! End the Fed! A former senior technical training and documentation specialist in reconnaissance for the defense, Sharlene digs deeply into the lamestream news to expose the lies of our so-called elected representatives. She is a Signatory at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.”

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Here are a few videos….there are too many! Lots and lots….I wish we could feature them all! I wish I could feature everyone’s music! If you love life, you are welcome here!