Vengeancia (updated Jan. 2015) This is a “Law Lessong” – a law lesson in a song – that was written by a student in a Legal Environment of Business Class at the University of Connecticut. I use it in class to help students consider the issues of civil duty in negligence law.

“Cancer, AIDS, Weaponized Mycoplasmas & Gulf War Illness. Prof. Garth Nicolson’s hypothesis is straightforward:

‘The emergence of new illnesses and an increase in the incidence rate of previously described signs & symptoms are due to our toxic environment & the purposeful development & testing of Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Dr. Nicolson heads the Institute for Molecular Medicine. He spoke at the 9th Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on Aug. 29-31, 2008. This video was produced by Snowshoe Documentary Films, a great alternative to corporate media at They produce, and show on their site, documentaries for Social and Economic Justice.”

“This is one of those videos that is a shock to the system. Hats off to Dane Wigington for the amazing presentation. Check him out on Facebook here: Please visit the site for more info, these guys know what they are talking about: Dane Wigington presents hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your own on our site…” Read more.

This is a great presentation given by Bruce Ray Riggs on what he discovered about the real reason and purpose behind the 14th Amendment. “Not only did this amendment open the door for the nightmare of “corporate personhood” but the powers-that-be have also used it to superimpose an entirely new alternate legal system that has ended up providing them with all the legal contrivances they required to take over everything in sight and rob us of the Constitutional Republic with it’s associated unalienable rights that we’re supposed to have…..” Find out more at Dirty Uncle Sam.

“Article 1. – Definition of the term “stateless person” 1. For the purpose of this Convention, the term “stateless person” means a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law.” United Nations Convention, 1954

Section 302 of Public Law 94 – 241:

Any person …may … become a national but not a citizen of the United States by making a declaration under oath before any court established by the Constitution or laws of the United States or any other court of record in the Commonwealth in the form as follows…

” I _____ being duly sworn, hereby declare my intention to be a national but not a citizen of the United States.” Read more.

What is the Congressional Research Service? “The Library of Congress, as its name suggests, is a library dedicated to serving The United States Congress and its Members. It serves additionally as an unexcelled national library. The Library was located in the Capitol Building with the House of Representatives and the Senate until 1897, and its collections always have been available for use by Congress.” Read more.

Works from Lee Brobst

Check out the activism of Karl Lentz, Broadmind: The UnKommon Law, here…..

“Who is going to move me to court and claim that I am their property?” Karl Lentz

“Nowadays, when a [wo]man walks into the Local PUBLIC Courthouse, s/he has to adapt, to not what is his or her belief to what is the common-law of their society , BUT must conform to what is “Common Standards Rules Codes and PRIVATE LAW Practices” of the members of the BAR association (or else!), My Goal is that this Show is to help navigate between, the common beliefs of [wo]man, and the postions maintained by the Members of BAR association…” Here’s his Talkshoe show.

CAPITIS DIMINUTIO: (meaning the diminishing of status through the use of capitalization) In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications…..

CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MINIMA (meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John Doe) – The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master….

CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MEDIA (meaning a medium loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John DOE) – A lessor or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights….

CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights…..

“Finally finished editing my lecture and power point presentation about the grand scheme of the international and private entities behind the Common Core Standards. Please share and re-post as you see fit. No copyright and no permission needed from me.

“This lecture and power point explains how Common Core is pure Agenda 21 and a gateway for privatization of the entire school system. It shows a shocking in your face conspiracy by the 50 State governors (National Governor’s Association) and CCSSO to create, copyright, and then sell by legal vote and enforcement Common Core State Standards to each State. Most important, it shows how this Common Core scheme cannot be done federally (per the constitution) and therefore must be created by agreement/treaty at the sustainable (agenda 21) state and local level. Finally, it shows the for-profit side where taxpayers will be funding computers and other Education products and services for every student in America – this is the public private partnership model (PPP).

“All this is happening through non-governmental organizations (NGO) while each local and State government simply rubber stamps. In the end, I have unraveled the conspiracy of a lifetime!” More from The Corporation Nation and Clint Richardson here.

Common Core Standards home:

National Governor’s Association –

Council of Chief State School Officers –


International Social Security Association (ISSA) –

Clint’s research on the ISSA (AKA Mark of the Beast) –

State Services Organization –

Salt Lake City Green –

Sustainable Salt Lake Plan 2015 –

Envision Utah –

Salt Lake Foreign trade Zone –

Rockefeller Foreign trade Zone Services –

Annual Financial Report for “CORE Education and Technologies” corporation –

Previous years reports for CORE will have other valuable information –

“CORE Education and Consulting Services” website (based in India) –

CORE’s international corporate and government Shareholders (including U.S. Government) –

Other research on Common Core by Clint:

CORE learning tools for Autistic and other special needs children — the workforce of the future: Computers and keyboards for autistic kids are learning on –

Dr. Rima Liabou video “Don’t Delta Me, Dude!” –

“CSCOPE” is CORE in Texas. This is a watchdog site –

CORE is essentially Agenda 21. Here is the Texas “School Transformation” website –

This comes from the “Public Education Visioning Institute”, which is all Texas school superintendents literally proof of their conspiring to “Transform” public education into for profit private enterprise by implementing CSCOPE as part of “Common Core” model standards and best practices. They also admit the failure of their own education system. (Very Important) –

Link to the Report issued by Public Education Visioning Institute called “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas”… “Respectfully Offered by Superintendent Participants in the Public Education Visioning Institute” –

For those who know IT and computer code, CORE’s main function is data collection and management. This search page searches Texas CSCOPE and CORE programming –

Propagandist for special needs children –

Clint’s Documentary, Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination –

Other films by Clint at –

Who Told You?? by Karen Quinn-Tostado

Who told You , You were evil, and that You did not belong?
Who told You, You were ugly, and not to sing Your song?
Who trained You to believe that You could NOT rely on You?
Who trained You to believe these things…..??
And are they really true?

Who told You, You were born in sin and had to make amends?
That Your nature was just evil, with all that it portends
Who told You, You were so messed up You’d need to pay a “Pro”
To evaluate Your problems and tell You how to grow?
Who trained You to believe these things…..??
And do They really know???

Could “They”, Would “They”, Should “They”? Perpetrate this lie?
Sending “US” to fight “Their” battles?” where so many soon will die????
Why do “They” think They’re better, than You, or Him, or Me???
Issuing immoral orders that suppress Humanity?

Who claims that “They” were born to rule “US” here upon the Earth
Bloodlines, papers, badges, medals, will all confirm Their “worth”
As “They” smile so benignly with the slightest touch of mirth…
Proclaiming very loudly, “WE” are here by “Divine Birth”…
Who trained You to believe these things
Squeezing US adds to Their girth

Who told You, You were so messed up you’d never find a Love?
Who would cherish You with tenderness and place You up above?
The lies of inequality that painted that black space…
Of denying Your uniquess and admiring Your Face
Who trained You to believe these things
And fall so far from Grace????

Who told You, You would have to wait and earn Your way through life?
Who told You, You would have to scrape and bow and endure strife
While sitting in Their castles with their slaves to kiss the ring
While You’re beaten to submission for “approval” by the “King”
Who trained You to believe these things
And that You had no wings???

Could “They”, Would “They”, Should “They”? Perpetrate this lie?
Sending “US” to fight “Their” battles?” where so many will soon die????
Why do “They” think they’re better, than you or him or me???
Issuing immoral orders that suppress Humanity?

Who told US WE would have to live Our Lives to please the few?
Who told US WE would need to understand that this was true?
Who told US they knew better, for God gave Them “The Book”
If what WE sought was Paradise, to “Their ” laws WE must look
Who trained  US to believe these things
While all Our wealth they took???

Who told US we were never meant to live upon the Earth
That this was just a testing ground determing Our worth
And that They just knew better, while they poisoned our mind
Who taught us to belive the very worst about Mankind??
Who trained US to believe these things
Hiding Truth WE would not find

Could “They”, Would “They”, Should “They”? Perpetrate this lie?
Sending “US” to fight “Their” battles?” where so many soon will die????
Why do “They” think they’re better, than you or him or me???
Issuing immoral orders that suppress Humanity?

Obeying these same orders will never set US free….
Who trained and told US that this was the only way to be????
Who trained and told US that this was the only way to be???


Who’s Your Daddy? by Karen Quinn-Tostado

Who’s your daddy, who’s your mamma?
pelosi, reid, rand, obama?
Who tells you what you need to know?
And lies protecting seeds they sow?

Who steals our money and resources?
Who privatizes and rejoices?
Who tells us that we don’t belong
Unless we learn to sing their song…?

They’ve trained us to obey and pay
They need us to believe their way
Pay your taxes, bend and kneel
For God grants some the right to steal

And if we refuse to kiss the ring
Our lives won’t mean an f’ing thing
They’ve got their pimped out fighting slaves
Who lust to put us in our graves

How about WE take a deeper look
Into government protected crooks
Where profit rules above us all
Don’t you think it’s time we let them fall?

I will NOT bow down and pray
To their God of profit  anyway
Each of US can break the chain
Of poverty with few who gain

For All of US belong on Earth
And money doesn’t match Our Worth
Poverty need not exist
Wall street and crooks will not be missed

By those of US who choose to see
That each of US can hold the key
To make Our Lives more than debating
When We decide to start creating

And step into a better life
Without the wars, without the strife
But simply with a heart to see
That it’s OUR job to set US  FREE!

Documents Courtesy of GeoEngineering Watch


Peterson Documents

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The Weather Modification Association (WMA)

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Texas Weather Modification Association (TWMA)

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