Michael Tellinger shares a new video from his 2017 HIDDEN ORIGINS tour. This is the last hour of a 4 hour presentation in which he goes into the new science of sound, resonance, magnetism and SASER technology. Also, check out Zohar Entertainment Group.

Hidden Origins with Author/Researcher Michael Tellinger
Hidden Origins with Author/Researcher Michael Tellinger

Michael’s Gallery… Michael presents the mysterious cone shaped and torus tools which were used by the ancient civilisations to achieve unimaginable things – beyond the comprehension of most in the 21st century – who live under the false illusion that we are pinnacle of evolution and technology. Once we realise that we have been manipulated and lied to for millennia as a species, it becomes easy to figure why and how such technology has been hidden from us….find more interesting videos. Here’s Hidden Origins, also, find more, Hidden Origins.

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….Michael also goes into the UBUNTU Contributionism strategy and the ONE SMALL TOWN plan…Join Michael’s mailing list for regular and exclusive updates on the stone circle research in Southern Africa….read the UBUNTU News/Updates.

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Particle Wave Duality ….For thousands of years great minds, scientists and philosophers contemplated the nature of reality and the invisible ether that held all things together. The particle physics and bouncing-ball-universe agenda was unleashed at the same time in the late 1480s, when the thugs from Europe began to invade the free world and systematically began to destroy all ancient, and shamanic knowledge.

The final nail in the coffin of the “Vibrating Aether Universe” was dealt shortly after 1887, when the Michelson-Morley experiment failed to prove the existence of the Aether – because they could not prove with any certainty that Earth was actually moving through the Aether – or through space. This was such a shock to the entire world and especially the Elite puppet-masters, that they had to bury that information as fast as possible, as deeply as they could. And they did.

Michael Tellinger, Author and Researcher
Michael Tellinger, Author and Researcher

Today, no school leaver knows anything about this critical experiment that would change the young minds’ perception of our reality – but from the earliest of ages our brains are filled with particle physics, the shape of atoms, how electrons move around the atoms, how protons sit in the middle of the atom, and so on. The shapes of atom and electrons remains a theoretical conclusion based on experiments that are far from conclusive. All these inconclusive experiments can be explained in very simple terms – by simply considering the role of sound, resonance and frequency, as the cause of physical form in all of creation.

When we add the role of Magnetism to the source code of sound/resonance, we uncover a simple comprehension of everything in creation, its connectedness to everything else, and an elegant explanation for every single problem we face in physics. But, by the time Albert Einstein published his Theory of Relativity, the Aether idea was dead and gone – a crazy distant memory and a forgotten failed experiment, while particle physics became the undisputed frontier of science.

But while the Aether may have been buried, a whole new menace emerged to haunt the Elites’ agenda with a particle Universe and subatomic worlds… the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT – where particles mysteriously disappear in a fraction of a second and become waves of frequency and vibration. The fact that after all this time we still cannot accurately predict the whereabouts of a particle in any experiment, is a clear indication that particles like electrons, and all sub-sects of them, are fictitious creations.

There is only frequency and resonance that manifests as physical form – from the infinitely low/long frequencies, to the smallest and infinitely high frequencies. Our naïve child-like obsession to find bouncing particles in subatomic structures, and equally in the universe, indicates how little our so-called science teachers know about the nature of reality.

Everything we observe is simply different densities of vibrational resonant frequencies. I call it “The fractal-multi-dimentional-toroidal-nature of reality”. As above, so below. There is no end to the frequencies above and below. It is an infinite continuum that keeps spiraling to an unimaginable, unfathomable, infinity. And if there is an end to this seemingly creative spiral spirit, it is there that we will find GOD and the source-code for everything….This article continues, read the entire article at Michael Tellinger’s site.

Ubuntu Festival with Michael Tellinger - April 12-15, 2018 - South Africa
Ubuntu Festival with Michael Tellinger – April 12-15, 2018 – South Africa

Michael Tellinger, is an author of six books, scientist and explorer, who has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making ground-breaking discoveries about advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.

Michael is the founder of the global UBUNTU Liberation Movement of higher consciousness and the UBUNTU Partyas a political front for this global movement, with members in over 200 countries. The UBUNTU Party participated in the South African elections on the 7thof May 2014 under his leadership – and is now also registered in the UK as a political party. The UBUNTU Party UK will participate in the UK elections on 7 May 2015 under the leadership of Paul Toussaint. www.ubuntuparty.co.uk

Michael’s major contribution to the field of ancient discovery has been delivering the proof of the tools and artefacts that support his scientific findings. He discovered more than 10 million stone ruins that are not dwellings, but energy generating devices. His Torus Stone, that crashed the TSA security systems at DOHA International Airport in July 2013, has sparked the imagination of the global scientific fraternity in the quest for delivering a new free energy device to the people of the world.

Michael has toured the world sharing his research and the message of UBUNTU Contributionism, and has done countless presentations in over 150 cities and 200 venues since 2007. He has shared the stage with international researchers like Graham Hancock, Erich von Daniken, Jim Marrs, Robert Temple, David Wilcock, Bob Dean, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot), Dr. Seven Greer, Stanton Friedman (PhD), Andrew Collins, Klaus Dona, Valery Uvarov, Semir Osmanagic and many more.

He has become an international authority on the origins of humankind and the vanished civilizations of southern Africa. Scholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago. New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold….


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