Jim Carey, The Truman Show: "It could happen to you!"

Burning the Beekeeper: The Benjamin David Gilmore Story

November 28, 2015 Vengeancia 0

Burning the Beekeeper: The Benjamin David Gilmore Story is a short documentary film by independent investigative journalists Stacy Lynne and Law Johnston of Colorado. It explores what some folks feel demonstrates the inadequate, incompetent investigation and retaliatory sentencing of Fort Collins beekeeper and former Occupy Fort Collins activist, Ben Gilmore, 31.

Americans celebrate 100th Anniversary of Federal Reserve

Americans Celebrate 100th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve

December 24, 2013 Vengeancia 1

“Monday was the one hundred year anniversary of the Federal Reserve. In commemoration of two engineered economic depressions, numerous recessions, and a radically devalued dollar, a group of activists gathered outside of the Federal Reserve building in San Francisco on Monday.”

“There is no policy at the 158th Infantry Brigade, First Army Division East or First Army that forbids using the word ‘Christmas’,” Public Affairs Chief Amanda Glenn told me. She confirmed that there was a discussion in the meeting about the football tournament. She said it was meant to be a team building event and it had no tie to a specific religious event or holiday celebration.

“The Equal Opportunity advisor simply stated that it would be more appropriate to call it a holiday football event,” she said. But Attorney Berry tells me that it was made very clear to the soldiers in the room that the name change was not merely a suggestion.

“She stated that the word Christmas had to be replaced with the word holiday,” Berry said. The soldier who contacted me said it was just another instance of the military trying to curtail public expressions of the Christian faith.

Peace Activist, Adam Kokesh, may leave Fairfax County Jail

Adam Kokesh Granted Bond After Drug, Gun Posession Arrest

July 15, 2013 Vengeancia 0

Kokesh later revised the plan after he was arrested in May for little more than exercising his First Amendment at a pro-marijuana legalization rally in Philadelphia. “When it comes to this event being executed properly,” Kokesh told the Alex Jones Show, “when the government has already escalated the violent tactics against me personally as an organizer, I can’t in good conscience go forward with a plan that is so centrally dependent and not open source.”

Kokesh has spent the past week in the Fairfax County lockup. During initial hearings the ‘Adam Vs The Man’ presenter refused to answer any questions, and would not co-operate with fingerprint scans or photographs, leading a judge to decide initially on holding him without bond.

Kokesh will also face drug related charges, after police allegedly found hallucinogenic mushrooms in his apartment. He has not yet made any public statements on the matter.

Ron Paul was greeted by admirers in Houston.

Ron Paul Lectures on “The Libertarian Future” in Houston

January 28, 2013 Vengeancia 0

Ed. Note: Here is Ron Paul giving the Carl Davis Distinguished Lecture in Houston for the Mises Institute on January 16, 2013. Also, here’s one of his recent articles. Last week President Obama bluntly warned Congress that he will not negotiate when it comes to raising the statutory debt limit. If Republicans attempt to use a debt ceiling vote to win concessions on spending from the White House, Mr. Obama threatens simply to raise the limit by executive order or other unilateral action.

Infowars and Alex Jones launch Paul Revere video contest.

Infowars Launches Operation Paul Revere

January 28, 2013 Vengeancia 0

Obama & Biden are rallying the public to get behind restricting our guns because they don’t have the support of the people — neither does the controlled Republican party. Internet news shows are already dominating the state run media like CNN but the internet is in danger as statists are moving ahead with the internet kill switch and other more subtle censorship mechanisms.

We need an all out offensive in the InfoWar. Although we’re going all out with the nightly news show, syndicated radio and special reports that reach tens of millions a week, we’re so busy that we don’t have time to create the big films as we’ve done in the past. InfoWars has produced more than 20 films that have conservatively reached hundreds of millions of people by putting them out on the internet for free while we’ve financed production by selling DVDs. So we want to invest in a contest to turn loose the creative power of We the People. Three winners will receive cash prizes totaling $115,000.

Chappell Hill Texas bank welcomes the law of the land!

Chappell Hill Bank: Guns Welcome, Loans Needed

January 18, 2013 Vengeancia 0

After Chappell Hill Bank was robbed early last year, Smith replaced the large “no firearms” warning at the bank’s lone branch with a sign encouraging customers to carry licensed concealed weapons inside. The bank also pays employees to take a concealed firearms course.

“If you’re going to need help, you better help yourself because the government is not going to help when you need them,” says Smith, the 104-year-old bank’s chief executive and a member of the National Rifle Association.

What has happened to the local police department?

The Truth about Arrest Warrants: What the COPS Don’t Know

January 14, 2013 Vengeancia 0

Spiritual Economics Now My friend was arrested, due to a warrant, and a JP said, “If you submit to my jurisdiction, you can go home tonight.” The JP just admitted he lacks jurisdiction, so the arresting officer had no immunity. The cop, NOT the JP, will be charged in his personal capacity, with kidnapping, under §279, and, if he were carrying a gun, that’s life imprisonment. Cops presume they have jurisdiction; they have no idea of their liability –that they are being hung out to dry, by the Crown.