Whether or not you believe in aliens, no one can argue that Jeff Peckman, sponsor of the Extra Campaign in Denver, is a passionate activist for freedom! For background, check out this article Colorado Flying-Saucer Believers Have Ghost Hunters in Their Sights here.

In 1998 Peckman ran for the United States Senate as a member of the Natural Law Party receiving 0.31% of the votes, and coming in fifth in a field of seven.He is a practitioner and teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Peckman is a columnist on UFO matters for the Denver-based issue of the national Internet publication Examiner.com.He also promotes Metatron Technology, which he says defends against “harmful electromagnetic waves” by transforming them into “desirable healthy energy”.

Jeff Peckman started a the Extra Campaign in Denver to Investigate Aliens
Jeff Peckman started the Extra Campaign in Denver to Investigate Aliens

In 2003, Peckman got an initiative on the ballot in Denver which said “Shall the voters for the city and county of Denver adopt an initiative ordinance to require the city to help ensure public safety by increasing peacefulness?” The initiative failed to gain enough votes to pass.

These days, Jeff Peckman is working to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to prepare for visits from extraterrestrials. Peckman sought 4000 signatures to get his proposal for the 7 member commission on the November ballot. In 2009 the initiative received over 7000 signatures for the 2010 Ballot. After validation by the Denver Elections Division, it was determined that the number of valid signatures was insufficient leaving 1000 valid signatures still required.This insufficiency was resolved by the end of November 2009, and the ballot initiative is currently scheduled for the November 2010 ballot!

Extra Campaign Poster Painted by Chuck Chroma
Extra Campaign Poster Painted by Chuck Chroma

Jeff Peckman Unveils Stan Romanek’s UFO Video

Peckman is an advocate for disclosure of UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena who gained media attention in 2008 when he publicly displayed a video of a purported extraterrestrial in Denver, Colorado. He publicly screened the video on May 30, 2008 at Metropolitan State College in Denver and forbid photos by reporters. The three-minute video contained images of a “white creature with a balloon-shaped head” and large dark eyes that blinked and looked through a window said to be 8 feet above the ground. The video was said to have been made by Stan Romanek, July 17, 2003, in Nebraska.

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