BT An eternal student of economics, science and the arts. His radio career began at age 15, then with 911 as the backdrop, his activist side began to emerge. An organic gardener, a radio show host and activist, he seeks a higher form of wisdom and works hard to ensure a better place for his children’s children.

Seeking an end to the current slavery based system of which we live, his solutions based understanding is an important asset. As an active! activist, and with the skills of grammar, logic and rhetoric, the Trivium, in hand, Tuskin often speaks in front of city commissions, the environmental protection agency and others in the pursuit of 911 justice, to promote awareness of geo-engineering and other topics.

Never pollyannaish and never afraid to speak his mind, with Bob Tuskin the truth shall be told. Bob will also be running for his local sheriffs office.

Bob Tuskin (R) with Jay Parker at the Free Your Mind conference
Bob Tuskin (R) with Jay Parker at the Free Your Mind conference

Activist Bob Tuskin participated in April 2011 in the Free Your Mind conference, along with Aaron McCollum, Alfred Webre, Andrew Basiago, Farah Yurdozu, Freeman Fly, Jan Irvin, Jay Parker, John Nicholson, Joseph Marra, Larken Rose, Laura Eisenhower, Mark Matika, Mark Passio, Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor.

On the first Wednesday of every month, media monarchy joins bob tuskin on oracle broadcasting for a rundown on some of the most important moves on the grand chessboard … this month’s appearance experiences some technical difficulties in advance of the upcoming emergency test on 11/9 + tricks, treats, scary beats & much more…audio/notes here:

Activist Post After 11 years, The Florida Hemp Fest is back with a new twist.

Dennis “Murli” Watkins, who served four months of jail time for orchestrating a “doobie toss” at the event in 1994, is bringing back what used to be an annual celebration of marijuana and a protest for its legalization.-Gainesville Sun

When we were contacted by him to set up a table and to give a talk on various topics such as the Federal Reserve, fluoride, and 9/11 we gladly accepted.

Watkins said this year’s edition will touch on other, even more controversial issues than legalizing pot.

“Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years. Here it is almost 2012, and we’re still fighting this same stupid battle,” he said. “9/11 was an inside job and they’re worried about someone smoking a doobie. They’ve got to get their priorities in order.”

Watkins said there will be a “9/11 truth booth” set up at the event, which will be held on the city’s Bo Diddley Community Plaza downtown. .-Gainesville Sun

Let’s be blunt, no pun intended, The hemp/cannabis movement has always gone hand in hand with the type of information we cover on a daily basis.

While you obviously do not have to get high to “wake up,” I think that it is pretty well documented that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be do not like marijuana for many different reasons, namely the fact that it may inspire thinking outside the box.

Cathy O’Brien, a noted mind control whistleblower, once stated that her handlers allowed her to consume alcohol, coke, and pills, but refused to let her smoke cannabis because its potential deprogramming effects could possibly allow her to go beyond the trauma-based mind control that was used to control her.

Activist Bob Tuskin Hosts a Radio Show on Oracle Broadcasting
Activist Bob Tuskin Hosts a Radio Show on Oracle Broadcasting

Terrance McKenna understood this:

“You all know the basic pitch for hemp, and I wouldn’t be what I am if it weren’t for cannabis. And I want to see it legalized… although I’m very, very skeptical. I don’t think the people who want it legalized have fairly confronted what it really is. The argument is two-fold as I understand it for legalizing hemp. Number one, a lot of money could be made off all of these wonderful cloths and products and lubricants, medicines and so forth… And the other argument relates to it’s psycho activity. And the argument made there is “it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal.” Well, I actually think it is somewhat of a big deal, and I think the people who don’t want it legalized see it that way.”

He goes on to say…

Cultures are shaped by the drugs that they take and that they suppress. We are a sugar, red meat, and alcohol culture primarily with tobacco to shore all that up. Think for a minute about a drug like coffee, caffeine. Every labor contract in Western civilization contains a clause which secures the worker’s right to halt the assembly line twice a day, to fuel up on a drug known to cause liver damage and all kinds of problems. Well now, why isn’t there a cannabis break?

The reason is, that caffeine perfectly fits in to a program that would have you busily screwing widgits onto wonkets and moving them along the assembly line. In other words, it promotes capitalist values. Performing repetitious tasks in a state of sort of glazed acceptance. Cannabis, on the other hand… what is always said about it? Makes you inefficient, lazy, uninterested in earning your Mercedes and your house…

So I think that if we could… I’m very interested in this cannabis thing, I think it may be the wedge through which we can push the whole psychedelic agenda. But I guarantee you if it’s legalized it will be a tremendous big deal. Because cannabis promotes feminist values, anti-capitalist values, values that promote introspection rather than manic social values of the sort that you see alcohol promoting. It would make an immense change in the architecture of the culture.

Bottom line: we need to reach out and wake people up from all backgrounds and frankly “Hemp supporters” may be a plausible addition to the “movement”.

Obviously, cannabis can be used to escape, and believe me, the corporate media does do all they can to reinforce that negative stereotype.

The festival is sure to attract all sorts of people considering how big of a part cannabis plays in pop culture today.

Hopefully we can wake up a few of the Harold and Kumars’s attending.

I will be posting the Video of my talk, on 11/6/11 here


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