May 2010 Featured Activist Gigi Bowman

Ed. Note: Hey folks! Check out Matthew Hess, prospective nominee for the Libertarian party gubernatorial candidate in 2014!

Gigi Bowman is the founder of Liberty Candidates. She also runs a pet friendly real estate business with her husband Ken. In 2007, she started the Nassau/Suffolk Long Island, NY Ron Paul Meetup with 200+ members. In 2009, she started the Campaign for Liberty Nassau/Suffolk Long Island Meetup and was appointed the Suffolk County Long Island Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty.

Gigi Bowman with G. Edward Griffin, Author of the Creature from Jekyll Island
Gigi Bowman with G. Edward Griffin, Author of the Creature from Jekyll Island

In November 2009, Gigi started the Liberty Candidates 2010 Facebook page and blog/site which now has close to 4,000 members. The February 17th Money Bomb raised over $20,000 for Liberty Candidates.

Liberty Candidates Website is Easy to Use
Liberty Candidates Website is Easy to Use

What is a Liberty Candidate?

Liberty Candidates are Ron Paul Republicans/Libertarians/Constitutionalists. Most of them have applied to be Liberty Candidates because they know who Ron Paul is. They have, in the past, been a delegate, donated to him, were inspired by him, were on a Ron Paul meet-up, know how to fundraise, hang a sign in the most obsolete areas of the planet and get teary-eyed when they see the movie “For Liberty”.  Here’s what she has to say at her site:

“Usually I will see a Liberty candidate not skip over “Foreign Policy” in the issues part of their candidate website because they are adamant about wanting the war to end and wanting to bring our troops home now! Even if they are running for comptroller I’ll still know how they feel about wanting the war to end, ending the fed and sound money so It’s easy for me to tell a liberty candidate. If I were running I would be one. I’m here because of Ron Paul. If you look up my name on google you will see that I was a delegate for Ron Paul, dressed in black at night and hung signs on overpasses for Ron Paul, donated to Ron Paul, I ran a Ron Paul meetup, I’m an organizer for a Campaign for Liberty Group and I am the Suffolk County, NY Organizer for Campaign for Liberty.

So on this note, I have a lot of people posting on the Liberty Candidate page asking me why they are not listed. I have their friends asking in a huff why they are not listed. I have candidates telling me they are Liberty Candidates and then I read their websites and it appears they want to make sure all the terrorist and muslim jihadist (a phrase that Liberty candidates would never use) need to be blown off the face of the earth and we need to go to war with Iran and I wonder…..does this person know what a liberty candidate is?

The people listed as Liberty candidates now are Liberty candidates. Adam Kokesh is a liberty candidate. Go and read Adam’s page and then tell me if you are a liberty candidate before you send me email demanding to be on this list. Don’t post your name on the page saying you are a liberty candidate when you haven’t been accepted yet. Our Liberty Candidates have been asked to be Liberty Candidates or were listed as such because it was obvious they were or they were put before a committee who decided. We want to makes sure that they stand apart from the Rest. Liberty Candidates are NOT Neocons. (and we know this phrase from Ron Paul’s speech Neo-Conned)

The only way to change our government is to elect Liberty Candidates. There is no other way to do that. I see no difference between the old boss and the new boss that we have now. The war continues as does The Patriot Act.”

Thank you, Gigi Bowman – Liberty Candidate Supporter

Candidates for Office Complete an Application
Candidates for Office Complete an Application

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