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SYNOPSIS: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical “life ground” attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a “Resource-Based Economy”.

THEATRICAL RELEASE – Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is planned to be released in 60+ countries and in 20+ languages starting January 15th 2011. This large scale release is not associated with any major distributor.

DVD/INTERNET RELEASE – This is a non-commercial project, which means it will be available for free acquisition via internet in both viewing form and full DVD download. will also have a physical $5.00 DVD available in mid to late January.

Ten Things That Would Be Different If the Federal Reserve Had Never Been Created

Michael Tsarion and The Fall of the Republic

We have Michael Tsarion with us for a two-hour discussion about Conspiracy and Psychology. We discuss Man and his Psychic Epidemics, the roots of tyranny and comment on Alex Jones latest film “Fall of the Republic.” Michael is behind the “Origins and Oracles” DVD series. He i also the author of “Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation,” “Irish origins of Civilization” and “Astro-Theology & Sidereal Mythology.” Michael Tsarion, Red Ice Creations and Blue Fire Film are also the producers of the Architects of Control DVD series. We discuss conspiracy and solutions, the con of the American Constitution and the source of Tyranny. Topics Discussed: Consciousness, Man and his Psychic Epidemics, identification, governments, fascists, the masses, solutions, escape, religion, christianity, psychopaths, fraternal societies, kindergartens for psychopaths, Alex Jones, Alan Watt, G Edward Grifin, The New World Order, The Royals, Zionists, The Vatican, Atonists, Conflict Control, dystopia, dictatorship, The Global Civic Society, “Fall of the Republic”, psychology, Masonic Founding Fathers.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz: DNA – Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

Check out our Nov. 2010 Featured Activist Jeffrey M. Smith

Listen to 528

9/11 Mysteries and Related Links

Here’s an excellent list of anomalies surrounding events of September 11, 2001

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. – Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr., creator of Sherlock … all » Holmes If it’s important to you to believe that Western society is structured such that “good” always triumphs – at least in ‘big’ matters, that Kojak always ‘gets the bad guy’, and that the evildoers are a small minority of bad eggs eagerly exposed by the valiant press, this a critical principle to keep in mind. 911 Mysteries demolishes the ‘official’ 911 conspiracy theory more graphically than any movie previously released. See for yourself what really happened in the 3 demolished buildings in the weeks before 9/11. Since 9-11 the American public has shown a “remarkable indifference to being deceived” (George Soros). But this is changing. As Hugo Chavez put it: “The world is waking up. It’s waking up all over. And people are standing up.” Millions around the world are realizing that they are being lied to – not in a small, lazy way, but in a big way. It’s time to ask hard questions, many of which 911 Mysteries helps to answer. 90 minutes of evidence and analysis, filled with eyewitness testimonials. Point-by-point review of the official story set alongside clear science. The question is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics. Does steel melt in open air fires? What caused the core to vanish in seconds? No agenda. No finger-pointing. Just the facts and the questions. A story of people: Willie Rodriguez’s strange recollection of noises on the 34th floor. Who was up there, bumping around? Scott Forbes’ similar story, weeks before the towers fell. Here’s how shaped charges slice through steel beams to control the way they fall. For greater clarity, download the movie – or buy a DVD online at Finally, make sure you don’t miss the ending – minutes 1:26-1:30. Absolutely the best part. 911 is a Keyhole into Consciousness. If you make it through to the other side, everything looks different. Do Not Be Afraid. Follow your curiosity, like Alice in the rabbit hole. You are becoming free. Keywords: World Trade Center, WTC, WTC7, NIST, FEMA, Controlled Demolition, Freedom to Fascism, Thermate, Thermite, 9-11, September 11th, George Bush, Dick Cheney, NORAD, FAA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Larry Silverstein, William Rodriguez, Alex Jones, Loose Change

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