“David Icke, the world s most controversial author, has spent the last quarter of a century unravelling the secrets of the Universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our world. What was once ridiculed and dismissed is now being confirmed again and again as Icke, a figure of fun for so long, is acknowledged as a man way ahead of his time.” Check out The Perception Deception, David’s new book. Read more.

The People’s Voice  “Will balance what we, and the public who have made the station possible, see as a massive flaw in mainstream media coverage of the world and events. There is a vast body of view and opinion and growing by the day ­ which is excluded from mainstream sources and we intend to balance that by offering people the chance to express their views and opinions and not only those that mainstream sources choose to present….”

Activist Hall of Fame: David Icke
Activist Hall of Fame: David Icke; image from David Dees

“We do not accept that the mainstream media fulfils the Ofcom guidelines of fairness, balance and impartiality because of the views, information and research that is constantly excluded, but we intend to do just that.

“There are many ways to see the same situation and The People’s Voice will explore as many as possible to offer a far wider and more balanced range of information from which the viewer can choose what to accept, not accept and believe.

“We intend to treat adults as adults and not as children ­ not as some uniform herd, but as individuals with equal rights to their views, opinions and perceptions.

“The People’s Voice (TPV) is a free-to-watch service established to give a voice to those that never have the opportunity to appear in the mainstream media and have their views, opinions and experiences discussed and communicated.

“Our news presenters will question everything in pursuit of the truth behind an event, situation or opinion and not simply accept the official version by default. TPV will give voice to all sides of opinion ­including the official and conventional ­ to allow the viewers to reach their own conclusions. Many programmes will be made by the public themselves to this end.

“The People’s Voice will respect the right of people to freely express their opinion in a non-aggressive and non-judgmental environment, their right to the free flow of information and to see and explore all possibilities on every subject. Mainstream scientists will be invited to contribute to our science and paranormal programming to be questioned on their views and opinions in the same way as those with alternative views. Not only will The People’s Voice offer a platform to mainstream opinion ­ it is our primary goal to question the official and alternative view of everything in the spirit of real journalism and the pursuit of the truth…” Twitter; Read more.

Ed. Note: I’m a big fan of David Icke. I’m also a fan of Chris White. On balance, be sure to check out Chris White’s “debunking” David Icke. The truth is out there…..oops, I mean, it’s here.…it’s on this website somewhere!

David Icke Books British author David Icke has written 16 books and traveled to over 40 countries since 1990. His research exposes the Big Brother fascist dictatorship predicted by George Orwell in his book, 1984, and charts the history of The Illuminati with its connections to unseen forces in other dimensions of reality that some call ‘extraterrestrials’. Icke refers to this as the ‘Reptilian Agenda’.

David Icke has written lots of books!
David Icke has written lots of books!

His books reveal how a Hidden Hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution. More…

David Icke On the 6 May 2006, before a gripped audience of over 2200 people at London’s famous Brixton Academy, David Icke pulled together more than fifteen years of painstaking research and determined investigation into The Global Elite, The Shadow Government, The Global Conspiracy and the monumentous “contrick” perpetrated on a cosmically and spiritually asleep human race. He reveals who controls us, how and more importantly why we are controlled, manipulated and trapped in the five sense illusion of “reality” that we manifest as our everyday experience.

David Icke repels reptiles
David Icke repels reptiles

This 3 disk set will show you:

  • Who controls us and their history
  • How they do it without being seen
  • Why they do it and what they take from us
  • How much chaos they intend to create
  • How to break free from their control

David Icke’s amazing research is combined and presented in a coherent, logical and factual way. Hundreds of illustrations show the hidden story behind seemingly unconnected world events. Events such as the government created “War On Terror” that cause a predictable “reaction” which allows a fascist world-wide dictatorship to impose even more control on an unaware dumbed-down population which keeps it in servitutide, slavery and fear. The people are being played and most of them can’t see it.

David Icke’s time has come. People are not laughing, they’re listening. This is a truely stunning presentation from the worlds leading conspiracy researcher and author.

David Icke: Handsome, talented, dedicated
David Icke: Handsome, talented, dedicated

It’s no longer a conspiracy “theory”. It’s real, proveable and is happening right in front of your eyes. If there’s only one more DVD you ever watch, make it this one.

This is David Icke at his very best. This is information that you need to know.

“First of all I would just like to say, I was glued to the television for 7 odd hours the other day…and I haven’t stopped talking about Freedom or Fascism since! It was incredible! The eye-opener that we have all been waiting for! Thank you!!

And 9/11…Wow! I’m in shock because there really is no argument anymore! For at least 6 of the 7 hours I was sitting with my mouth open! Thank you once again! I am passing my new knowledge on to all my friends! We live in hope…Kindest regards, Suzanne – Stoke-on-Trent, UK

David Icke (pronounced “Ike”) is a former Professional Soccer player, journalist, network anchorman with the BBC, spokesman in the 1980’s for the British Green Party, and since 1990 a full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world.

Many have dubbed Icke as the “most controversial speaker” on the planet. They used to laugh at him, but now they come in the thousands to hear him speak all over the world.

Author and Activist David Icke
Author and Activist David Icke

He is the author of 16 books and among them are: And the Truth Shall Set You Free, The Biggest Secret, Children of the Matrix, Alice in Wonderland and The World Trade Center Disaster ~ why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie, and his latest book, Tales from the Time Loop – The most comprehensive exposé of the global conspiracy ever written and all you need to know to be truly free.

David’s words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves and to walk into the light of freedom.

David Icke’s Journey

David was born in Leicester, England, at around 6.15 pm on April 29th, 1952. He was brought up in what they call in Britain a “working class” family on a big council housing estate and money was short, very short, throughout his childhood. He wanted to be a professional soccer player for as long as he could remember and he achieved that by leaving school to play for Coventry City and Hereford United in the English league.

Oh, they are getting so desperate……

But just six months after his soccer career began he started to suffer from serious arthritis that started in the left knee and progressed to the right knee, ankles, elbows, and, later in life, to his wrists and hands. In the final year of his soccer career, at the age of 20, he was in agony every morning at training until his joints were warmed up. But it was at this same time he was enjoying a very successful period in his career and wanted to carry on.

This challenge activated still more from within him a fierce determination he has always had not to capitulate to adversity and to overcome whatever life may choose to put before him. Or in truth, what his “own journey” chooses to experience.

Towards the end of that soccer season, the pain disappeared for around a month and he thought he was going to be OK. But then one morning he awoke to find a familiar but ever more threatening attack facing him that was about to put an end to the dream he worked so very hard for. Every one of his joints was in agony, like knives attacking the very core of his existence. It became quite clear that Icke’s career was over. It took some days for him to just get up and hobble, never mind walk again. He just turned 21 in the year 1973 and was led to believe that he would end up a cripple.

At this point he had nowhere to go and quickly decided that he wanted to be a television presenter with the BBC. This newfound goal set him off looking for work as a journalist. This was not easy because school had bored him rigid and he left to play soccer before taking any exams (and in doing so says; Thank-you, God!). He would do his learning on his terms, in his time, and the “educational” system barely touched him. He rejected it all with a sort of inner knowing that it was not relevant to him.

David managed to get a job on a small weekly paper in Leicester, not least because he was the only applicant and from then on he advanced quickly through newspapers, local radio and regional television to become a national sports and news anchor man and reporter. Soon after he achieved this, in 1982, he moved to an island off the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight, a place he had been attracted to since he was a small child.

It was here that he began to campaign on environmental issues and this led him to becoming a national spokesman for the British Green Party. This was a post he held at the time of the Greens greatest, indeed only success at national elections in the UK, the election for members of the European Parliament in 1989. But he saw that while the Green Party talked about being different, it was, like all the Green parties he has come across, just the old politics under a new name. He lost interest and left as his life went through the most unbelievable upheavals.

From the mid -1980’s onwards, he had also lost interest in television. He was doing it not because he actually desired to do it but to earn money to spend on what he really wanted to do – environmental campaigning. He found television to be an empty, soul-less world in which insecurity and fear abounded. And after the events of March 1990, his time in television was soon to be over.

He wrote a book in 1989 called It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This, setting out the vision and agenda of the Greens because he felt they were talking to each other and not to the public as a whole. As he was writing the book, and in his work for the BBC, he began to feel a presence around him, like there was always someone in the room when there was not. There was a point in 1990, while sitting on the side of a bed in a hotel room in London, where he was compelled to look up and say to whomever or whatever: “If you are there will you please contact me because you are driving me up the bloody wall!”

Soon afterwards, events began to move quickly.

In March, 1990, he was playing soccer with his son Gareth on the seafront at Ryde on the Isle of Wight and he said they would go and have some lunch at the railway station café a short walk away. The café was full and they turned to walk away when someone recognised David and began to ask questions about soccer. When the conversation was over, David couldn’t see Gareth, but he knew he would be in the newspaper shop nearby looking at books he liked. So it was. David stood at the entrance to the shop and said they were going now to find another café, but as he turned to leave, his feet would not move. They were stuck to the ground as if two magnets were pulling them to the floor. He then heard a voice in his head say: “Go and look at the books on the far side.” His immediate thought was: “What the hell was this all about”?

He knew this shop very well and the books in that section were of no interest to him. But given the voice and what was happening to his feet, he went over to see what would happen. The first book he saw was one by a psychic lady and he was immediately intrigued because of this presence he had felt around him. He wondered if she would be able to tell him what was going on. She was also a hands-on healer and so he wrote to her and made an appointment for healing, not telling her about the presence or anything else. To her, he was a client wanting healing for his arthritis. He only saw her four times and in the first two visits nothing happened of note, except that he talked with her about other dimensions and the wider vision of life.

Author and Activist David Icke
Author and Activist David Icke

Then, on the third visit, he was lying on the couch while the healing was being done when he felt like a spider’s web on his face. He had remembered reading in her book that this can happen when “spirits” are trying to make contact. He said nothing to her, but within fifteen seconds, no more, she threw her head back and said: “This is powerful, I’ll have to close my eyes for this one!” She said she was seeing a figure who wanted her to pass on messages to him. The same happened a week later and this is what the “figure” asked her to tell him on those two occasions:

He is a healer who is here to heal the earth and he will be world famous. He will face enormous opposition, but we will always be there to protect him. He is still a child spiritually, but he will be given the spiritual riches. Sometimes he will say things and wonder where they came from. They will be our words. Knowledge will be put into his mind, and at other times he will be led to knowledge. more…