Updated January 2018 Are you creative? Submit your films, music videos, screenplays, and photos to our new Colorado International Flat Earth Film Festival (CIFEFF). Check out this interview by Now You See TV with filmmaker Robbie Davidson, Scientism Exposed

I love old (and new) space/sci fi! Have you seen this one? Capricorn One (1977), is a government conspiracy thriller film about a Mars landing hoax written and directed by Peter Hyams. “A group of three astronauts participate in a government scheme to fake a manned landing on Mars …Soon, the astronauts discover that they have become expendable, as the government plans to kill them to prevent the truth from being revealed.” Rotten Tomatoes

Also, have you ever wondered, what, exactly, is a Born Alive Certificated Person? Check out this presentation from our friend, Kurt Kallenbach. Check out USA VS. US.  Here’s a pretty good compilation of NASA faking it. One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe by Wm. Carpenter (1885) PDF, Cellular Cosmogony or the Earth a Concave Sphere Parts 1 & 2 (1898) PDF. Also, the book that was said to have spurred a young Isaac Newton onto the scientific path, The Mysteries of Nature and Art by John Bate. Also, grab your copy of Rob Skiba’s 2017-2018 Calendar.

Conspiracy Music Guru on Amazon …Let me tell you something bout the space station It’s only really there in your imagination That thing ain’t real it’s science fiction It’s there to feed your space addiction Those astronauts are not in space It’s written all over their stupid face…I can spot a liar from a 100 miles I can spot a fraud from the way they smile didn’t ya learn nothing from the fake moon mission That puppet show from president Nixon….Well listen up they’re doing it again it seems… Check out the harnesses and green screens…

You see I used to work a lot in film and TV And I know a bit about the television trickery to create the illusion that your somewhere your not A green screen is what you’re gonna use a lot Or if you wear a harness and attach it to the ceiling The illusion that you’re floating is what they’ll be believing…find the songs at Amazon.

Did you know? The Koch Snowflake is a plane fractal with finite area and infinite perimeter. Check out our projects at Infinite Perimeter Films.

By the way check out The Engines of Our Ingenuity.

Conspiracy Music Guru Here are the lyrics: A funny thing happened on the way to the moon That’s the title of a video that I watched on YouTube You can see astronauts hanging from wires Proving that astronauts and NASA are liars They analyse photos and highlight mistakes With the moon landing missions they show it was faked….

Conspiracy Music Guru I remember when I learned in school ‘Bout Gravity man, it was all so cool I had a teacher that knew it all She taught me how water can to a ball How buildings stick to the underside Of a ball that’s spins like a carousel ride Man that all sounded crazy to me But I loved learning bout Gravity I could wait to tell my dad About the amazing day that I had he picked me up I was bursting with pride He opened the door and I jumped inside…get this song!

Alex won an award at the Flat Earth International Conference 2017! Read more. By the way, it seems the “Hate Speech” parasite is spreading! YouTube took down all videos/entire channel for activist Eric Dubay. Also,read about ODD TV/Matt P.’s tribute/post.

Submit to our CIFEFF. Check out Enclosed World; also, Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes, Patricia. Oh yeah….also, check out these great, informative music & videos, ODD TV.


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