Vengeancia (updated January 18, 2014) BTW, those police officers were acquitted in the Kelly Thomas murder; read it and weep, here. Check out John B. Wells on the Alex Jones Show Wed., December 25th and older news, here.

You hear a click, like the sound of a light switch. Or a pencil being snapped. You’re facing away from it, looking straight ahead, just as you were instructed. The click and the searing pain you feel are nearly instantaneous. But your mind tricks you into thinking that there’s a distinct period between the click and your first realization that something’s gone very wrong.

Taser Probes
Taser Probes

“Maybe that’s because your shooter — friendly and supportive as he may be; congratulatory, even, that you’re dumb enough to volunteer for this — has prepared you for it, warned you that a pain like no other pain is about to strike you in a way you’ve never been struck before. So you just stand there, waiting for it, on the wrong side of target practice.

“When it hits you, no matter how much you expect it, it comes as a surprise — a literal shock, like a baseball bat swung hard and squarely into the small of your back.

“That sensation — which is actually two sharp steel barbs piercing your skin and shooting electricity into your central nervous system — is followed by the harshest, most violent charlie horse you can imagine coursing through your entire body.

“I believe in the United States, I am proud to be here. But this government should not support these acts.” Israel Hernandez Bandera, father of 18 year old tasered to death.

“With the pain comes the terrifying awareness that you are completely helpless. You cannot move. You lose control of almost everything and the only place you can go is down, face first to the floor.” Read more.

“[In 2013] at least 42 people across 20 states died after being struck by police Tasers, bringing the total number of such deaths since 2001 to 540. Tasers have been listed as a cause or contributory factor in more than 60 deaths. Most of those who died after being struck with a Taser were not armed and did not appear to pose a serious threat when the Taser was deployed.” Read more. Check out this Policing America photo gallery.

Teen Jailed at Rikers for 3 Years Without Conviction or Trial

“While everyone is distracted with the holiday festivities….[the] National Defense Authorization Act was fast-tracked through the Senate, with no time for discussion or amendments. And, you know, it’s Christmastime, so they just passed it so that they could recess for the holidays. It authorizes massive spending, including $527 billion in base defense spending for the current fiscal year, funding for the war in Afghanistan, and funding for nuclear weapons programs. The indefinite detention allowed by the original NDAA is still here, and it’s actually worse now, because there are provisions that will make it easier for the government to target those who disagree.” Read more.

Jacqueline Llach, left, the mother of Israel Hernandez-Llach, and his sister, Offir Hernandez
Jacqueline Llach, left, the mother of Israel Hernandez-Llach

“On the day before Thanksgiving this year, international stun gun and cop-cam company Taser International, Inc. announced it had given up its fight in two major legal battles over ‘suspect injury or death.’ In a 275-word statement submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company’s chief financial officer said it would pay a total of $2.3 million in settlements to plaintiffs who had sued the company in product liability cases.

“This was rare. Taser prides itself in fighting to the bitter end in any case alleging that its products do anything but save lives. Yet there it was in a financial disclosure — Taser backing down.

“Taser brushed it off as a remnant of simpler times. According to the vaguely worded statement, enhanced “risk management procedures” and “revisions to product warnings” in 2009 corrected a legal vulnerability. The $2.3 million payouts would address the last lawsuits tied to that vulnerability; they would amount to housekeeping — cleaning up lingering messes that had remained on the company’s books since before 2009.

Israel Hernandez, Dead
Israel Hernandez, Dead

“But what were these ‘risk management procedures’? What were these ‘revisions to product warnings’? What was the vulnerability? And what were these cases? Taser’s press liaison told The Verge that its SEC declaration ‘speaks for itself”‘— a clear indication that the company has no plans to say anything further about settlements unless it’s forced to.

“But a little research helped to pin down procedural changes Taser made in September, 2009. And a public records search helped to narrow the possibilities down to four representative cases that may have been settled. Those cases have a few major factors in common: they involve a Taser shot at someone’s chest; they involve someone going into cardiac arrest; and they involve an accidental death.

“For years, Taser has battled in court to show that its electronic control devices — its ECDs such as the X2 and the X26 — cannot kill. But if its recent settlements are any indication, the company may either be slowly backing away from that premise, or at least attempting to draw a line in time after which the company feels it’s no longer liable for someone’s death.

Contributing factors

Neighbors of Emmanuel Paulino, Dead.
Neighbors of Emmanuel Paulino, who died from being tasered.

“As bars were closing at about 2AM on April 19, 2008, 24-year-old Kevin Piskura was at a music venue about a block away from the Miami University campus in Oxford, Ohio. As the bar closed its doors and patrons exited, a fight broke out.

Oxford Police were called. According to a civil complaint filed in 2010 by Piskura’s parents, an officer ordered Piskura to “step back or back away” from the fight. It’s not clear whether he did or not, but the officer soon pulled out a Taser ECD and shot Piskura in the chest.

Piskura went into cardiac arrest; his heart stopped beating. He was taken to a nearby emergency room and soon life-flighted to a Cincinnati hospital where he died five days later. This past March, Piskura’s parents settled with the City of Oxford and the Oxford Police Department for $750,000. In October, Piskura’s parents suggested they were considering a settlement with Taser.

“The Piskuras did not return calls from The Verge, and an attorney representing their case declined to comment. But Kevin Piskura’s death fits a pattern consistent to ongoing product liability cases involving Taser-related incidents in which someone was killed prior to September, 2009. The $2.3 million payouts likely stem from similar cases; these incidents occurred before Taser made its switch from ‘non-lethal’ to ‘less lethal.’

A vigil on Aug. 10 in Miami Beach for Israel Hernandez-Llach, who died after being shocked with a Taser.
A vigil in Miami Beach for Israel Hernandez-Llach, who died after being shocked with a Taser.

“Regarding that: letters to medical journals and plenty of anecdotal evidence have suggested at least since 2005 that even healthy people could suffer cardiac arrest if shot near the heart with Taser’s ‘non-lethal’ ECDs. By September, 2009, Taser changed its product warnings accordingly. Today, Taser’s ECDs are branded as “less lethal” instead of ‘non lethal,’ and its training materials warn that ‘exposure in the chest area near the heart … could lead to cardiac arrest.’

“A nonviolent child is dead, There was no crime committed. He doesn’t have a driver’s license. All he did was run. We need to stop the use of Tasers.” Charlotte McGlory, 16-year-old Robert Mitchell’s grandmother. Read more.

“Another ongoing cardiac arrest case against Taser involves Ryan Rich. A 33-year-old physician in Las Vegas, Rich went into cardiac arrest and died in January, 2008 after he was shot five times with an ECD, including once in the chest. That case is headed to trial in January.

“A third case comes out of the Detroit suburb of Warren, Michigan, and will head to trial in May, 2014. It involves the 2009 death of 16-year-old, 5-feet-2-inch Robert Mitchell, who died in an abandoned house after being shot in the chest by a Warren police officer with a Taser ECD. ‘Turner collapsed 37 seconds after the device was activated.’

 Israel Hernandez-Llach, 18,Tasered to Death
Israel Hernandez-Llach, 18,Tasered

“Darryl Turner’s case is a fourth possibility. Turner was 17 years old in March 2008 when he got into an argument with his boss at the North Carolina Food Lion grocery where he worked as a cashier. According to a complaint later filed by Turner’s parents, the argument escalated to shouting and Turner’s boss eventually called 911. A police officer from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department arrived and asked Turner to ‘calm down.’

“When the teenager refused, the officer pointed his Taser ECD at Turner’s chest. Turner began to step toward the officer, so the officer “held down the Taser’s trigger, causing the device to continue emitting an electrical current, until Turner eventually collapsed 37 seconds after the device initially was activated.” Paramedics soon arrived to find Turner handcuffed and unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“In an uncommon outcome, Turner’s family was awarded a massive payout in 2011. Taser appealed. In November of this year, an appeals court issued its opinion that Taser should remain liable for Turner’s death, but that the jury’s award needed to be reconsidered. “We have no doubt that Turner had significant value to his parents,” the appeals court’s decision read. But the court couldn’t agree with a “reasonable level of certainty” that the boy’s life was worth $6.15 million. The parties are scheduled to head back to court in 2014 to haggle over that figure. Unless, that is, Taser has decided to cut its losses and settle out of court.

On the record

“Taser International is very good about keeping records. In addition to its Axon Flex on-body police camera that allows officers to record interactions with suspects, the company also collects data every time a Taser ECD is fired. But it’s up to police departments — and up to Taser International — to decide how much of that information is revealed publicly.

“The company takes a similar approach in the courtroom.

Kevin Piskura, Dead
Kevin Piskura,24, Dead

“Taser typically insists on keeping its legal settlements — such as those referenced in its recent $2.3 million payout — secret. Rarely are the terms made public. But it happens occasionally. One Northern California case involved a drunk man off his psychiatric meds who was shot with a Taser ECD after refusing to get off a bus. He went into cardiac arrest. An emergency crew was able to resuscitate him on scene, but after going 18 minutes without a breath, the man suffered a crippling brain injury. He would require a caregiver from that point forward.

“After a long legal battle, Taser agreed to settle that case. As per usual, it demanded that the settlement agreement be kept secret. The defendants in the case agreed. But eventually it was revealed that the company had settled for $2.85 million. The settlement figure was only made public after a probate court judge made the unusual decision to disclose the dollar amount in open court.

“A report from the San Jose Mercury News later explained the judge’s reasoning. There was, the judge said, “therapeutic value” in making the information public.

“Whether or not a judge makes similar decisions about Taser’s recent settlements, it’s clear that the company has decided to settle cardiac arrest cases as quietly as possible because it has maintained for years that its weapons are effective, non-deadly alternatives to firearms. If too much attention focuses on Taser-related deaths, there’s a risk that police departments might choose to sidestep the controversy altogether and opt against Taser’s products.

“There’s a lot at stake on both sides. For Taser, its NASDAQ-traded stock value is on the line. And for those engaged in open legal battles over Taser-related deaths involving cardiac arrest and factors such as “excited delirium” (“a euphemism for ‘death by Taser’”) — as well as those who may literally find themselves facing down a Taser ECD in the future — the value of an open settlement may amount to more than mere therapy. It could amount to life or death. Read more Ed. Note: This post excerpted from this article, originally posted December 13, 2013 by Matt Stroud, The Verge

Raw video from the Kevin Piskura incident here. Here’s a police brutality compilation. Read more. Here’s some more interesting taser-related information and videos….

Mail Online A promising teenage artist has died after police Tased him for allegedly spraying graffiti on a wall. Israel Hernandez-Llach, 18, had sprayed an ‘R’ – the first letter of his artist name, Reefa – on an abandoned McDonalds when police saw him and gave chase in Miami, Florida at 5am on Tuesday. After officers followed him over fences and down alleys, the teen ran towards them and, fearing a physical alttercation, officers Tased the youth to the ground, Police Chief Ray Martinez said. During the foot pursuit, the subject encountered officers face to face… and ignored officers’ commands to stop,’ Martinez said. ‘In order to affect his arrest, an officer deployed his conducted electrical weapon (TASER). ‘The officers were forced to use the Taser to avoid a physical incident.’ Read more.

NY Times “When Israel Hernandez Bandera, a former airline pilot, came to the United States from Colombia eight years ago with his wife and two children after being granted political asylum, he was deeply grateful to the country that shielded him from the guerrillas who had extorted money from him and threatened to appropriate his family’s land. Now, in the wake of the death of his 18-year-old son, who was chased down by Miami Beach police officers early Tuesday and collapsed after one of them shocked him with a Taser, Mr. Hernandez Bandera and his family are having doubts about justice in his adopted country.” Read more.

Kelly Thomas, Tasered to Death
Kelly Thomas, Tasered to Death

The Duckshoot “Tasers Deliver 50,000 Volts of Torture. I doubt that police authorities expected this level of Taser abuse that has now reached epidemic proportions. The idea of a weapon that would not kill but incapacitate a violent or threatening suspect must have seemed like manna from heaven. However, they know now!

The consensus appears to be that Tasers would be used instead of guns, therefore, reducing deaths at point of arrest. The reality is quite different, in practice we now have gung-ho cops using them for the flimsiest of excuses.

Between 2001 and now there have been 538, (actually it is much higher than this, go here), people killed by police using Tasers. Ninety per cent of those victims were unarmed. There is not record of how many of the four or five armed victims actually drew a weapon. At least four of that list were children under twenty-one, the youngest only 15!

“Of all the victims, a massive forty two per cent were black in a nation where blacks only represent 13% of the population.” The Duckshoot

Now if the authorities accepted that they cocked-up, and admitted that the killer officers have exceeded their authority not only would the killing stop but the authorities would stop buying these weapons.

But, they haven’t accepted any of that, in fact, over the last twelve years the cops who have used these torture and death machines are responsible for 538 killings in the USA. Tasers have not been used as an alternative to the gun, but as a weapon to torture people into compliance.

End The Rampant Corruption
End The Rampant Corruption

Additionally, there have been thousands of unarmed people tortured with these weapons. One cop Tasered a 10-year-old girl because she refused to get into the shower. In Miami in 2004 a 6-year-old kid was Tasered. People having fits have been Tasered, a wheelchair bound man with no legs was Tasered twice by Californian cops, it goes on, and on, thousands of unarmed men, women and kids are tortured with the Taser.

Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom also deploy the Taser, and there have been deaths in those counties as well, in recent years both the disgraced British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and her successor Teresa May have bought thousands of Tasers for use by United Kingdom police. The deaths will continue.

Tasers must be banned. Thanks to Amnesty International and Electronic Village for the data.” Read more.

“A police sergeant hit [Emmanuel Paulino] with a Taser gun, but Paulino pulled the dartlike electrodes from his chest and kept charging, the source said. ‘The darts went into him,” another police source said. “He’s being shocked at the time, and he pulls the darts out [and] continued toward the officers with the knife.'” Read more.

“Two of the dead teenager’s friends, including one who says he was his “lookout” while Hernández-Llach applied paint, said the officers exchanged high-fives and congratulations after Tasering him”. Read more.

Many people are unjustifiably harassed by police when they are traveling in private cars. Learn the difference. More people need to take a stand on Americans’ right to travel privately in our own cars! Of course, don’t Americans have the right to travel in our own BODIES? Here are some thoughts from Frank O’Collins on the current Roman Cult system of slavery. What about Laws of the ‘New Age’ absent the Yoke of God? Read more from There is Nothing New Under the Sun, here. Here’s a PDF.

“One fundamental flaw that remains within the Settlement (Birth) Cerificate System for the Roman Cult and its agents remains the fact that a Settlement Certificate is proof that a man or woman must have been born on the land for the certifiate to have effect, regardless of convoluted subsequent presumptions of what the certificate actually represents. If a man or woman was not born on the land somewhere a certificate could not be issued. Therefore any rejection, or return of a Birth Certificate serves as perfected evidence that a man or woman was born on the land and support to any Affadavit of Truth concerning their immutable rights from the Divine Creator.

“This built in “flaw” is offset through the treatment of men and women as land themselves, through the deliberate corruption of the definition of land to include all that has been born naturally or self-improved on the land. In other words, the sharp edge reason the system ultimately denies each citizen their share of the commonwealth is because they are considered “chattle” and mere creatures less than slaves.” Read more.

Check out UCC Article 9 and take a look at this informative video:

Testimony Before House of Commons


Here is what I said to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security in Ottawa (Canada) on April 16, 2008:

Good afternoon, Chairman and members of the committee.

I’m relieved to be here today. For me and my family, this is an extremely important destination in what has been a very, very long journey.

As I’m sure you know, my brother, Robert Bagnell, died on June 23, 2004, moments after he was tasered by Vancouver police. Two days after his death, the Vancouver Police Department contacted my family to inform us that Bob died of an apparent drug overdose.

I know you won’t be able to answer these questions, but my questions have always been as follows: If using tasers on my brother was the right thing to do, would the police not have disclosed the fact of their use immediately? Would they have concealed the fact that they used tasers, for an entire four weeks, before announcing to the media, not to us, that they used tasers the night my brother died? Would they have waited a further three weeks before coming up with a burning building from which Bob needed to be rescued?

No, I believe the police knew immediately that the force they used on my brother was excessive. They needed those seven weeks to pull together a plausible explanation to justify their use of the weapon whose manufacturer had aggressively marketed it to them, misleading them into believing that the taser could cause no harm.

More than two years after Bob died, a coroner’s inquest was finally convened in September 2006. The inquest, in our opinion, was about saving the taser, not about the changes that might be made to prevent similar deaths in the future. No one, least of all the lawyer for the police and the two lawyers who had standing at the inquest for Taser International, was prepared to conceive of the possibility that the taser may not be the perfect weapon, that there may even exist the possibility that the taser could cause or in some way contribute to death.

We learned some interesting facts at the inquest. We learned that the four ERT members who were in physical contact with Bob when he stopped breathing delivered their mostly identical statements to investigators 17 days after the incident, after seeking legal advice. We learned from the advanced life support staff who attended to Bob right after he stopped breathing that every muscle in his body was spasmed. They said they had only ever seen that in rigor mortis, which they normally would not see until hours later.

We learned that it was possible that Bob had less than half the lethal amount of narcotics in his system, not nearly enough in and of themselves to kill him. We learned that the data download feature on both tasers that were used on Bob conveniently failed, so that the number, duration, and mode of uses were impossible to verify. We learned that police attended the autopsy. The pathologist testified that the cause of death was partly determined by information she was given. The cause of several taser-like marks on Bob’s body were inconclusive and the pathologist was unable to determine whether Bob’s heart underwent any electrical arrhythmia.

That’s the thing about death that occurs after tasering. Even Dr. Butt testified recently to this committee that very uncommonly is there specific pathology with the taser. And I don’t begin to understand the science behind the taser or how it affects the human body.

Coroners and medical examiners often choose to mention a condition they call “excited delirium” as the cause of death. They are influenced by Taser International to specifically not mention the taser. The manufacturer’s aggressive approach against coroners and medical examiners explains why relatively few deaths have been found to be caused by tasers. Both so-called excited delirium and the taser are undetectable on autopsy, and therefore unprovable. However, as a friend of mine says, “Excited delirium doesn’t sue coroners, Taser International does.” So drugs, psychosis, and excited delirium take the blame for these deaths despite the lack of any evidence to show that the taser did not cause or contribute to them in any way.

Tasers have not been safety-tested in this country, and nobody knows whether individual weapons match the manufacturer’s specifications. The only truly independent testing I am aware of is what was done on the two tasers that were used on my brother the night he died. One of those two tasers was found to be 84.5 times more powerful than the manufacturer’s specifications. Of course, Taser International reacted to those findings in its usual hostile manner, and the company that tested the tasers was made to resile from its findings. However, the author of the report, the man who tested the tasers, testified at my brother’s inquest and stood steadfastly behind his methodology and his conclusions.

At this time the two tasers are still awaiting new testing protocols, protocols that are being developed by police. Today I learned that the two tasers used on my brother arrived in Ottawa this week.

Tasers urgently require expert and truly independent testing for safety on humans. Every time a police officer uses a taser they engage in a deadly game of Russian roulette with a potentially lethal weapon. Not so long ago, the past president of the Canada Safety Council urged that minimum standards for the efficacy and use of tasers be developed and noted that relying completely on specifications provided by the manufacturer of the taser is completely unacceptable. Since we are dealing with possible electrocution, it seems the Canadian Standards Association would be the most logical place to start. And if after the taser has been tested it is to remain in the police arsenal, then a much higher standard of necessity must be imposed upon its use in Canada so that police officers can better predict the potential for severe, unintended, and possibly deadly effects, and therefore consider their force options more carefully.

There has been a great deal of reluctance by law enforcement officials and coroners in Canada to admit that the taser may not be as safe as the manufacturer originally misled them to believe. This has only been exacerbated by the fact that the manufacturer has ingratiated itself into our law enforcement community by, for example, compensating individual police officers and at least one coroner, and spending thousands of dollars in sponsorship of Canadian law enforcement events. They have even recently announced that they’d like to be part of any inquests and reviews in Canada.

My brother Bob’s death was the 58th in North America. According to my research, the number of dead now stands at 337. It’s no coincidence that the taser is the common denominator in all of these deaths.

Canadians witnessed the last horrifying moments of Mr. Dziekanski’s life as it was stolen from him. Had the events leading up to my brother’s death been captured on video, Canadians would have been outraged in 2004, and perhaps many of those who have since died in Canada, including Mr. Dziekanski, might still be alive today.

What would we learn if we could bear witness to the last moments of the lives of Terry Hanna, Clayton Willey, Clark Whitehouse, Ronald Perry, Roman Andreichikov, Peter Lamonday, Robert Bagnell, Jerry Knight, Samuel Truscott, Kevin Geldart, Gurmeet Sandhu, James Foldi, Paul Saulnier, Alesandro Fiacco, Jason Dean, Claudio Castagnetta, Quilem Registre, Howard Hyde, and Robert Knipstrom?

Would we agree that taser use was justified during Clayton Willey’s “altercation” at the mall? Were three taser jolts justified when Clark Whitehouse “tried to flee” from police on foot? What about when police arrived, tasers already drawn, to find Roman Andreichikov sitting on a couch rocking back and forth mumbling to himself? Was it okay to shock Peter Lamonday several times when he was already on the ground? How about Alesandro Fiacco, who “refused to cooperate” with police? These are but a few Canadian examples where the lives of these men and their loved ones went sideways in a heartbeat.

Would we agree that taser use was justified as my brother, all 136 pounds of him, lay on his back on a bathroom floor alone, unarmed, in extreme medical distress, resisting police attempts to drag him out by his feet by holding on to inanimate objects for dear life while 13 highly trained police officers stood by as the only witnesses to the last moments of Bob’s life, watching as he was subdued to death?

No, I believe that if Canadians could see with their own eyes what really happened–not the police’s tidy version of events, but what really happened when these 20 people died in this country–they would be outraged.

In the days leading up to today, I have wracked my brain trying to conjure up the words that might help you look at the issue of tasers from a different perspective: that of a person who has been deeply affected by the loss of a family member to this deadly weapon. I am but one grieving family member. Somewhere out there are thousands of other family members left behind to mourn the other 336 people who have died.

I know that the eyes of the world are on Canada at this pivotal point. They watch, and they wait. Those who know us know that we will do the right thing. Canada will take the lead and see these weapons finally and independently tested. Canada will set the standard and impose strict regulations that will not allow police unfettered access to this technology. And finally, they know that Canada will impose a much-needed moratorium on tasers until we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether or not their use on human beings is safe. Canada will pay special attention to the studies that have found problems with tasers.

As the father of one taser victim said, “The issue is not whether or not the taser can be used in a high percentage of cases to reduce death and/or physical trauma to officers and civilians alike. The issue is whether or not it’s OK to kill the rest through ignorance and rationalization just because it’s a small percentage…. The successes aren’t the problem–the failures are.”

Thank you. Read more.

Honoring the Fallen

1. August 10, 1983, Vincent Alvarez, 27, Los Angeles, California


2. January 22, 1984: Raul Guevara, Jr. 30, Los Angeles, California
3. August 17, 1984: Larry Donnell Gardner, 32, Burke County, Georgia


4. April 11, 1985: Cornelius Garland Smith, 35, Los Angeles, California
5. August 29, 1985: Lannie Stanley McCoy, 35, Los Angeles, California
6. December 27, 1985: Joseph Rodriguez, 24, Santa Clara, California


7. May 9, 1986: Anthony Manwell Williams III, 35, Pomona, California
8. May 18, 1986: Robert Zapata, 37, Los Angeles, California
9. June 2, 1986: Robert Herbert Bobier, 31, Los Angeles, California
10. October 7, 1986: Yale Larry Wilson, 25, Vacaville, California


11. July 22, 1987: Miguel Contreras, 27, Los Angeles, California
12. November 2, 1987: Mario Antonio Gastelum, 24, San Diego, California
13. December 4, 1987: Stewart Alan Vigil, 29, Los Angeles, California

14. January 13, 1988: William McCall, 39, Los Angeles, California
15. September 10, 1988: Edward Breen, 38, Bell-Cudahy, California
16. September 10, 1988: Charles Eugene Miles, 37, Los Angeles, California


17. February 14, 1989: Jose Torres, 31, Los Angeles, California
18. May 15, 1989: Jorge Hernandez, 28, Los Angeles, CA
19. May 22, 1989: Anthony Puma, 34, New York, New York
20. May 24, 1989: Jeffrey Michel Leonti, 37, Santa Clara, California


21. February 13, 1990: Duane J. Johnson, 24, Ventura, California
22. August 13, 1990: Glen Gonzalez, 26, Los Angeles, CA


23. April 21, 1991: Douglas L. Danville, 47, Los Angeles, California
24. July 1, 1991: Douglas Charles, 24, Los Angeles, California
25. November 2, 1991: Max Leyza Garcia, 40, Fullerton, California
26. December 9, 1991: Donnie Ray Ward, 38, Deuel, California


27. July 18, 1992: James Ricard’ 32, Los Angeles, California
28. August 20, 1992: Clarice A. Younger, 62, Prince George`s County, Maryland
29. September 14, 1992: David Martinez, 27, Los Angeles, California

30. March 8, 1993: Michael James Bryant, 37, Los Angeles, California
31. December 2, 1993: Vital Montilla, 28, New York, New York


32. January 6, 1994: Daniel Scott Gizowski, 25, Los Angeles, California
33. March 18, 1994: Ephraim Lewis, 26, Los Angeles, California
34. April 16, 1994: Richard Wayne Harris, 32, Los Angeles, California
35. May 24, 1994: Brandon Jordan, 7 months, killed by his foster mother with repeated shocks, Peoria, Illinois (NOT TASER- Bestex? Space Thunder)
36. June 5, 1994: LeGrand Griffin, 39, Cincinnati, Ohio


37. August 18, 1995: Bruce Klobuchar, 25, Los Angeles, California
38. December 1, 1995: Harry Landis, (Prison guard died after two compulsory training shocks from a NOVA shield, Coryell County, Texas (NOT TASER- NOVA shield)


39. January 5, 1996: Byron Williams, 36, Los Angeles, California
40. June 1, 1996: Scott Jaron Norberg, 33, Maricopa, Arizona
41. June 8, 1996: James Quentin Parkinson, 25, Fairfield, California
42. July 20, 1996: Kimberly Lashon Watkins-Oliver, 38, Los Angeles, California
43. December 27, 1996: Andrew Hunt Jr. , 38. Pomona, California


44. July 6, 1997: Garner Roosevelt Hicks Jr., 25, Santa Ana, California


45. March 10, 1998: Mark Andrew Brown, 43, Los Angeles, California
46. January 29, 1999: Michael Labmeier, 43, Kenton County, Kentucky
47. September 28, 1999: David Torres Flores, 37, Fairfield County, California


In approximately 2000, Taser International began to replace early taser models up to the Air Taser with the M26 model and starting in 2003 by the X26. The electrical charge is different in these models so the medical reaction should differ. However the ways in which these weapons have been used did not appear to differ.

48. May 14, 2000: Enrique Juarez Ochoa, 34, Bakersfield, California
49. June 29, 2000: Lawrence Frazier, Wallens Ridge, Virginia (NOT TASER- Stinger Ultron II)


50. June 17, 2001: Mark Burkett, 18, Gainesville, Florida
51. December 17, 2001: Marvin Hendrix, 27, Hamilton, Ohio
52. December 21, 2001: Steven Vasquez, 40, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


53. January 27, 2002: Vincent Delostia, 31, Hollywood, Florida
54. February 12, 2002: Anthony Spencer, 35, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
55. March 27, 2002: Henry Canady, 46, Hilliard, Florida
56. May 17, 2002: Richard Baralla, 36, Pueblo, Colorado
57. June 10, 2002: Eddie Alvarado, 32, Los Angeles, California
58. June 13, 2002: Nicholas Aguilar, 39, Phoenix, Arizona
59. June 15, 2002: Jason Nichols, 21, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
60. June 27, 2002: Fermin Rincon, 24, Fontana, California
61. June 28, 2002: Clever Craig, 46, Mobile, Alabama
62. July 19, 2002: Johnny Lozoya, 24, Gardena, California
63. July 19, 2002: Gordon Jones, 37, Windermere, Florida
64. September 1, 2002: Frederick Webber, 44, Orange City, Florida
65. November 7, 2002: Stephen Edwards, 59, Shelton, Washington
66. December 31, 2002: Ronald Edward Wright, 35, Arlington, Texas


In 2003, Taser International introduced the X26 model.

67. March 16, 2003: Christopher Smith, 31, Albuquerque, New Mexico
68. April 16, 2003: Corey Calvin Clark, 33, Amarillo, Texas
69. April 19, 2003: Terrence Hanna, 51, Burnaby, British Columbia
70. May 10, 2003: Joshua Hollander, 22, Normal Heights, California
71. June 9, 2003: Timothy Sleet, 44, Springfield Missouri
72. June 26, 2003: David Lewandowski, 26, Escambia County, Florida
73. July 22, 2003: Clayton Willey, 33, Prince George, British Columbia
74. August 4, 2003: Troy Nowell, 51, Amarillo, Texas
75. August 8, 2003: John Lee Thompson, 45, Carrollton Township, Michigan
76. August 8, 2003: Walter Curtis Burks Jr., 36, Minneapolis, Minnesota
77. August 17, 2003: Gordon Rauch, 39, Citrus Heights, California

78. September 24, 2003: Ray Austin, 25, Gwinnett, Georgia
79. September 29, 2003: Glenn Leyba, 37, Glendale, Colorado
80. September 28, 2003: Clark Whitehouse, 34, Whitehorse, Yukon
81. October 7, 2003: Roman Pierson, 40, Brea, California
82. October 11, 2003: Dennis Hammond, 31, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
83. October 21, 2003: Louis Morris, 50, Orlando, Florida
84. November 6, 2003: James Borden, 47, Monroe County, Indiana
85. November 10, 2003: Michael Johnson, 32, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
86. November 11, 2003: Kerry O’Brien, 31, Pembroke Pines, Florida
87. December 9, 2003: Curtis Lawson, 40, Unadilla, Georgia
88. December 9, 2003: Lewis King, 39, St. Augustine, Florida

For more, see “A LIST OF THE DEAD

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