Ron Paul Riders October, 2007 “I am a 45-year-old artist and world traveller, originally from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. For the last 20 years I called Hawaii my home. I like to play ukulele and ‘talk story’ with friends. In recent years I’ve earned my keep as a rigger and stage technician. In the past, I fished with a salmon fleet and sailed 26,000 blue miles on fancy yachts; hitchhiked the eastern coastlines of America and Australia, backpacked in China, kayaked around South Pacific isles solo, and more. Now I have put most everthing on hold to campaign for Ron Paul.”

The Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco

Ron Paul Joins Liberty Rider Michael Maresco

Ron Paul Joins Liberty Rider Michael Maresco

Liberty Rider July 29, 2009 “A vast and beautiful country. From sea to shining sea. And I don’t mean the landscape, a country is only geographical in a narrow sense. What makes a country great is the people. In America that is you, and the countless folk I encountered on the way. We, The People. Kind, generous, fun-loving is the norm, not the exception. A polite word and an easy smile work wonders. It is harder to detect and bring out in the cities, but still there. I’ve had my best luck handing out fliers in cities with variations of the cry, “Propaganda, get yer propaganda here!” – lulz… Most everyone appreciates honesty, couple it with humor and you’ll be feeding their minds out of your hand…  In the country I hardly needed to do much at all. People are naturally curious and being in a morally correct position gives us a genuineness that people crave. That is our strength.

“Every mind we touched has had a seed planted and at the end of the day, politics is a numbers game. What we have done on this ride is increase the odds in our favor. The numbers of people who want to be tyrants is minuscule. Most people just to be left alone.  They don’t want to have to think much about geo-political issues. They just want to raise their children in the best possible environment. Many are too trusting, but very few are stupid. Many may seem drowsy, but very few are comatose. Some may be deluded, but none are hopelessly so. Miracles do happen.

“I deeply planted some seeds in the mind of a Marxist in Upper Haight (Ashbury) yesterday. I said nothing when he first proclaimed that Obama was not going far enough and we needed full blown communism. I waited. We talked, and I railed on the kleptocracy masquerading as a duapoly. I railed on the globalist bankers and the corporations that fund both sides. Positions he had to agree with. Then I hit him with history. The fact that history is full of utopias gone horribly wrong, and was he willing to take the chance…  I then talked of freedom. How it is the natural state of man, and how history shows it to be our most peaceful and prosperous state.”

Michael's Ride for Honesty, New Jersey to California, May - July 2009
Michael's Ride for Honesty, from New Jersey to California, May - July 2009

“History vindicates our position. Simple as that.

“So much of our position is simple common sense. That is why it is so important to get out and get the information to people. Help them educate themselves. As things get worse, more and more are rousting themselves and looking for answers. We need to have our answers available, everywhere. Now is the time. We have to be ready to engage the most unlikely prospects with respect and courage. We have to understand that even most of our “enemies” are ignorant of the role they are playing in their own downfall, and with the courage of conviction, stand our ground with polite respect. I took my leave from the Marxist after winning some crucial points. Know when to walk away and let the seeds sprout on their own… Have faith. It’s a numbers game…”

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