Sharlene Music updated Dec. 22nd I’ve been listening a lot lately to news/ reports by activist, Jon MastersStudio News Network ….Police Videos SNN YouTube Channel, also, here’s @StudioNewsNet. Check it out: Prosecutors have long maintained the FBI was not involved in the standoff and that no video surveillance or sniper teams were used. They charged defendants with making false claims about snipers and videos to incite militia in the runup to the standoff. All pictures courtesy of Maxine Bernstein, posted on December 20, 2017 3:08 PM, updated December 20, 2017 3:13 PM, find moreOregon Live.

Reuters reporter says, A federal judge on Wednesday declared a mistrial in a criminal case against four people, including Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, over a 2014 armed standoff with U.S. government agents, and rebuked prosecutors for withholding evidence from the defense….

“There are a few things Americans want… demand…one of them is, that if our govt. is going to….try to take our freedom away from us…that the proceedings would be fair, that the law would be followed…” – Jon Masters

Bundy, two of his sons and a fourth man were charged with 15 counts of conspiracy, assault and other offenses stemming from the confrontation, which galvanized right-wing militia groups challenging federal authority over vast tracts of public lands in the American West….this article continuesReuters more.

She has set another hearing for January and has tentatively scheduled a new trial to begin Feb. 26. Read more.

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We are planning the second Colorado International Activism Film Festival (CIAFF), which premiered on Saturday, July 15th this year at The Bug Theater. Our 2nd event will be held early-mid July, 2018. We are planning the Colorado International Flat Earth Film Festival (CIFEFF), which will be held in September, 2018. All events will be held at Denver Open Media (DOM).

“Fate has a way of playing games with us. These leaked videos via body cam, dash cams and phones shows the brush we have with destiny…” Jon Masters

Police Videos. Police Activity. Find lots more from this conscientious activist, Jon Masters at Studio News Network.


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