Updated December 16 2017 Will says:Despite having numerous personal disagreements with various aspects of the recent Flat Earth Conference, a friend managed to convince me to listen to Dean Odle’s closing presentation, and I was so glad he did, because I have to admit, he absolutely NAILED IT….” Read more from Will. Also, check out We See as Through a Glass Darkly, his blog.

What is a Born Alive Certificated Person? Check out research from my good friend and activist Kurt Kallenbach. Submit films, music videos, photos, screenplays and related media to our new Colorado International Flat Earth Film Festival, CIFEFF. Find more, Infinite Perimeter Films.

The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction It’s been a really big push the last couple weeks, but it’s finally done, and overall I will say I’m satisfied with how it turned out, even though of course things could always have been done better. This was the largest project I’ve ever committed myself to, but it was worth it in the end. Hopefully this will help many more people out there start to see how Cosmology and FE “fits” into the rest of the Biblical/Prophecy/Conspiracy narrative, from beginning to end. That is my hope anyway. Thanks to everyone who has been an encouragement and support over the past couple of years, since I first started tumbling down this crazy, crazy rabbit hole… Will

Chapters: 1. The Ancient Conflict 4:36 – 2. A New Nation 11:00 – 3. The Cosmic Rewrite 17:30 – 4. The Quantum Deception 25:49 – 5. Sorcery Reborn 35:09 – 6. The Power of the Air 51:27 – 7. New Age “Zience” 1:12:33 – 8. Oracles of the Technium 1:28:27 – 9. The Templum Defiled 1:42:10 – 10. The Choice 1:47:53

“…..To promote God’s Truth and expose the world’s lies. What if everything that NASA & Science has taught you about the earth, sun, moon, stars & space was a lie?”  – Robbie Davidson

Celebrate Truth, Scientism Exposed, YouTube.

God Cosmology and the Problem of Evil It’s funny how we use the term “awake” to describe the state of coming to recognize the reality of the evil agendas in this world. Recognize various conspiracies. The New Word Order agenda. The nefarious Elites. The Illuminati. The Satanic control system…But in truth, such realizations are not the benchmark of awakening. Because embedded within the denunciation of all of those agendas, is the underlying assumption that there IS such a thing as Evil in the first place….

They get angry upon learning that NASA are lying to everyone, along with every other space agency. Faking an entire history of moon landings and Hubble photos, an entire Copernican/Newtonian universe that doesn’t even exist. ….Read more.


From Will, at his blog: A large amount of retrospection has already been given to the many memes and concepts present within the movie “Interstellar”, one of the best I’ve read being the one done over on Jay’s Analysis, so I’m not sure just how much fresh insight I might have to add to the conversation, but then again, I believe that much like “2001: A Space Odyssey” which has already been compared/contrasted a great against Interstellar (and deservedly so I would say), this movie is one that will be dissected and pondered for many years to come. Insert prerequisite spoiler alert here…..

Read more and check out other great creative endeavors from Will at his blog.

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