Vengeancia (updated January 24, 2014) January 2014 news here. I’m always amazed when I meet new people who tell me, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist.” Or, “I don’t believe in conspiracies.” How is this possible today, with millions of internet views on Hall of Famer Alex Jones’ and other talented activists’ films and documentaries? More here. Check out Alex’s show and here. Check out Nullify NSA from The Corbett Report, here. Want to stop the water supply to the new NSA facility in Utah? Here’s a “how to” video.

“Acquittal after acquittal after acquittal – until the stench of it reaches so high and far into heaven, it chokes the whole fucking lot of them!” John Milton, The Devil’s Advocate, IMDB

You may want to read Tasers: When Does “Less Lethal” Actually Mean Deadly? here. BTW, those police officers were acquitted in the Kelly Thomas murder; read it and weep, here. Who is surprised?

Billy Bob Thornton, Eagle Eye: "Who do you think's winning? Your Miranda rights or my right to keep you in this room as long as I want to?"
Billy Bob Thornton, Eagle Eye: “Who do you think’s winning? Your Miranda rights or my right to keep you in this room as long as I want to?”

“This is actually Milton’s master plan – create the most skilled Amoral Attorneys imaginable, put them at the disposal of the most despicable people in the world, and have them use the loopholes in the law to protect the guilty until the world is filled with human monsters, making the world his and his alone. Read more at TV Tropes.

Movies by Alex Jones: America Destroyed by Design, 9/11 The Road to Tyranny, TerrorStorm, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement….find them all here. Rage Against the Machine playlist. Check out GRAA, Gun Rights Across America, here.

Clearly, multiple conspiracies are operating on all levels of planetary existence! Nested like Russian Dolls, they are dense concentrations of wickedness, tumors lodged in a vast neural cognitive and conscious network surrounding and engulfing the planet. Some call it the noosphere. Universes within universes….dimensions within dimensions. These are farmed by principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places. Check out Featured Activist Pastor Mike Hoggard’s latest series, here. Check out Ephesians 6:12.

Perception is not reality.
Perception is not reality.

Stop the NDAA, and End the Fed, here. Is Diane Reidy the Last Sane Person on Capitol Hill? More here. Who can sleep through all of this? I side with theorists including Hall of Famer David Icke (check out The People’s Voice) and many, many Christian pastors such as Chuck Missler, who agree: reality as we experience it is probably a simulation, a holographic universe, along the lines depicted by the Wachowski’s film, The Matrix.

For background, check out this 2013 interview from Alex Jones with researcher Fritz Springmeier. Where does fighting and warfare originate? Listen to Steven Anderson’s sermon.

I’m not an expert in foreign affairs! Hell, I’m not an expert in anything, really, movies and music, included. But this event caught my eye. For fans of the good book, the symbolism behind this Yemen drone strike “turning a wedding into a funeral” can’t be overlooked! Also, check out my article, 3 Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, here. Check out Rod Class; Check out this recent show from Rod at AIB Radio. Check out PaidUP.

Yemen man explains his connection to family injured by the drone strike.
Yemen man explains his connection to drone strike.

Kabally-wood has a long history of exposing corruption behind the scenes and does its share of theorizing, from Oliver Stone to Michael Moore. My favorite is The Manchurian Candidate (1962). Read more. Here are my rambling thoughts inspired by eerie similarities between the recent Yemen drone strike and Steven Spielberg’s film, Eagle Eye.

“The Obama administration has launched an internal investigation into a Dec. 12 drone strike in Yemen that targeted an al Qaeda militant but which local villagers say ended up hitting a wedding party, killing 12 and injuring 14 others… a December drone strike in Yemen…hit a group of local residents on their way to a wedding, killing 12…

“The graphic images show the scorched bodies of young men who villagers say were part of a convoy on their way to the wedding celebration when they were killed in their pickups by two Hellfire missiles fired by a U.S. drone. The video and photographs were shot by Nasser Al-Sane, a local Yemeni journalist, and given to NBC News by Reprieve, a human rights group critical of U.S. drone policy. NBC News showed the video to White House and Pentagon officials who declined comment on it. A Yemeni official said the images are consistent with what its government knows about what happened after the attack.

“It is a total mess…It is completely not clear who was killed. This should be a wake-up call to everyone involved …to find out what’s going on.” Yemeni official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

” ‘You cannot imagine how angry people are (about the strike). They turned a wedding into a funeral,’  Al-Sane, who lives near the town of Radda, where the drone strike took place, told NBC News.” Read more.

The Cube Films Explore the Architecture of Fear
Cube:Architecture of Fear

“Will the ‘perfect’ human be a dumbed down, regimented inhabitant of a cyber purgatory created by unseen elites? Will the children of tomorrow be smiling depressives of a technocratic dystopia?” Take a look at Michael Tsarion’s The Architects of Control, here. Find related videos here. Read The Golem: A Jewish Legend, here. Check out BioGeometry. Check out The Lesser Key of Soloman, PDF. “The dawn of the new day….” Watch this video about The Cube. Time travel in the bible? Here’s a Playlist.

“The initial cube is a 6-sided room that offers small doors on all sides….The films are set up with captives that awake into this new environment challenged with trying to figure a way out…’ You keep everyone separated so the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’, which referred to the series of contractors who were hired to construct various parts of the whole.

A Flower for a Bed?
A Flower for a Bed?

“In fact the creators of this cube were never mentioned. It was ‘assumed’ to be a private builder or a government project.” Check out The Cube Movies Explained, here. Have you heard of The New Earth Project? PDF. What is the geometry of Fear? How is it constructed? What is the geometry of Love? What is the geometry of the New Jerusalem? What is the relationship of A to B to C? Does it matter? What is the Flower of Life?

“Moonchild is a novel written by the British occultist Aleister Crowley in 1917. Its plot involves a magical war between a group of white magicians, led by Simon Iff, and a group of black magicians over an unborn child. It was first published by Mandrake Press in 1929 and its recent edition is published by Weiser.” Read more. “Need I add that, as the book itself demonstrates beyond all doubt, all persons and incidents are purely the figment of a disordered imagination?” Aleister Crowley, London, 1929; got a few thousand dollars? Buy a copy here.

“Call her Moonchild, Dancing in the shallows of a river. Lonely Moonchild, Dreaming in the shadows of a willow…Talking to the trees of the Cobweb strange; Sleeping on the steps of a fountain. Waving silver wands to the Night-birds song; Waiting for the sun on the mountain. She’s a Moonchild, Gathering the flowers in a garden. Lovely Moonchild, Drifting in the echoes of the hours.” Moonchild, King Crimson from the album, In the Court of the Crimson King, here. More here. Check out Peter Sinfield: Works 1969-74, here. More lyrics. Haiku and new stuff, here.

Moonchild, 1929, by Aleister Crowley
Moonchild, 1929

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:14. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6.

“And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” 1 John 4.

How can we “know” the truth? For a few ideas, check out Featured Filmmaker Richard Grove’s recent production, Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar, here. What is the Law of Freedom? Why do humans remain willfully ignorant? What is the root of the Tree of Evil? Check out Mark Passio’s Cosmic Abandonment, here. Here’s a poster. Also, check out the work of innovative activist Kurt Kallenbach.

“A gardener’s daughter stopped me on my way, on the day I was to wed; It is you who I wish to share my body with she said. We’ll find a dry place under the sky with a flower for a bed. And for my joy I will give you a boy with a moon and star on his head.” The Boy With the Moon and Star on His Head, Cat Stevens Check out the book, Black Star Crescent Moon, here.

Crescent Moon and Venus, December 21, 2009
Crescent Moon and Venus, December 21, 2009

“Crescents appearing together with a star or stars are a common feature of Sumerian iconography, the crescent usually being associated with the moon god Sin (Nanna to the Sumerians) and the star (often identified as Venus) with Ishtar (Inanna to the Sumerians).” Read more. ” “My prayer is that we may all behold our Savior one day soon, as the true ‘light of the world’ for which the true New Moon is a reflective symbol. In Him there is no darkness.” Read more at The Creator’s Calendar, here, here and here.

“And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying…” 2 Thess. 2:10

Michael Chiklis stars as Defense Secretary Callister in mystery thriller 'Eagle Eye.'
Michael Chiklis stars as Defense Secretary Callister in mystery thriller ‘Eagle Eye.’

“[Eagle Eye] starts off in a village in Baluchistan (near the Afghan border). A three-car convoy drives towards the village. At a nearby American base, this activity is noticed and passed on to Defense Secretary Callister (Michael Chiklis) in Washington.

“There’s a chance that the convoy is transporting a high-value target. The car enters the village and AK47-toting gunmen get out…[they are] guarding a man, who the face-recognition software can’t absolutely recognize as the high-value target.

“It gives a 51% probability that it’s him and recommends aborting the mission. It’s unknown whether the man is there to look up a secret stash of weapons or to bury a dead warrior. Callister calls the President on Air Force One and recommends aborting the mission, as the collateral damage will be high. However, the President gives the go-ahead.

Border Patrol Drones
Border Patrol Drones

“A Predator UAV (unmanned air vehicle) is launched and remote-fires a missile towards the village. At the last moment, we see it was a funeral procession, as the unsuspecting villagers are engulfed in a massive fireball.” Read more.

“There was clearly a wedding party,” said Shiban. He said it’s possible US officials “may have been fed the wrong intel. They saw a group of people waiting in trucks for a convoy and they assumed they were militants, so the made the decision to strike….

“The US has conducted a confirmed 59 to 69 clandestine drone strikes in Yemen in the last several years, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Of those definite attacks, between 287 and 423 people have died. Many more strikes and deaths, both of suspected militants and of civilians, are believed to have occurred but cannot be verified as such data is not provided by the US government.” Read more at RT.

“Here’s the thing, Jerry. Who do you think’s winning? Your Miranda rights, or my right to keep you in this room as long as I want to? I don’t care if you tell me the truth about your brother. I don’t care who you work for. ‘Cause no matter what you tell me….you’re in a load of trouble, son.” Agent Thomas Morgan, Billy Bob Thornton’s character in Eagle Eye.

I made this video last year, the first in my series, the Voodoo Dolls of the Elite, here. (Part 2 and Part 3 are at the bottom of this article.) A huge tip to Billy Drago, (The Actors Studio and X-Files episode, Theef.) At 3:40 you’ll see footage from the film, Eagle Eye, depicting the scene with Michael Chiklis described above, paired with the song, Don’t Fear the Reaper,(more here,) by Blue Oyster Cult.

Amerikans are Voodoo Dolls for the Corporation
Amerikans are Voodoo Dolls for the Corporation

The video is a trippy mix with my Activist Hall of Famer, David Icke, speaking over the top about aliens and entities. The final scene features footage from Mel Gibson’s movie, Apocalpyto, overlaid by James Horner’s song, (who also did the music for Apocalypto) sung by Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On, from James Cameron’s film, Titanic.

My favorite part is when she is singing, “You’re here, there’s nothing I fear……” as the sun, which was eclipsed by the moon, begins to reappear. “…and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” More. And then, that knowing look shared between the savage Elites as they realize, we can rule over these stupid people. It’s a piece of cake. “We’ll stay forever this way….”

Wait ’til you see it. It’s pretty creepy. It’ll make your skin crawl! Who is she talking about??!! It’s the $64,000 question, I think. More copyright credits here. Oh….by the way. Check out Survivalist Prepper, here. Check out the music of Jason Upton, here. Check out The Survival Podcast, here. Check out Michael Rivero’s show at What Really Happened, commercial free, courtesy of activist Ron Gibson, here. Check out audiocasts at Logos Radio Network.

“You’re here, There’s nothing I fear. And I know that My heart will go on. We’ll stay Forever this way. You are safe in my heart, And my heart will go on and on….” My Heart Will Go On, here.

“I felt that I had just achieved some kind of resonance with the psychology of people when I came up with that, I was actually kind of appalled when I first realized that some people were seeing it as an advertisement for suicide or something that was not my intention at all. It is, like, not to be afraid of it (as opposed to actively bring it about). It’s basically a love song where the love transcends the actual physical existence of the partner.” Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma


President Kennedy speaks at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City before the American Newspaper Publishers Association:

Jesse Ventur wrote, They Killed Our President
Jesse Ventura wrote the book, They Killed Our President

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.” Read more.

“My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” JFK Inaugural Address, 20 January 1961, here. Read Blackstone’s Commentaries: The Absolute Rights of Individuals, PDF.

Check out The Peace Revolution Podcast, here. Check out Jerome Corsi’s new book, Hunting Hitler. Check out Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show. Also, check out Jesse Ventura’s book,They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK, here. Check out Prepper Website, hereModern Survival Blog, here. Check out Mind Control Information and Fact, here.

“After a virus escapes from a government research facility, most of mankind is wiped out. Those who are immune from the virus subsequently form into two camps. The first is lead by Mother Abigail and the second by Randall Flagg. Within a few months, it becomes apparent that those who support good will need to confront evil if they are to survive.” Watch the opening scene with Blue Oyster Cult’s song, Don’t Fear the Reaper in the video, The Stand.

Gary Sinese at The Centers for Disease Control in Steven King's The Stand (1994): All Dead Here Grafitti
Gary Sinese at The Centers for Disease Control in The Stand (1994): All Dead Here Grafitti

“A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.” Read about one of my favorite movies, based on a Steven King story, The Mist (2007).

Brian Tyler composed music for Eagle Eye.
Brian Tyler composed music for Eagle Eye.

“Brian Tyler is a composer of over 50 films and was recently nominated for Film Composer of the Year by the International Film Music Critics Association. He composed and conducted the scores for Eagle Eye for producer Steven Spielberg, the box office hit Fast and Furious, The Expendables and Rambo directed by Sylvester Stallone, Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, the Keanu Reeves thriller Constantine, the epic science fiction film Battle Los Angeles, Fast Five, and the best selling video game of all time Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  He also wrote the music for Steven Spielberg’s new 20th-Century Fox series Terra Nova.” Read more. Read more.

An Eagle Eye soundtrack album came out by Varese Sarabande. Listen to Billy Bob Thornton discuss his involvement with making the movie in this clip.

“Gordy Brewer’s family were killed in an explosion. The man responsible is a Colombian known as The Wolf. When the government feels that they have more important things to be concerned about than Brewer, Brewer decides to take things into his own hands. He goes to Colombia to try and find The Wolf but discovers that it’s not going to be that easy. And when a woman and her child get in his way he has to decide just how much like the Wolf he is willing to be.” Read about the film, Collateral Damage.

Conducting the orchestral portion of the score with an 88-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony, Tyler's high energy score provides plenty of tension amidst the driving action.
Conducting the orchestral portion of the score with an 88-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony, Tyler’s high energy score provides plenty of tension amidst the driving action.

“Rosa Brooks, a former Defense Department policy adviser who served in the Obama administration and has questioned aspects of the drone program since leaving her post, reviewed the video for NBC News and said it does not prove whether those killed were militants or innocent civilians. ‘It is impossible to look at that footage and conclude anything other than some people were killed and terribly injured,’ she said. ‘But that just to me highlights the importance of having a really robust and transparent process … and right now, we don’t seem to have one at all.’ ” Read more.

Protesters loyal to the Shi'ite al-Houthi rebel group burn an effigy of a U.S. aircraft during a demonstration to protest against what they say is U.S. interference in Yemen, including drone strikes
Protesters loyal to the Shi’ite al-Houthi rebel group burn an effigy of a U.S. aircraft during a demonstration to protest against what they say is U.S. interference in Yemen, including drone strikes

“Jerry and Rachel…Both are ordinary Chicagoans until they start getting commands from a mysterious female voice on their cell phones. Now try to follow this. Whatever force is behind the voice has control of every cell phone and security camera in the nation. They can control every elevated train and every stop light….

“Can observe the traffic and give precise driving instructions. Can control the movements of cranes in junkyards, the locations of garbage barges and arrange for a rendezvous on a dirt road in an Indiana country field. Oh, and when a guy drives down the road to meet them in a van, They can instruct them to warn the guy that if he walks away, he will be killed.” Roger Ebert.

“What I believe is that all clear-minded people should remain two things throughout their lifetimes: Curious and teachable.”

RIP, Roger Ebert (1912-2013)

“An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.” Read about the film, Cloud Atlas.

“This is you. This is Jerry Shaw…. A series of purchases, preferences, and quantifiable…data points that we define as your personality. We monitor every social network. Internet logs, instant and text messages, known associates, your friends, companions….We utilize security, surveillance and traffic cameras…to analyze movements. We use this data to form personality profiles.” Read the script at Drew’s Script-O-Rama for Eagle Eye. “Shortly before an election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal.” Check out the film, Wag the Dog, here.

In the movie, Jerry and Ethan Shaw are “biometric” twins. Check out Pop Culture’s 100-Year Obsession with Eugenics, here. Check out The Devil in Our DNA: A Brief History of Eugenics in Science Fiction Films, by David A. Kirby, PDF. Search for Hitler, Twins, and Eugenics, here.

Eagle Eye: Jerry and Rachel are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Are Amerikans getting the call yet? "Here.... it's for you!"
Eagle Eye: Are Amerikans getting the call yet? “Here…. it’s for you!”

From Conor Friedersdorf, : “On my wedding day, my wife and I hired a couple of shuttle vans to ferry guests between a San Clemente hotel and the nearby site where we held our ceremony and reception. I thought of our friends and family members packed into those vehicles when I read about the latest nightmarish consequence of America’s drone war:

‘A U.S. drone mistakenly targeted a wedding convoy in Yemen’s al-Baitha province after intelligence reports identified the vehicles as carrying al Qaeda militants,’ CNN reported, citing government sources in Yemen. ‘The officials said that 14 people were killed and 22 others injured, nine in critical condition. The vehicles were traveling near the town of Radda when they were attacked….’

“Can you imagine the wall-to-wall press coverage, the outrage, and the empathy for the victims that would follow if an American wedding were attacked in this fashion? Or how you’d feel about a foreign power that attacked your wedding in this fashion? The L.A. Times followed up on the story and found slightly different casualty figures: ‘The death toll reached 17 overnight, hospital officials in central Bayda province said Friday. Five of those killed were suspected of involvement with Al Qaeda, but the remainder were unconnected with the militancy, Yemeni security officials said’….

More than a dozen dead, many more injured. Yemeni men walk past a mural depicting a US drone and reading " Why did you kill my family" on December 13, 2013 in the capital Sanaa.
More than a dozen dead, many more injured. Yemeni men walk past a mural depicting a US drone and reading ” Why did you kill my family” on December 13, 2013 in the capital Sanaa.

“More than a dozen dead, many more injured, and an unknown number of survivors whose lives have suddenly taken a nightmarish turn the likes of which we cannot imagine, and all for the sake of five people suspected of ties to al-Qaeda.” Read more at The Atlantic. Check out If a Drone Strike Hit an American Wedding, We’d Ground Our Fleet here.

“A human rights organization, Reprieve, has shared a report on a United States drone strike that killed twelve men and wounded dozens more in a wedding convoy near Radda in December. The report is based off interviews with local villagers and features eyewitness accounts of the one of the worst drone attacks in the history of Yemen.

Shepherds & Farmers—Not Militants—Were Killed in US Drone Strike on Wedding Convoy in Yemen
Shepherds & Farmers—Not Militants—Were Killed in US Drone Strike on Wedding Convoy in Yemen

“According to NBC News, Baraa Shiban of Reprieve, a human rights organization based in the United Kingdom, investigated the drone attack and found that a “convoy of 11 cars and trucks carrying about 60 people traveling from the home of the bride to the neighboring village of the groom” was “waiting in a valley for more guests to join.” A drone approached and, according to Ahmed Mohammed Al Shafe’ee, a 70-year-old shepherd, a “loud explosion” was heard from the valley.

“When Al Shafe’ee arrived, bodies were scattered all over. He found out that his 25-year-old son, who was the father of seven, including a baby born just fifteen days ago, was one of the people killed in the attack.” Read more.

Kabally-wood has made plenty of movies exploring twins from every angle.
Kabally-wood has made plenty of movies exploring twins from every angle imaginable.

“For all the clones, evil doppelgangers, time-travelled future versions and doubles from alternate realities that have appeared in movies over the years, appearances of actual twin siblings, identical or otherwise, are rarer than a Spielberg movie without daddy issues….” Top Ten Movie Twins, here. Also, The Creepiest Twins on Film, here. Also, The Best Twin Movies Ever Made, here. Also, Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins and One Pair We Hate, here. Also, The Mystique of Multiples, here. Check out, The Scientist Who Controlled People With Brain Implants, here. Who is Jose Delgado?

“Isis sought for the mangled remnants, and , whenever she found one, buried it, each tomb being thenceforth recognised as ‘a grave of Osiris’.” Check out this cool site, Emblematica Online.

“The Extraction or Impregnation of the Souls, Both bodies putrefy in the grave below. They take on again the powers of the new soul. The become united with the souls and sustained by them. One becomes free through the other and is led to life again. Be patient and wise with hand and in mind at once; So that the spirit does not escape from the place of fire.” Check out D. Stolcius von Stolcenberg, Viridarium Chymicum, Fankfurt, 1624, PDF.

Years before the Oscar-winning Coen brothers made their first feature, Joel edited The Evil Dead.
Years before the Coen brothers made their first feature, Joel edited The Evil Dead.

“The physicians considered the people in the concentration camps to be the “living dead.” If they served as objects of medical research, their useless lives might have some utility. If they died, nothing was lost. They were destined for death anyway, being unworthy of life….The camp doctors used twins in many of their experiments, because twins provided a perfect built-in ‘control’ for each study.

One twin would be injured, infected, or treated in some way and then let die. Then, the other twin was killed, so that their bodies could be compared.” Read more.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”   1984, George Orwell, quotes.

“Years before the Oscar-winning Coen brothers made their first feature, Joel edited The Evil Dead. Even though Raimi’s first impression was of a ‘weird….long-, greasy-haired guy that I thought was going to rip [me] off or something,’ he and the Coens went on to collaborate in several projects.” Read more.

Scene from John Carpenter's film, Village of the Damned: Blonde and blue-eyed children.
Blonde and blue-eyed children in Village of the Damned

“But the concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn’t originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power.” Read more. Have you heard of “Twin Town?” Check out John Carpenter’s film, Village of the Damned, here.

“Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) is a Stanford University dropout who learns that his identical twin brother Ethan, a US Air Force first lieutenant, has been killed. Following the funeral, Jerry is surprised to find $750,000 in his bank account. He later finds his apartment filled with weapons, ammonium nitrate, classified DOD documents, and forged passports. He receives a phone call from a woman who says the FBI is about to arrest him and that he needs to run.

“Disbelieving, Jerry is caught by the FBI and interrogated by Supervising Agent Tom Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton). While Morgan is conferring with Air Force OSI Special Agent Zoe Pérez (Rosario Dawson), the woman on the phone arranges for Jerry’s escape and directs him to Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan), a single mother. The woman on the phone is coercing Rachel by threatening her son Sam (Cameron Boyce), who is en route to the Kennedy Center with his school band. The woman on the phone helps the two avoid the Chicago police and FBI, with the ability to control networked devices, including traffic lights, mobile phones, automated cranes, and even power lines.

Julianne Moore, voice of the collective entity, ARIIA, in Eagle Eye
Julianne Moore, voice of the collective entity, ARIIA, in Eagle Eye

“Meanwhile, the woman on the phone redirects a powerful DOD crystalline explosive (hexamethylene) to a gemcutter who cuts and fits it to a necklace. Another man (Anthony Azizi) is manipulated into stealing Sam’s trumpet from Chicago and fitting the crystal’s sonic trigger into the tubing before forwarding it to Sam in Washington, D.C.

“Agent Perez is summoned by Secretary of Defense George Callister (Michael Chiklis) to be read into Ethan’s job at the Pentagon. Ethan monitored the DOD’s top secret intelligence-gathering supercomputer, the Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst (ARIIA; voiced by Julianne Moore). Callister leaves Perez with Major William Bowman (Anthony Mackie) and ARIIA to sort out the Ethan Shaw investigation. Simultaneously, Rachel and Jerry learn that their mysterious woman is actually ARIIA, and she has ‘activated’ them under the Constitution’s authorization to recruit civilians for the national defense.

This is You. This is Jerry Shaw.
This is You. This is Jerry Shaw.

“Perez and Bowman find evidence Ethan Shaw hid in ARIIA’s chamber the night he died. After they leave to brief Secretary Callister, ARIIA smuggles Jerry and Rachel into her observation theater under the Pentagon. Both groups learn that after her recommendation was ignored and a botched operation in Balochistan resulted in the deaths of American citizens, ARIIA concluded that ‘to prevent more bloodshed, the executive branch must be removed.’

“Acting on behalf of ‘We the People’, and citing the Declaration of Independence (“whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”), ARIIA acted in compliance with Section 216 of the Patriot Act, which ‘allows us to circumvent probable cause in the face of a national security threat, in this case, the chain of command itself.’

“Too late realized, Jerry has been brought by ARIIA to circumvent biometric locks his twin placed to prevent the system from realizing Operation Guillotine, a military simulation of how to keep the government running with the loss of all presidential successors. Because of Secretary Callister’s concurrence with ARIIA’s abort recommendation regarding Balochistan, he has been chosen as the designated survivor after the hexamethylene detonates at the State of the Union address (SOTU).


One of ARIIA’s agents (Nick Searcy) extracts Rachel from the Pentagon and gives her a dress and the hexamethylene necklace to wear to the SOTU. Sam’s school band has also been redirected to the United States Capitol to play for the president, bringing the trigger in Sam’s trumpet and the explosive together.

The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (formerly named Predator B) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of remote controlled or autonomous flight operations
The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (formerly named Predator B) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of remote controlled or autonomous flight operations

“Jerry is recaptured by Agent Morgan, who has become convinced of Jerry’s innocence. Though Morgan sacrifices himself to stop an armed MQ-9 Reaper sent by ARIIA, he first gives Jerry his weapon and ID with which to gain entrance to the Capitol. Arriving in the House Chamber, Jerry fires the handgun in the air to disrupt the concert before being shot and wounded by the Secret Service.

“Days later, Secretary Callister reports that ARIIA has been decommissioned and that he recommends against building another; the Shaw twins, and Agents Perez and Morgan receive awards for their actions; and in the final scene, Jerry attends Sam’s birthday party, earning thanks and a kiss from Rachel.” Read more at Wikipedia. Check out DIY Drones.

About Eagle Eye director, D.J. Caruso: “Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, Caruso came west to play tennis and study Television Production at Pepperdine University. Interned at Disney Studios in the Product Placement department and later hooked up with Director John Badham, who mentored him into a second-unit director, after Badham lost his 2nd-unit director Rob Cohen to a first-unit directing career. He hooked up with writer Scott Rosenberg, who penned a short film for him entitled, Cyclops, Baby (1997). The film helped launch Caruso’s directing career.” Read more.


“Don’t Fear The Reaper” is a song by the American rock band Blue Öyster Cult from their 1976 album, Agents of Fortune. It was written and sung by the band’s lead guitarist, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser and was produced by David Lucas, Murray Krugman, and Sandy Pearlman.”

Scene from The Stand featuring Blue Oyster Cult's song, Don't Fear the Reaper
Scene from The Stand featuring Blue Oyster Cult’s song, Don’t Fear the Reaper

“It is built around Dharma’s guitar riff that opens the song and repeats throughout. The lyrics deal with eternal love and the inevitability of death.

Dharma wrote the song while picturing an early death for himself. The edited single version was Blue Öyster Cult’s biggest chart success, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1976. Critical reception was mainly positive. In 2004, “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was listed at number 397 on the Rolling Stone list of the top 500 songs of all time.” Read more.

“This isn’t the first wedding that we’ve bombed, nor is it likely the last. In June of last year, a similar incident went largely unreported in the mainstream, this time, in a village in Logar Province, Afghanistan. A family was gathered in a home for a wedding celebration when U.S. and Afghan troops alleged that a group of Taliban insurgents entered the home. As forces surrounded the home, either a grenade was thrown or firing broke out, at which point a jet was called in to drop a 500-pound bomb, killing everyone inside, including nine children. Congrats on your wedding from the U.S. of A! Till death do you part!” Read more at Counterpunch.

Reflections and Warnings Interview with Aaron Russo: available at
Reflections and Warnings Interview with Aaron Russo: available at

“I opened up a nightclub in Chicago…it opened up the day Martin Luther King was assassinated….that was the year of the democratic convention in Chicago….My club became a hangout for the hippies….they wanted to go to Chicago and protest what was going on.” Aaron Russo, from Reflections and Warnings, An Interview with Aaron Russo, here.

“In an historic final interview, filmmaker and music promoter Aaron Russo goes in depth on the insider-knowledge given to him by a member of the Rockefeller family. Russo was told– prior to 9/11– of plans to stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, and kickstart a high-tech police state control grid that would track the populations’ every move with implantable RFID microchips.

“This information-packed presentation is filled with never-before seen footage. Throughout the film, Alex Jones breaks down the latest activities of the New World Order and how it ties into what Russo predicted.”Aaron explains how the elite created the women’s liberation movement to break up the family and tax working women.

The IRS: Enforcers of Tyranny
The IRS: Enforcers of Tyranny

“Russo breaks down the deception of democracy– which is nothing more than mob rule guaranteed to produce tyranny.”Russo also exposes the IRS & Federal Reserve. He blasts the unconstitutional and predatory institutions that have crippled the American Republic and crushed the people with bogus taxes, inflation and loss of privacy. Russo explains that he himself was persecuted in the late 80s by a criminal ‘retroactive’ tax scheme that attempted to levy new taxes on years already passed.

“As night falls on the Republic, Aaron Russo delivers a powerful call for the forces of liberty to rise and crush tyranny. Only then can the Republic be restored….” Find more at Infowars.

“The term “person” shall be construed to mean and include an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation.” “The term “taxpayer” means any person subject to any internal revenue tax.” 26 U.S. Code § 7701 – Definitions, here. ” ‘File’ means the presentation of a vital record for registration.” Read more at The DC Code: § 7-201 Definitions, here. Check out The Aliens by Travis Walton, here.

Check out Free Your Mind AZ, here. Also, check out the Free Your Mind 2013 conference, here, with speakers: Alan Steinfield, Alex Ansary, Alfred Webre, Andrew Basiago, Ben Stewart, Bob Tuskin, Cathy O’Brien, Curtis Davis, Dr. Dream, Eve Lorgen, Frater X, Freeman, Fritz Springmeier, Jay Parker, Jim Fetzer, Larken Rose, Laura Eisenhower, Lenon Honor, Mark Passio, Mark Phillips, Marty Leeds, Ras Ben, Sonia Barrett, and many others.

The Prez is Pushing for Warrantless GPS Tracking of Motor Vehicles
The Prez: Pushing for Warrantless GPS Tracking of Motor Vehicles

“No one whom we bring to this place ever stands out against us. Everyone is washed clean. Even those three miserable traitors in whose innocence you once believed — Jones,Aaronson, and Rutherford — in the end we broke them down. I took part in their interrogation myself.

I saw them gradually worn down, whimpering, grovelling, weeping —and in the end it was not with pain or fear, only with penitence. By the time we had finished with them they were only the shells of men.

There was nothing left in them except sorrow for what they had done, and love of Big Brother. It was touching to see how they loved him. They begged to be shot quickly, so that they could die while their minds were still clean.’

Do not imagine that you will save yourself, Winston, however completely you surrender to us. No one who has once gone astray is ever spared. And even if we chose to let you live out the natural term of your life, still you would never escape from us. What happens to you here is for ever. Understand that in advance. We shall crush you down to the point from which there is no coming back.

Things will happen to you from which you could not recover, if you lived a thousand years. Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.” 1984, George Orwell, PDF.

Graham Nash, Chicago Album Cover
Graham Nash, Chicago Album Cover

About Neil Young News: “Site readers follow music of Neil Young and the artists he has influenced. Other artists who’s music is blogged about include Bob Dylan, Wilco, Emmylou Harris and many others….” Read more. A Nobel Peace Prize for our Hall of Famer Willie Nelson? Read more.

Listen to Chicago, by Graham Nash, here’s the song. Check out this article. “So your brother’s bound and gagged And they’ve chained him to a chair Won’t you please come to chicago just to sing In a land that’s known as freedom how can such a thing be fair Won’t you please come to chicago for the help that we can bring We can change the world rearrange the world It’s dying – to get better Politicians sit yourselves down, there’s nothing for you here Won’t you please come to chicago for a ride Don’t ask jack to help you `cause he’ll turn the other ear Won’t you please come to chicago or else join the other side We can change the world rearrange the world…

“It’s dying – if you believe in justice Dying – and if you believe in freedom Dying – let a man live his own life Dying – rules and regulations, who needs them open up the door…

“Somehow people must be free I hope the day comes soon Won’t you please come to chicago show your face From the bottom of the ocean to the mountains of the moon Won’t you please come to chicago no one else can take your place We can change the world rearrange the world It’s dying – if you believe in justice Dying – and if you believe in freedom Dying – let a man live his own life Dying – rules and regulations, who needs them open up the door…”

“Birth of a New Earth Radio – Jeanice Barcelo interviews John and Bonniie Mitchell regarding television mind control through the use of mnemonic circles, hypnotic countdowns, sigils and symbolism that ALTER YOUR MIND!” Read more.

Is the corporation dba the United States an “international organization? Is a U.S. citizen, or “citizen of the United States,” also an “international organization?” Just wondering…..Read International Organizations Immunities Act, December 9, 1945, here.

“A glimpse at the prophetic fulfillment of various statements made by prominent authors, news media, academic sources and scripture. The genetic manipulation is akin to sorcery and witchcraft which is all sanctioned and endorsed by the apostate system of Rome…..In the meantime while all this is going on the United States is slowly grasping the hands of Rome and engaging in Spiritualism. What are the implications of these things for humanity? Will this lead towards the theocratic monopoly of power spoken about in Revelation 13 and other scriptures?” Watch this video.

“By taking every horror stereotype and everything that has ever been done in horror to date and mixing it together into this vast conspiracy with the noble intention of saving the world, The Cabin in the Woods has created the most original concept in horror to come along in ages. Absolutely brilliant.” Read more.

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