Ed. Note: Read more about our Featured Activist, Adam Kokesh. Also, read Gun Rights Activist Adam Kokesh Charged with Possessing Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, here. “Adam Kokesh has said he made the video in an act of civil disobedience….He says it does not make sense that he could have a gun on one side of the Potomac river, in Virginia, and not the other.” Read more. Check out Featured Activist Larry Pratt. Read more recent news and ideas, here.

WT A controversial Internet talk show host was arrested at his home in Herndon on Tuesday night after a videotaped July 4 stunt in which he loaded a shotgun in the District’s Freedom Plaza — a violation of the city’s gun laws. Information about the arrest of Adam Kokesh was posted on his blog late Tuesday night.

Popular Activist and 2nd Amendment advocate, Adam Kokesh, at his home in New Mexico
Popular Activist and 2nd Amendment advocate, Adam Kokesh, at his home in New Mexico

Online court records in Virginia indicate he was charged with one felony count of possession of a schedule I or II drug, reportedly hallucinogenic mushrooms, and and one felony count of possession of a schedule I or II drug while possessing a firearm.

A Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said he was being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center and that he had refused to be fingerprinted and photographed. He was being held without bond, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 2.

Mr. Kokesh’s blog said that on Tuesday night police raided his home, forcing their way through the front door with a battering ram and detonating a flash grenade in his foyer.

The blog said a light armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded the street and that police used dogs in a search that lasted for five hours and involved more than 20 SWAT team members. It said Mr. Kokesh was handcuffed and detained for questioning inside the home, in the 1500 block of Snowflake Court, before being arrested.

The arrest follows the July 4 distribution of 22-second YouTube video, in which Mr. Kokesh is seen loading four shells into a shotgun and pumping a shell into the chamber. D.C. police and Park Police were jointly investigating the incident.

The libertarian activist has used unconventional means to protest issues ranging from marijuana laws to gun rights in the past and previously been arrested as a result.

Earlier this year, Mr. Kokesh made waves when he had called for armed gun rights activists to march from Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia and proceed across the Arlington Memorial Bridge into the District — where it is illegal to carry guns on the street. The march was called off, with Mr. Kokesh encouraging other rallies instead. It was unclear what charges Mr. Kokesh is facing or when he will appear in court…..Read more.


Published on Jun 10, 2013: On the afternoon of June 8, 2013, Dustin Kaufman spent an afternoon with noted activist, Adam Kokesh. Kaufman was on hand with MetaphorMedia to film the “Smoke Down Prohibition: Joint Summit with President Choom.” At 4:20 pm, protesters smoked marijuana on the north side of the White House, and called for an end to prohibition. Read more.

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