Neal Fox: One World Government and Why It’ll Kill Ya

Neal Fox F**k the Fed! The Conspiracy Project His Latest
Neal Fox F**k the Fed! The Conspiracy Project His Latest

Vengeancia (Updated April 6, 2017) The CONSPIRACY Project is an art project by 2011 Featured Musician Neal Fox that uses music, film, animation, art and performance to enlighten people to what’s behind the Wizard’s curtain. 1 hour 26 minute full-length DVD with FREE 17 song soundtrack CD and booklet with all the lyrics. Autographed by the artist! Conspiracy Project CD. Find more, The Conspiracy Project. Here’s Neal’s Patreon. Here’s his Twitter and Spotify.

When I was in college back in the ’60s everyone thought that if we could only do away with borders we would end war. Sounds reasonable. We’d all be one big happy family. As John Lennon said, “Nothing to kill or die for…” Not so fast!

Just who is going to be in charge of this One Big Beautiful Government? Maybe if some saints or a Messiah was to take the reigns you’d convince me that maybe this could work. But that’s not about to happen. In fact, there has been a major plan in action for decades (or centuries, depending on who you talk to) to turn the world into a One World Government. Supposedly to end war. I say “supposedly” because when you look into their actual goals and what they have in mind for you and me, it’s a far cry from world peace.

See, the vast majority of the population are good people. People who just want to be left alone to enjoy their life and leave you to enjoy yours. But then there’s this small percentage of really bad guys. Psychotic criminals who think nothing of killing millions of people. Babies, women, anyone….

“The heart and soul of the Liberty Movement.” Gigi Bowman, NY Senatorial Candidate

I know it’s a hard concept to believe. Mainly because you and I are not psychopathic criminals. We don’t think like they do. And some of these guys are pretty smart (crazy people come in all flavors.) What they have planned for us is hidden in plain view. It’s all there if you just take a deep breath and look for it. Start with the Club Of Rome. Move on to the U. N.’s Agenda 21. Look into the mass poisoning of all humans through radiation, fluoride, drugs (especially mind-altering psychiatric drugs) GMO foods, Chemtrails… The list goes on.

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get something done in this world that most sane people already agree on? It’s only because it doesn’t fit with the plan. Left alone, sane people would work out sane solutions. If it’s crazy, somebody behind the scenes wants it to happen.

“This is how we change the culture, and begin to get people talking and thinking about true freedom again…” Brian McKinney, Sr. Ed., Writer/Reviewer, Music Insider magazine

Now supposing these whackos were running the world. Wouldn’t they want to do away with borders? That way when they want to lock you up for your opinion, you’d have no place to run. No sanctuary. And as part of the plan, all your money would be electronic. So they can leave you penniless with the stroke of a computer key.

And all those traffic light cameras? How about convincing you that you should have a chip implanted in your body – for medical reasons! Right. Does the phrase, 1984 mean anything?

So the next time you see some politicians trying to convince you we need a New World Order, or a World Bank, or maybe they want to do away with your country’s Constitution and replace it with the U. N.’s Constitution, know that you are looking at a plan to enslave or kill you.

Don’t take my word for it. The information has been out there for decades. You just need to be brave and open enough to look. Read more, The Conspiracy Project. What is the Federal Reserve?

“ An eye-opening musical documentary on the global conspiracy .” Oaxaca FilmFest

Neal Fox has a profile over at Patreon. Here are a few thoughts from that site:

….Back in the 1970s I had recording contracts with Polydor, RCA and Columbia Records. It was fun and an ego boost, but when they wanted me to be the next Barry Manilow (I played piano and wrote some ballads), that wasn’t what I had in mind. I did get a top 10 Dance Club hit called, “In The Jungle,” about destroying the rain forest to build a road. Not exactly a Manilow clone. So off I went into something dark and scary known as the Jingle Biz. (Hey. Maybe they were right. That’s how Barry got his start.)

The Jingle Biz Well, I had a hungry wife who liked shoes. So I had to get a job. The next phase of my life got me into a position where I was making good money but not doing anything creative or helpful to me or my fellow man. I wrote and produced hundreds of commercials and promos for NBC, CBS, VH-1, etc. This was taking the business side of music to the extreme. What a trap. Great money, but nothing along my own purpose in life. All I was doing was selling shit. (In fairness, there are some incredibly talented people in advertising. It just didn’t suit my face.)

B-bye, Jingle Biz I did get some nice little toys to record my own music with (and my wife, Naomi, got a bunch of shoes). But there was no time to use any of my toys for my own projects. Then came the straw that broke the Camel’s (hint) back. A major ad agency wanted me to write a hit song to get kids in Europe and third-world countries hooked on a particular brand of cigarettes. That was going way too far. I refused the job and eventually quit the whole advertising business to go out on my own and create whatever I wanted to.

“A rueful Randy Newman eccentric…equally at home in blues, pop, rock and jazz motifs …Fox’s lyrics are a solid plus.” Billboard Magazine

Wire Duck Records I started my own label, Wire Duck Records and put out a double CD of a musical I wrote (Meat Street) followed by 2 other CDs. Actually got it played on musical theater stations. Meat Street was a hard sell. It was a dark musical comedy, (sort of like Cuckoos Nest meets Rocky Horror), exposing abuses in the mental health industry. Trouble was, half the audience was on Prozac. Moving on…

Read more, Patreon.  Oh yeah, and F**k the Fed!

Neal Fox The Conspiracy Project and Other Award-Winning Albums
Musician, Filmmaker, Artist and Activist Neal Fox- Many Award-Winning Albums

About Neal Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Fox formed his first band at age 15. When his accordion was stolen (yippee!) he bought a Farfisa organ. He was then introduced as “Neal Fox and his 90 pound organ.” He played gigs from Manhattan clubs to Catskill Mountain resorts, and survived the wedding and bar mitzvah circuit—although his tux did not. He hasn’t owned a suit since.

Neal studied piano for a while with noted jazz teacher, John Mehegan. And in the 1970s, he studied composition with Paul Creston and Alexander Tcherepnin at the New York College of Music. While the other students were writing long and involved contemporary classical pieces, Neal was writing anti-war songs. (Much to the chagrin of his teachers.)

Neal Fox The Conspiracy Project Film Awards
Neal Fox The Conspiracy Project Film Awards

It was at this time he met sax player Gus Mancini and drummer Keith Falling. Together they played many clubs on Long Island, first as the “High Times” and later as “The Feather Merchants”.

Eventually, Neal and Gus were signed to Polydor’s Event label. Their album, Mancini & Fox, received solid reviews and Fox’s song, “But I Could Reach the Wisdom of Solomon,” was a charted single. Read more, The Real Neal Fox.

“The Conspiracy Project is ground breaking in its information, entertainment value and passion. This man just created the mold, broke it and then made you clap while you watched him do it.” Del Weston, Action on Film International Film Festival

The Conspiracy Project is Now Free Recently things have gotten pretty heated up in the world. The Democrats and Republicans are going at it like… Democrats and Republicans. But the truth is that it’s all a big game to keep us preoccupied while the real people pulling the strings go unnoticed.

So I’ve decided to give the Conspiracy Project – the Full Movie – for free on YouTube. It’s specifically geared to get people who don’t usually read or watch documentaries about world affairs interested and educated on what’s really going on. The Mainstream Media won’t tell you. They’re run by the same people pulling the strings.

So here it is in all its high definition and stereo sound glory. All I ask is that if you like it, share it. The message really needs to get out now. And I can’t think of a better way to get it out there than through entertainment.

Oh yeah, this was a three year effort with no government grants or special interests helping me out. So if you feel like it, you’re welcome to donate anything you like. Even small amounts really help. Thanks. Watch it here.

You can also screen Neal’s latest work this summer, Saturday, July 15, 2017, 2 PM-10 PM at The Bug Theater in Denver for the first annual Colorado International Activism Film Festival (CIAFF).

Colorado International Activism Film Festival (CIAFF)

Our first live event is being held for only one day, Saturday, July 15, from 2PM ’til 10 PM, 2017 at The Bug Theater, Denver. We are soliciting judges, panelists, sponsors and volunteers. You can donate and learn more by searching for our festival at We are planning an opening “schmoozer” on Saturday night around 6 PM. The Bug also operates a cash bar and concession stand.

Our festival is free for the public to attend, with donations accepted at the door as well as in advance by snail mail/online and by calling festival organizers at (720) 298-1524. Entry vouchers will be made available, which can be redeemed prior to the start of the festival and at the door. Seating is limited at The Bug Theater. If we end up with overwhelming response for this year’s first event, we’ll hope to expand the number of days and venues as required to meet the demand this year and for upcoming years.

Colorado International Activism Film Festival at The Bug Theater in Denver Colorado
Colorado International Activism Film Festival at The Bug Theater in Denver Colorado

CIAFF uses FilmFreeway, which makes it easy for activists to discover and submit to thousands of film festivals, screenplay contests, music contests and photography contests all over the world. In June 2015, FilmFreeway rocketed past other submission platforms in global web traffic and is the #1 submissions platform in the world.

Here are examples of the types of films we are looking for, in general. To get a better idea, you might want to browse the selection over at Films for Action and at Top Documentary Films. Submission topics include Arts/Artists, Conspiracy, Comedy, Crime, Drugs, Economics, Environment, Filmmaking, Health, History, Media, Military/ War, Music, Mystery, Nature, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sexuality, Society, Sports, and Technology.

Colorado International Activism Film Festival (CIAFF) Team at The Bug Theater in Denver Colorado
Colorado International Activism Film Festival (CIAFF) Team at The Bug Theater in Denver Colorado

More than 300,000 filmmakers, writers and artists use FilmFreeway to submit to over 4,500 of the world’s best film festivals and contests (including 37 Oscar-qualifying festivals). Best of all, FilmFreeway is always 100% free for submitters. With FilmFreeway, activists always retain 100% of their rights to their intellectual property. Activists can submit their screenplays, shorts, feature-length films, scripts, photos, and music projects entirely online. FilmFreeway online screeners play seamlessly, in beautiful, crystal-clear HD quality. Videos can be streamed securely in HD for review and judging purposes.

Activists submit short (and feature-length) films, screenplays, music, art, and photography for consideration by the CIAFF team. The regular submission fee is $40.00 for the first submission and $10.00 for additional submissions in all categories. We also want to invite folks to volunteer to review submissions and to volunteer to work the actual event. Contact us, TEXT: (720) 298-1524. Read more.

Submit Now! All of Your Creative Work to CIAFF Via Film Freeway

Editor’s Note, Check out this great film, which was broadcast courtesy of Channel 12 KBDI/Denver re: response to the events of 9/11! We’ll also be screening the film at our festival in July. Read more: September 11, 2001 marked one of the most tragic days in American history. Fifteen years later, the events of that day continue to have a visceral and even traumatic impact on many Americans. Additionally, millions of Americans and citizens around the world question the official account of that day.

Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Speak Out (2016) presents testimony and commentary from highly credentialed scientists, engineers, and military experts, including Dr. Robert Bowman, Dr. Lynn Margulis, Major General Albert Stubblebine, Dr. Neils Harrit, and many more. This expert testimony is woven with analyses by social scientists like David Ray Griffin, Fran Shure, Robert Griffin, Marti and Robert Hopper, Dorothy Lorig, Prof. William Woodward, Danielle Duperret and John Freedom who examine the psychological impact of 9/11 and the phenomena that have kept us blinded to truths too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves. The film concludes with steps we can take, individually and collectively, toward healing. An epilogue by actor Ed Asner summarizes these analyses, emphasizing the role played by mainstream media that, lamentably, parrot their government sources rather than question them. Read more and more.

Neal Fox with Bush Puppet
Neal Fox with Bush Puppet from F**k the Fed Single

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“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.” Francis Bacon 1561-1626

Films for Action Just imagine what could become possible if an entire city had seen just one of the documentaries above. Just imagine what would be possible if everyone in the country was aware of how unhealthy the mainstream media was for our future and started turning to independent sources in droves….The old story of empire and dominion over the earth has to be looked at in the full light of day – all of our ambient cultural stories and values that we take for granted and which remain invisible must become visible.

Films for Action Wall of Films and Indy Media Banner
Films for Action Wall of Films and Indy Media Banner

But most of all, we need to see the promise of the alternatives – we need to be able to imagine new exciting ways that people could live, better than anything that the old paradigm could ever dream of providing.

And all of this knowledge and introspection, dreaming, questioning, and discovery is essential for a cultural transformation that addresses root causes. This knowledge is vitally necessary. Taken together, this knowledge, which is documented throughout the 500+ documentaries on the Films For Action website, will lay the foundation on which the next paradigm will be built, post empire…read more, Films for Action.

The Common Law is the Will of Mankind Issuing from the Life of the People
The Common Law is the Will of Mankind Issuing from the Life of the People

“DOJ recently scrapped the old Bush-era stars and stripes website banner in favor of a more somber look, prompting lots of online conservative angst about the Obama administration’s lack of patriotism. But it wasn’t just the flag replacement that has conservatives atwitter. It’s the quote that now graces the top of the page, which says, ‘The common law is the will of mankind issuing from the life of the people.'” Read more about the DOJ’s Marxist Web Makeover, Mother Jones.

“…After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud…Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” Colonel Edward Mandell House.

Check out non-voting at Strike the Root. Seriously, how can anyone be “fully-informed” and presumed to consent when we don’t speak the same language as these MACHINES? “…if a person makes a qualified disclaimer with respect to any interest in property, this subtitle shall apply with respect to such interest as if the interest had never been transferred to such person…” 26 U.S. Code 2518 …I mean….WHA?

“The president is the Chief Executive Officer of this corporation called the United States of America….” Congressman Allen West

“An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN.” IRS manual

What does this mean, do you think? Who died? Me? You? Alfred Adask wants to know, too! Who(hu) is our EVIL TWIN? Here’s a link to his article.  Since we’re speaking about trust, or the lack of it in current political times, here’s an interesting and informative video from my good friend Kurt; also here’s more, Kurt Kallenbach, This video is titled, Born Alive Certificated Person, followed by an excerpt from an article on trusts…Check it out…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” In Congress, July 4, 1776, a declaration by the representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress assembled. Philadelphia: John Dunlap, July 4, 1776.

Check out this blurb: “In addition to complying with the requirements of certainty and statutory formality, in order to create a valid trust there is a third requirement that the trust must be ‘completely constituted’. This requirement concerns the vest of the trust property in the trustees. A trust is completely constituted when the trust property is vested in one or more of the trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries.” Constitution of a Trust, here.

“All Governments Must Maintain Power through Consent, Not Coercion.” Barack Obama

Wealth Management by Guernsey For a trust to be valid, it requires the coincidence of three conditions which are known as “the three certainties”. If any of these conditions are absent then the trust will be void ab initio, form the very start. The proposition of the three certainties is taken from the dictum of Lord Langdale in the leading case Knight v Knight 1 :

“As a general rule, it has been laid down, that when property is given absolutely to any person, and the same person is, by the giver who has power to command, recommend, or entreated or wished, to dispose of that property in favour of another, the recommendation, entreaty or wish shall be held to create a trust. First if the words were so used, that upon the whole, they ought to be construed as an imperative; secondly, if the subject of the recommendation or wish is certain; and thirdly, if the objects or persons intended to have benefit of the recommendation or wish also be certain.”With due respect, to paraphrase Lord Langdale, for a trust to be valid there must be: a certainty of words; a certainty of subject-matter; and a certainty of objects.

1. Certainty Of Words Or Intention

The Settlor must have shown to have intended to create a trust before the court will hold that one has been created. No particular form of words is needed and it is not even necessary to use the word “trust”. Similarly, there is no actual requirement for the trust to be in writing, but it would be a brave trustee not to have at least some evidence of his appointment.

The words used must show that the obligation on the alleged trustees is sufficiently imperative as to amount to a trust. In the 18 th and 19 th centuries, the English Court of Chancery (now replaced by a division of the High Court) was prepared to accept precatory words. Words in the will or deed expressing the donor’s wish, hope, desire or confidence that the donee should deal with the property in a particular way.

The attitude of the Court changed in 1871 in the Court of Appeal decision in Lambe v Eames . The Testator had left his estate to his widow, “to be at her disposal in any way she may think best, for the benefit of herself and her family” The Court held that the gift was an absolute gift to the widow and not a trust.

The Leading case supporting this position and establishing the accepted position in relation to the use of words was Re Adams and The Kensington Vestry. In this case the testator left his estate “unto and to the absolute use of my wife…… in full confidence that she will do what is right as to the disposal thereof between my children, either in her lifetime or by will after her decease”. The Court of Appeal held the gift to be absolute, Cotton LJ added:

“I have no hesitation in saying myself, that I think some of the older authorities went a great deal too far in holding some words appearing in a will were sufficient to create a trust….”Following this decision, the words used to create a trust must make it plain that the intention was to create a trust. In most instances today, trust documents are drafted by lawyers or trust professionals and one would hope that these should not present any difficulty. Where problems commonly arise are where trusts are created under wills and the draftsman has not taken all necessary care in setting out clearly the intentions of the testator or testatrix.

Importantly, the courts will consider the whole context of the case to determine whether a trust has been created. This is to avoid as far as possible the frustration of the testator(ix) or settlor’s wishes. If there is insufficient certainty of intention then the gift takes effect as an absolute gift and no trust will be held to exist.

2. Certainty Of Subject-Matter

There are two aspects to this requirement: 1. There must be certainty as to what property is to be held upon trust; and 2. there must be certainty as to the extent of the beneficial interest of each beneficiary.

The first is essential as a trustee must know exactly what is and what is not included within the trust. A failure to deal with the property that belongs to the trust appropriately may result in a breach of trust.

For example, if the trust is declared of “Blackacre” being a property owned by the settlor or “£100,000” then the requirement is satisfied as these are readily identifiable. However, see Palmer v Simmonds where the Settlor declared that the assets were to be “the bulk of his estate”. The trust failed for uncertainty.

The beneficial interest of each beneficiary must be certain so that the trustees know exactly what or how much each beneficiary will be entitled to on distribution of the trust and prior to that, what income should be accumulated for or paid to the beneficiary.

In Boyce v Boyce a trust failed for uncertainty as to beneficial interest where a testator left several houses on trust for his wife for life and on her death to convey any one house to his daughter A, as she might choose and the remaining houses to his daughter B. A died before she could make a choice; this left uncertainty as to what particular house B should receive, so the trust for B was void.

Note however, where the Court can make an interpretation as to the testators or settlor’s intentions they will seek to do so, as in Re Golay where a trust was created providing ” a reasonable income” from certain properties, the Court was able to determine what a reasonable income was.

Note there will be no uncertainty in the following cases:

1. Where the trustees have a discretion as to what each beneficiary should receive in the case of a discretionary trust.

2. Where the trust does not refer to the beneficial interest of the beneficiaries and where it is possible to apply the maxim “equity is equality” and divide the trust equally between the beneficiaries.

3. Where the Settlor declares a trust in respect of an identified bank account, which unknown to the Settlor is subsequently changed in form, i.e. from a cheque account to a deposit account.

4. Where the Settlor declares, say for example, 5% of the shares in a company, X when for example he holds 950 out of the 1,000 issued shares, the Court will seek to identify the 50 shares to be held on trust.

Again, if uncertainty persists, the gift will be absolute.

3. Certainty of Objects

It is essential that the beneficiaries under a trust should be clearly defined or that a formula exists which enables the trustees to ascertain them. If a trustee makes a distribution to non-objects, then they may be held personally liable to replace the assets.

There are different tests for certainty of objects in fixed and discretionary trusts.

This article continues…read the entire article. Also, 1. great freedom-filled online magazines, 2. Ernie Hancock, Freedoms Phoenix interviews Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, STP Advisory Services, LLC, about the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC)  – Find more interviews with her here.

Whew! There’s a lot to learn about protecting our God-given unalienable rights, which are (allegedly) also constitutionally-protected! Learn more,