WARD: “the state of being under guard; a division (as a cell or block) of a prison; a person who by reason of incapacity (as minority or mental illness) is under the protection of a court either directly or through a guardian appointed by the court —called also ward of court.” Read more.

4409 “A few Nazi Checkpoint / roadblock guards kick in a mans door then lie about it. The man involved has NEVER been in trouble with the law in his entire life and is a teacher. Remember that these checkpoints are inland some over 180 miles inland.”

“Some will spout the ACLU propaganda that there is a constitution free zone within 200 miles of the border. That is just a psychological scam and completely ridiculous…the constitution does not magically disappear within 200 miles of a border. People who claim that are about as ignorant as you can get. These checkpoints are unconstitutional because they are using dogs to check for drugs NOT illegals. Edmonds vs. Indianapolis ruled that general checkpoints for drugs are unconstitutional. In as much, dogs cannot detect whether someone is illegal….”

“One of the rooms was for an online liability insurance program. Companies were lining up to see how they could make money by offering liability insurance to people with biometric online Identifications. There were rooms that said “policy” “finance” “privacy” “implementation” and many more. I was being hassled by the security so I only got a little footage….”

Activist RP4409 Prepares Ron Paul Advertisement
Activist RP4409 Prepares Ron Paul Advertisement
Jason Shelton is the Man Behind Formula4409; Freedom's Phoenix, 4409
Jason Shelton is the Man Behind Formula4409; Freedom’s Phoenix, 4409

Arizona Activist 4409 is a well known freedom activist supporting the rights of Americans as detailed in The United States Constitution. He has invested countless hours in exposing corruption and promoting conservative government. Here’s a retrospective:

The  man behind the 4409 videos and other exciting projects such as the Patriots Question 9/11 billboard first exposed the questionable and potentially illegal activities of the State of Arizona when he revealed that an Australian firm is administering traffic enforcement laws using private staff and vehicles without law enforcement training or credentials.

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4409 (left) in front of 9/11 billboard on Hwy. I-40
Sharlene Holt, Jordan Page, Shelton (4409)
Sharlene with Jordan Page and “4409” (right) at Freedom Summit ’09

In one video “4409” shows an SUV with official looking logos and emergency lights parked on the side of an Arizona interstate highway operating traffic enforcement equipment, specifically electronic photo radar equipment. 4409 was filming as two people protested the use of private contractors working for a foreign nation enforcing state laws in Arizona.

After being called by the employees operating the photo enforcement van around 11:45 PM, six units of the Scottsdale Police arrived on the scene and arrested 4409. Scottsdale P.D. claimed 4409 was arrested for, “Obstruction of Government Operations“ yet the vehicle was registered to a private corporation and the occupants worked for Redflex Group and American Traffic Solutions, Inc. He was also charged with “Refusing to provide truthful name when lawfully detained.”

Here’s how D.H. Williams describes what happened next:

4409 was held in a concrete cell with no bench to sit on until he was brought before Judge James Blake about 9 AM on the SINGLE charge of ‘Refusing to Provide Truthful Name.’ He again refused to give his name and address to the judge saying he wanted to contact his lawyer first. He was placed into a room with a phone and phone book but was too disoriented to find his lawyer’s phone number, so they yanked him out and took him back to the cell. Around 11AM he was brought before Judge Blake again. The Judge let him go on his own recognizance.

But the cop instead took him back to his cell telling the judge they were not through with him, and informed 4409 no way was he being let go until he had his photos and fingerprints taken. Now understand, he had just been released by the judge at 11AM. He didn’t get out until over six hours later, and that was after the second charge of Obstructing Government Operations was added by a cop named Alexander. He was brought before a second Judge Monty Morgan for the second charge and again ordered released own recognizance.

4409 refused to cooperate in giving his fingerprints a second time (around 3PM) and the cop stomping down on his bare feet, breaking a toe to force compliance! As an added aside, the photo Scottsdale PD released was an old booking photo… they did not use the one’s they took…because 4409 was smiling even more than in the photo you see. They didn’t like that.”

A message from 4409 of forgiveness and redemption:

“I want to thank everyone for their support. I was acquitted of all five charges under Rule 20 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. To get one charge dropped under Rule 20 is rare but to have ALL five charges dropped under that rule is unheard of. Rule 20 basically means the state had absolutely no evidence to even to bring the charges, but of course they do because they can. We have filed a Federal Lawsuit under 18-242 against the CITY OF SCOTTSDALE and the detention officer who smashed my foot.”

Learn more about photo radar enforcement activities in Arizona at CameraFraud.