Eve White is a quiet, mousy, unassuming wife and mother who keeps suffering from headaches and occasional black outs. Eventually she is sent to see psychiatrist Dr. Luther, and, while under hypnosis, a whole new personality emerges: the racy, wild, fun-loving Eve Black. Under continued therapy, yet a third personality appears, the relatively stable Jane. This film, based on the true-life case of a multiple personality, chronicles Dr. Luther’s attempts to reconcile the three faces of Eve. multiple personalities.
– Written by A.L.Beneteau

Suffering from blackouts and loss of memory, Eve White seeks help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Curtis Luther. During one of their sessions, a completely different personality emerges, Eve Black. While she is aware of everything Eve White says and does, Eve Black’s activities are unknown to the quiet and soft-spoken Eve White. Eve Black is a wild child who likes to drink and dance and enjoys the company of men. The sudden changes in personality seriously affects Eve’s marriage and she undergoes a lengthy period of hospitalization. Over time, the two personalities seem to accommodate one another, The emergence of a third personality however, Jane, leads the doctor to the childhood trauma that is at the root of her personality disorder.
– Written by garykmcd

In 1951, in Georgia, the submissive housewife and mother Eve White is brought by her husband Ralph White to a consultation with Doctor Curtis Luther since she has painful headaches followed by blackouts with no recollections of what she did. The rude Ralph tells that she bought expensive clothing and hurt their daughter Bonnie during one of these blackouts. Dr. Luther begins her therapy and soon Eve shows a new personality, the reckless and wild Eve Black that hates Ralph and loves to drink and dance with other men, and Dr. Luther diagnoses a case of multiple personality to his colleague


Doctor Francis Day. Ralph moves with Bonnie to Jacksonville and Eve continues her treatment. She tells that she is hearing voices, and Dr. Luther uses hypnosis to disclose more about her trauma. Out of the blue, a third personality emerges and tells that she is Jane that shows that is a balanced personality. Dr. Luther questions which personality should be the predominant.
– Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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