Ed. Note: Gee, is Frank O’Collins a “Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor?” Inquiring minds want to know! Find out more from Eric Jon Phelps at Vatican Assasins. In Lesson #7, Frank (who claims to be a musician, too – we’re everywhere!) poses the question, what is the difference between a recess and an adjournment? Frank asks, 1) are you competent, and 2) are you a holder of property? Canons of Positive Law here. Check out Abodia. Here’s an interesting book, Essence of Talmudic Law.

Ucadia Every idea has a creator. Every book has an author. Frank O’Collins is the author of the open source knowledge and truth system of law and society well being and balance called the “UCADIAN model”.

Frank O'Collins: What is UCADIA? Is there a purpose?
Frank O’Collins: What is UCADIA? Is there a purpose?

Whatever your opinion of my ideas, a question that has probably formed in your mind is “who is Frank?” and “how did he come to write these ideas?” I hope to answer both questions in this section of the web site. I also hope to do one more thing for you that is infinitely more important than who I am and how I wrote this web site. It is to tell my life as honestly as I can so that you can see that I am no less or more than you.


I hold no special powers nor special gift. I am a living man, having been granted unencumbered title over my body, mind, spirit, voice and face by the Divine Creator just like you. Yet because we are human we are ALL more for it. I have made many mistakes in my life and stand accountable for my actions, without excuse. I have hurt people, loved people, annoyed others and sometimes helped. I am getting older and one day I will inevitably die and life will go on.

To claim or believe that I have any greater power than you is to perpetuate a tradition that has gone on for far too long. You need no guru to interact and understand the mind of the universe. You are the absolute and you are you. In fact to claim otherwise is to insult the power of the very office to which we are all born– the office of trustee of a True Trust into which is conveyed divine right of use of our own body by Divine Trust and the Divine Creator as the highest office I will ever hold for eternity.

To break the chain. To be free. To be free of the belief that we are less and some are more. To be all we can be. This is my deepest hope with ucadia.com. I am just like you. Read more.

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