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Fundamental Independent Baptist Churches List. Here’s another list. Tennessee churches. Arizona churches. Colorado churches.

“You are not your name. Your name is simply a title. This title is registered and owned by another entity. So the question is: Do you recognize yourself as FREE or do you recognize the owner of your name to be your AUTHORITY thereby owning you? It’s time to rise above the ignorance.” Check out videos from Creo Harmony.

“People” or “Citizen”: Which One are You? Here’s a Bill Thornton playlist.

Bill Thorton discusses foundations for American sovereignty
Bill Thorton discusses foundations for American sovereignty

Robert-Arthur: Menard Freeman on the Land.
ThinkFree Presents :
Fundamentals of Freedom………

Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception……

The Magnificent Deception…



Robs Very Cunning Plan…

Vic Beck:

Request “You be the Judge” at:


How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man Kind
By Mary Elizabeth Croft……


This is classic Missler during his lecture from the “Steeling the Mind” conference. Chuck kept the audience on the edge of their seat for a solid hour. Using excellent graphics, Genesis 6, and assorted prophecy verses, he put together a latter day stem cell scenario that defies description.” Visit Koinonia House for more:

Resources here. Check out these resources at The Daily Paul. Check out the Ladies of Liberty Speakers Bureau.


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Alex Jones Radio Show 12pm-4pm EST M-F

Amb. Alan Keyes

Texe Marrs

Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Pastor Butch Paugh

The Hon. James David Manning, PhD

Steve Quayle

Lindsey Williams Videos
Lindsey Williams – The Next 12 Months
Linsey Williams – The Energy Non-Crisis

Rep.(R) Ron Paul
Congressional Website
Dr. Ron Paul Official Website

Dr. Stanley Monteith

George W. Hunt

Katherine Albrecht

Joel Skousen


Dwaine Moore
Biblical Correctness Ministeries

Chuck Carlsen
We Hold These Truths

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What Really Happened
Raw Story
The Daily Tea Party
Citizens for Legit Gov.
Information Clearing House
American Free Press
Global Research
The Peoples Voice
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Uncover The News
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Media Monarchy
Information Liberation
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Media Matters
Corbett Report
Common Dreams
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Rebel News
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Dissident Voice
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Winter Patriot
Strike The Root
Peter Chamberlin
Old Thinker News
Common Dreams
Empire Burlesque
American Exile
CNS News
Electric Politics
Stop The Lie
Barry Lando
Amy de Miceli
Crooks and Liars
Rumor Mill News
The Resident
The Brad Blog
Conspiracy Archive
Foreign Policy Journal
Counter Punch
August Review
Truth Is Treason

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