People have the right to own the same guns that local police own.

Oklahoma Passes Firearms Freedom Act

February 20, 2013 Vengeancia 0

In response to proposed federal laws outlawing firearms, legislators in Oklahoma have put forward House Bill 2021, the Firearms Freedom Act. It sailed through a House Public Safety Committee on a 13-0 vote and is one of at least two dozen gun-related bills that are moving through the Legislature.

Sandy Hook and Aurora Shootings are alluded to in Dark Knight Rises

Sandy Hook and Aurora Shootings Alluded to in Dark Knight Rises

December 17, 2012 Vengeancia 0

Bizarre evidence that the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut may have been staged has surfaced in the form of YouTube videos which point out the words “Sandy Hook” were written on a map that appeared in the most recent Dark Knight movie, a startling revelation given the deluge of mysterious coincidences already plaguing the movie.